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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
TWTR  Twitter37.1-0.59-1.57%   11/02/2015
  Mass Hysteria Entertainment Co. (fka MHYS)  10/29/2015
FPVD  Force Protection Video Equipment Corp.0.00010.00.00%   10/21/2015
URBF  Urban Barns Foods Inc.0.0010.00.00%   10/21/2015
DNAX  DNA Brands Inc.0.00210.00015.00%   10/21/2015
NHMD  Nate's Food Co.0.00040.000133.33%   10/21/2015
RCHA  Rich Pharmaceuticals Inc.0.00020.00.00%   10/20/2015
FONU  FONU2, Inc0.00060.000250.00%   10/20/2015
SSOF  Sixty Six Oilfield Services Inc.0.000650.00.00%   10/20/2015
NBDR  No Borders, Inc0.0120.00.00%   10/20/2015
WRFX  WorldFlix Inc.0.00020.00.00%   10/09/2015
  Red Giant Entertainment, Inc. (fka REDG)  10/05/2015
OPK  Opko Health Inc5.65-0.005-0.09%   09/30/2015
  iTalk Inc. (fka TALK)  09/29/2015
AEZS  AEterna Zentaris Inc.0.49990.0388.23%   09/28/2015
MDTR  Medtainer Inc.0.0407-0.0093-18.60%   09/28/2015
CTLE  Nano Labs Corp.0.00020.0001100.00%   09/26/2015
FDBL  Friendable Inc.0.0375-0.01-21.05%   09/22/2015
  Well Power Inc. (fka WPWR)  09/19/2015
NGCG  New Generation Consumer Group Inc.0.00270.000842.11%   09/18/2015
PTTN  Patten Energy Solutions Group, Inc.0.000001-0.000099-99.00%   09/14/2015
GEGI  Genesis Electronics Group, Inc.0.00040.0000514.29%   09/14/2015
CSYT  Communication Synergy Techo0.00030.00.00%   09/12/2015
EVTI  Eventure Interactive, Inc.0.0000010.00.00%   09/11/2015
GTXO  GTX CORP0.01450.000251.75%   09/10/2015
My GTXO Pitch: "**Undervalued Alert** I was able to have some amazing dialogue with GTXO today on Facebook.. You can read it yourself on the GTXO FB page.. Bottom line: a new analyst report came out today & it said what we already knew.. Stock is way under-valued.. So happy for GTXO & us !!!"
UAPC  United American Petroleum Corp.0.00270.000950.00%   09/09/2015
TONR  Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc.0.0000010.00.00%   09/09/2015
TBEV  High Performance Beverages Comp.0.00010.00005100.00%   09/09/2015
  Great Basin Scientific Inc. (fka GBSNQ)  09/08/2015
DRNK  NoHo, Inc.0.000001-0.000099-99.00%   09/07/2015
SIPC  SIPP Industries0.00440.000615.79%   09/06/2015
CRWG  CrowdGather, Inc.0.00110.00.00%   09/06/2015
CVST  Covista Communications, Inc0.00350.00.00%   09/06/2015
APPZ  Monster Arts, Inc.0.00010.00005100.00%   09/06/2015
  Boreal Water Collection Inc. (fka BRWC)  09/04/2015
DECN  Decision Diagnostics Corp.   09/03/2015
  Inergetics Inc. (fka NRTI)  09/03/2015
My Pitch: "Nice Bounce at the end.. was starting to get weary...
Go Inergetics !!!"
CRK  Comstock Resources Inc.   09/02/2015
FARE  World Moto Inc.0.0000010.00.00%   09/02/2015
JRJR  JRjr33, Inc.  09/02/2015
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