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Ticker Name NSAV (OTCMKTS) 


    Integrated Technology Company
        NSAV’s vision is the establishment of a fully integrated technology company that provides
turnkey technological solutions to the legal medical cannabis and hemp industries,
as well as other areas of the medical industry.

NSAV is diversifying in the crypto and cannabis industry and launching a crypto trading broker.
NSAV holding shareholders conference calls building shareholders confidence and legitimacy of successful business ventures


 VirtuaBroker's AI Cryptocurrency Trading Platform is your 24/7 account manager. Customers will save time

and be provided with an optimal trading experience. The AI Platform allows users to optimize the trades that

they require according to their selected objectives and allows them to make decisions based on market

sentiment data. VirtuaBroker's security policy is its pillar and is based on a five-tiered security stack, including

Fraud Protection, Privacy Protection, Encryption and Network Defenses, VirtuaBroker Security ID and

Security Alerts.”


Your Crypto World at your service

VirtuaBroker makes it easy to link, review and trade your entire crypto holdings across multiple exchanges.

These are different times than just a few short years ago; now penny stocks such as TSNP can achieve a $6 billion plus market valuation and trade $375 million in dollar volume in a day on the bulletin boards. And TSNP has no stronger fundamentals than NSAV does. In fact NSAVs new Swiss Cryptocurrency Trading Platform; VirtuaBroker Ltd looks to be significantly superior to the HUMBL payment gateway. 
The time could not be better for NSAV to make a real powerhouse move to a whole new dimension like so many other penny stocks are these days. These are exciting times for Net Savings Link which recently made its biggest and most important acquisition in Swiss Cryptocurrency Trading Platform; VirtuaBroker Ltd. The Company is making big changes including partnering with TG Private Equity Inc. a major hong kong private equity firm which will help the Company complete its mission to up list its shares to the premium OTCQB tier the QTCQX.

 NSAV has also stated its in its filings the Company will not affect a reverse stock split for at least the next 5 years and is currently applying for a name change to better reflect the Company’s operations.
The Company has also been making big moves for shareholders; earlier this month, NSAV announced that the Company has finalized an amendment to its Articles of Incorporation, which would prevent NSAV from enacting a reverse stock split. The amended articles are now on file with the state of Colorado and can be viewed by the public at the Colorado Secretary of States website. The Company believes this amendment should finally put an end to all rumors that NSAV will reverse split its shares. NSAV also recently partnered with TG Private Equity Inc. a major Hong Kong private equity firm which will help the Company completes its mission to up list its shares to the premium OTQB tier the QTCQX.

On February 11 NSAV announced the identity of its latest equity acquisition, VirtuaBroker Ltd; a Swiss Cryptocurrency Trading Platform with offices in London and Barcelona. VirtuaBroker, whose platform is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), offers a full range of trading services, such as portfolio management, price search function, and much more. Their platform supports nearly all of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase ($2 billion Revenue in 2019), Binance ($4.2 billion Crypto Assets), Bitfinex ($404 million Net Profits in 2018) and Kraken ($1.25 billion estimated Annual Revenues). The management of NSAV believes that this will be a major step in fulfilling the Companys ambition of being a leading player in the over $200 billion annual cryptocurrency market. The agreement between NSAV and VirtuaBroker was signed yesterday by the directors of the respective companies. Closing is set for February 28, 2021. 
The Company announced on twitter that its acquisition of the Switzerland Cryptocurrency trading broker will be made with no dilution to the NSAV common stock or public float thanks to its Wall Street Investment Banking Firm.
James Tilton, president of NSAV stated, we are thrilled to be able to finally introduce VirtuaBroker to our loyal NSAV shareholders. I can assure you that this is only the first of several planned ventures in the cryptocurrency and digital asset arena. We sincerely hope that all of our shareholders can join us in our excitement and we thank all of you for your continued support.


Linked In to Company & Founder


Daniel Garcia Perez

From this moment on, the first version of the Manual Trading is now available! ?? Use the first version of the Manual Trading by registering to our platform through our website ???? #manualtrading

#cryptonews #cryptoinvestment #virtuabroker -August 26, 2021

Virtuabroker platform, you will need:- An account in one of the exchanges compatible with VirtuaBroker. If you do not have an account with any exchange, you will need to set one up.
- Have funds in your exchange account. In case you do not have funds, once the account is created, you must go through all verification processes so the exchange allows you to make purchases.
- Finally, you will need to link the exchange with VirtuaBroker using the API key.Our platform allows you to exclusively link the following exchanges:
- Bitfinex
- KuCoin
- Bittrex
- Coinbase
- Binance
- HitBTC
- Poloniex
- Kraken


NSAV Slideshow of Due Diligence (DD)..


