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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
CEMI  Chembio Diagnostics2.76-0.21-7.07%   07/22/2021
GRLT  Grillit, Inc.0.00210.00015.00%   06/16/2021
NSAV  NSAV Holding, Inc.0.046-0.0029-5.93%   03/21/2021
WCEXF  World Class Extractions Inc.   02/12/2021
ABEPF  Vision Lithium Inc.0.09690.001361.42%   01/15/2021
My ABEPF Pitch: "ABEPF: The Highest grade hard rock lithium deposit in the world

SHMN  SOHM, INC0.004185-0.000115-2.67%   01/07/2021
TREVF  Trevali Mining Corp.0.1632-0.00335-2.01%   11/06/2020
My TREVF Pitch: "The world biggest mining giant Glencore is the biggest shareholder.

They have 8 mines, about 1,200 employees

Profitable company.. zinc lead and silver prices are going up..

I believe it will be great investment for value investor..

I am in expecting 1000% return sometime in 2021."
KODK  Eastman Kodak Company7.03-0.25-3.43%   07/29/2020
My KODK Pitch: "KODAK Pharmaceuticals

AYRO  AYRO, Inc.4.2101-0.1099-2.54%   07/13/2020
My AYRO Pitch: "AYRO~ Texas Electric Car Company! https://ayro.com/club-car-411/"
SOLO  Electrameccanica Vehicles Corporation3.41-0.085-2.43%   07/02/2020
ZOM  Zomedica0.6-0.01-1.64%   06/30/2020
My ZOM Pitch: "NEW CEO Robert Cohen!"
WKHS  Workhorse Group Inc.10.95-0.45-3.95%   05/09/2019
My WKHS Pitch: "The Next TESLA"
FNMA  Fannie Mae1.290.010.78%   03/27/2019
TSLA  Tesla, Inc.639.01-18.61-2.83%   07/27/2018
My TSLA Pitch: "The best CEO and the best company in the world."
GLD  SPDR Gold Shares168.410.250.15%   05/05/2016
LEU  Centrus Energy Corp.23.25-1.37-5.56%   01/29/2016
My LEU Pitch: "Centrus Energy Corp. is a trusted supplier of enriched uranium fuel for a growing fleet of international and domestic commercial nuclear power plants. Centrus is working to deploy the American Centrifuge technology for commercial needs and to support U.S. energy and national security.

XOM  Exxon Mobil Corporation57.74-0.74-1.27%   04/11/2015
My XOM Pitch: "closely watching Iran deal"
AAPL  Apple Inc.143.7-5.29-3.55%   05/31/2014
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