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Frontload  Scam   Alert!!!


Greg Mitchell has made a deal with toxic lender Mammonth Corporation. These types of lenders know companies like GRLT will default, as they have no way of paying the loans back. Share increase and/or R/S coming in the near future.

Don't let GRLT PR's and Grillit promoters fool ya... 

Share selling scam... Frontload Scam.                                                                         

New "CEO" has NOT disclosed the many years of fraud grillit was used to commit.
That is in of itself also fraud.

Greg Mitchell knows full well about the fraud Grillit was used for. Yet, no mention of it in the diclosure statments.  More Grillit fraud.

Penguin Pretzel doesnt make any money Folks. The claims are bullshit.

Warning!  This company is not making material information publicly available

Buying or selling this security on the basis of material nonpublic material information is prohibited under Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Rules 10b-5 and 10b5-1 thereunder. Violators may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

"Mr. Wilkerson" Is a fraudster as well and I've just uncovered a past connection to several of Blackburn's scams and his gang of cons.

   GRLT A/S is 4,000,000,000 as of 8/06/2021 

   O/S 3,853,836,751 as of 8/06/2021

   22,670,495 shares restricted  

   3,831,166,256 shares unrestricted 8/06/2021

Nevada Secratary of State

Pacific Stock Transfer Co.

Transfer Agent
6725 Via Austi Parkway
Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Danielle Case

Maria Samson

End of section by moderator tdbowiknife
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Verified Profile 02/2021

Wed, June 2, 2021, 8:00 AM Grand Opening Announcement - The Pretzel Haus

About GRILLiT Inc.

GRILLiT Inc. (GRLT) is the parent company of 4 complementary restaurant businesses. Our initial expansion, The Pretzel Haus, will offer a pretzel products through a chain of retail locations. The second business is called The Chicken Haus and is based on a restaurant called Hähnchen Ewald The menu had a brilliance by offering only fried chicken, bratwurst, fries, special sauces, and beer. The namesake, GRILLiT, will remain the primary brand as we maintain the original menu and modernize the original strategy from 2011. The fourth business is called Bessemer Brewery. This railroad themed beer pub inspiration comes from the Bessemer Railroad that ran from Conneaut Ohio to Pittsburgh and supplied ore to the steel mills for that powered the industrial revolution.
All these businesses are designed to complement each other as we look to revive the GRILLiT brand allowing us to increase shareholder value and grow the company
$GRLT Location at 2655 E Lake Rd. in Palm Harbor, FL does look like it will get the visibility they want. Google shows Dunkin and a Domino's pizza in there. Dominoes may have taken Marco's Pizza. Metro PCS used to be in the "For Lease" spot. My guess is that is their location.

$GRLT And that Grand Opening should be happening within the next few months. We are over 30 days from their PR stating a 90-day buildout of their location with a early Q3 opening. Looking at July ??.…


3501 Durrance Street
Trinity, FL 34655
United States

GRILLiT, Inc., an early stage development company, operates a chain of fast casual dining restaurants under the GRILLiT brand. It specialized in salads, rice bowls, grilled chicken, steak, and shrimp. The company also franchises restaurants in Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, and Nevada. GRILLiT, Inc. was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Trinity, Florida.
GRLT Share Structure

Authorized Shares

Outstanding Shares

Filings and Disclosure
Birdyy Post   04/04/21 Updated GRLT DD

Aloha all,

I compiled all available information on the company, in addition to my recent email correspondences with the CEO, into one DD package found at this link:

Included is a simple and straightforward chart analysis, which can be seen here:


Post One, cautiousoptimism Information Post on  Greg Mitchell, CH0 I wish to post a rebuttal to the misrepresentation of my correspondence with Gregory Mitchell back in

January of 2016. (Yes, that would be OVER 5 YEARS AGO!!!)

I feel it is very important to explain how deceptive that lead in to the 'Intro Box' actually is. There is context around that correspondence that has been intentionally excluded for the purpose of deception! It would be great if the Intro box could be updated to include.

So let me point out a few things to begin with:

To close this out, I cannot say it enough!

Greg Mitchell has kept his word, and continues to deliver for his shareholders!
He is doing is exactly what he set out to do!

Post 2, cautiousoptimism Information Post on  Greg Mitchell, In rebuttal to this distorted and deceptive claim posted in the Intro Box:
New "CEO" has NOT disclosed the many years of fraud grillit was used to commit.

Previous 3-year summary scroll down

6/08/2021 HUGE NEWS GRILLiT Inc. closes on $500,000 Funding Agreement

GRILLiT Inc. (the "Company") (OTC: GRLT) today announced that it has closed on a fixed rate $500,000 note with Mammoth Corporation.

The Company received the initial tranche of $50,000 on Thursday, June 3, 2021 and, upon consent of the lender, GRILLiT Inc. will be able to access additional funds on the same terms up to $500,000. This note is not convertible into common stock unless there is a default on the monthly installment payments. We also negotiated that with each tranche, the installment payments are deferred 90 days to allow for a buildout period of each future Pretzel Haus location. This note will be used to carry out our expansion strategy of The Pretzel Haus by funding the buildout to get us close to 10 locations in the greater Tampa market over the next 2-3 years.

"It also aligns with all the communications I have made that I do not have any plan to execute a reverse split and that I have no plans to authorize additional shares beyond what was authorized by previous management. GRILLiT Inc. was in a terrible position due to previous management who did not understand how a public company must be built on operations that are financially sound and not on the continuous authorization of shares to fund unprofitable operations."

"I believe that we now have the necessary funding in place to open 8-9 additional locations as we get closer and closer to the Grand Opening of our initial Pretzel Haus location in Palm Harbor FL at the end of July. Greg Mitchell"

End of section by user Crazy Horse
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