1000% Soon? This $0.008 Penny Stock is Working with Coinbase, Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken and more! ????





MBA in Corporate Entrepreneurship, involved in several startups including e-commerce and professional services. Specializes in business strategy and development, go-to-market strategic planning, and well connected and resourceful

- Advisor for many successful blockchain projects including Bitmart, IOTW, Silkchain, etc.
- Head of Communications (HK) of Global Blockchain Fund Alliance (GBFA)
- Managing partner of Bitmart Exchange, a top 20 crypto exchange.
- Director of Next Block Solutions and Stomp Solutions and the Head of Strategy in iFortune.



Yuen is an entrepreneur who takes special interest and dedication in blockchain. He got involved in real estate when he started to learn from professionals and experts in this field, especially that in Hong Kong people are obsessed with this largest asset class.

Yuen is a thinker who analysed the model and potential of decentralised finance and immediately realised that this could be incorporated into the LABS real estate crowdfunding platform on blockchain, and disrupt the way people invest in this field.

Yuen is both a managing partner in (Digital Asset Trading Platform) as well as Ayana Properties (Dubai and London property group). This unique combination makes him a perfect candidate to lead this Property + Blockchain project. He is widely connected in both blockchain and property networks.

Yuen holds a Marketing degree from RMIT University (Australia) and MBA in Corporate Entrepreneurship from University of Louisville (USA).


We were assured that NSAV will have Labs Group resources at its disposal.





(DEX) WITHIN 45 TO 60 DAYS! 8/16/21



Emerging Growth Conference August 18, 2021 Featuring NSAV\Virtua Broker

Emerging Growth Conference September 15, 2021 Featuring NSAV\LuxFi

Say Hi To TEAM LUXFi!  

"Bridging The Gap Between Real-World Luxury Assets And DeFi Powered By NFT."

August 27, 2021

Aidaa WONG
In 2015, I co-founded LUXSENS which is a big data and artificial intelligence (AI) tech company for personal luxury goods. Our company has also obtained government and VC funding. We have created the world‘s first AI driven index (The Luxsens Global Luxury Index) that analyzes millions of personal luxury goods from different sales channels worldwide. It estimates the selling price and market trends for new and second-hand personal luxury products. By using the luxury index, sellers will know how much they can charge, and buyers will be able to recognize good deals worldwide.

With blockchain technology, it will expand to include a decentralized verification solution for personal luxury goods data and products. The company creates a solution for price transparency, buyer-seller efficiency and security, product authenticity and sustainability using AI and blockchain technologies.

I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Fashion Design from Central Saint Martins in London. I also hold a Master’s Degree in Fashion Womenswear from the Royal College of Art in London.

Immediately after graduation, I started working for Max Mara Group as a fashion designer in Italy. After returning home to China, I helped multiple fashion groups to establish several fashion brands in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and held position as the Creative Director and Chief Designer. I have been invited as a guest art director and guest stylist by International fashion magazines for their Hong Kong editions. I have more than 11 years experience in the luxury brands and fashion industries and have worked as a visiting lecturer at PolyU HKCC.

We at #LuxFi don’t only seek to bring the Luxury Industry and #blockchain technology together, but we also plan to do it with a #sustainable


Join us in our initiative and learn more about it in our article here:




NSAV-Plastiks Emerging Growth Conference 19 - October 27, 2021

WELCOME Plastiks!!!!

Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC: NSAV), a cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset technology company, today announced an NFT collaboration with to provide a smart contract approach to a marketplace where single-use package producers, waste recovery and recycling companies can come together to acquire and sell plastic disposal guarantees according to the type of single-use packaging. The role of the platform is to be a blockchain-powered marketplace to bridge the gap between single-use packaging producers, waste recovery, and recycling companies in addition to consumers. The NFT pricing will be backed by real-world data for each NFT. is launching the worlds first real-world asset-backed NFT marketplace for plastic recovered and recycled. Users can utilize the NFT Marketplace to buy, sell and invest in single-use packaging recovered and recycled guarantees. One of the primary features of the platform is the ability to use cryptocurrencies or traditional payment methods to buy and sell plastic recovered guarantees to ensure that the plastic will not end up in the environment. will work with its extensive global network of recycling companies and plastic producers to eliminate counterfeit guarantees while minting NFTs on a multi-chain blockchain network, providing accurate NFT pricing backed by real-world data for each NFT on the platform.



Andr Vanyi-Robin, Founder and CEO of, stated, Our mission is to track all single-use packaging being recovered and recycled across the globe to provide recyclers and plastic producers with a connection that can be verified so that revenues can be .,generated for the recyclers to incentivize them to collect all plastic and convert this into valuable data that can enable producers of plastic to offset their production to achieve a Plastic Free world.


There has also been a Launch!



Let's not forget to mention...


"We also have a 50% stake in SBCDF Investment, Inc. (SilverBear Capital Decentralized Finance Investment, Inc.) which will be launching the SBC Unix X Token very soon."

London, England, Oct. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC Pink: NSAV), a cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset technology company, today announced the launch its Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (DEX) , further expanding the Company’s presence in the $2 trillion global cryptocurrency market. The NSAVDEX marks a major milestone for the NSAV ECOsystem and will provide our users with a colony range of DEX services. The NSAVDEX will have among the highest technical specifications and standards in the DEX industry and provide users with an unparalleled experience.


NSAVDEX is a permissionless fully decentralized exchange (DEX) platform . With NSAVDEX you can Swap, Mining Pool, Liquidity, and trading.  NSAVDEX has 1 second finality and can support up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) through Tendermint. The NSAVDEX decentralized exchange will be governed by the community (governance details to be announced) and users are able to trade digital market assets with a 100% gas fee refund with the NSBC token (zero gas fees), subject to our terms and conditions (please inquire via our DEX Telegram). NSAVDEX is scalable and individuals can access unlimited markets with the NSAVDEX exchange. The NSAVDEX has Inter-Blockchain Technology (IBC) in its protocol. 

The combined total of all DEXes is surging at the moment, as the demand for DeFi has remained resilient. September’s volume alone exceeded $78 billion. The management of NSAV and its partners are pioneers in the Digital Asset and Blockchain industry and believe the Company can compete in the global DeFi arena.

Dato’ Sri Desmond Lim, Interim CEO and Senior Vice President of Cryptocurrency Operations for NSAV and Silverbear Capital partner stated, “Today marks another important milestone for NSAV. The new management has been extremely busy with the task of building the NSAV ECOsystem and today we celebrate the completion of our NSAVDEX Exchange and demonstrating, once again, our dynamic strategy. The Company would like to thank everyone who assisted in completing this project in a timely manner and, of course, our loyal shareholders for their continued patience and support. Finally, we would like to thank the digital asset team at Silverbear Capital for their strategic perspective and advice.”

NSAV's vision is the establishment of a fully integrated technology company, which provides turnkey technological solutions to the cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset industries. Over time, the Company plans to provide a wide range of services such as software solutions, e-commerce, financial services, advisory services and information technology.

For further information, please contact NSAV at

The NSAV Twitter account can be accessed at  

The NSAV corporate website can be accessed at 

The NSAVDEX Exchange website can be accessed at

The NSAV Premium OTC Crypto Trading Desk website can be accessed at 

The NSAV Hong Kong OTC Crypto Trading Desk website can be accessed at  

The NSAVDEX Exchange Telegram account can be accessed at

Silverbear Capital Inc., a leading, global investment banking firm, will be advising NSAV on strategic matters relating to the Company’s cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC Crypto Trading Desks. Silverbear will also help guide NSAV in ensuring that its exchanges and OTC Desks are continually in compliance, given the rapidly increasing regulatory environment in the cryptocurrency industry.

Silverbear Capital Inc. (SBC) has a dynamic of disciplines on a broad commercial level and practice. SBC has a strong group of Partners in a wide range of disciplines with seasoned experience in finance, management, and professional practice.

Disclaimer: Silverbear Capital Inc. does not constitute investment advice, or an offer or solicitation to sell, or a solicitation to buy, or any other investment product (nor shall any such shares or product be offered or sold to any person) in any jurisdiction in which an offer, solicitation, purchase or sale would be unlawful under the securities law of that jurisdiction.


And now...




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