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Kid is sabotaging the stock Nano Mobile Healthcare Inc. 01/18/2022 11:59:54 PM
There’s hope: Affinity Beverage Group Inc. 01/18/2022 05:33:27 PM
Pink current most likely tomorrow dark and defunct IL2M International Corp. 01/18/2022 05:18:32 PM
It’s gonna be 0.20+ at least once it’s Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. 01/18/2022 01:47:28 PM
Beautiful things are coming along hopefully we get NW Tech Capital, Inc. 01/18/2022 12:54:17 PM
This is a Multibagger just get over your Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. 01/18/2022 12:51:01 PM
So does frank have this back or not? Nano Mobile Healthcare Inc. 01/18/2022 11:04:38 AM
More** Goff Corporation 01/18/2022 09:22:37 AM
No kite unsolicited quote warning!! Schwab should be Goff Corporation 01/18/2022 09:22:29 AM
There’s small hope here as it appears Frank REVE Technologies, Inc 01/18/2022 09:14:09 AM
Bid already at 0.40 beautiful Goff Corporation 01/18/2022 09:09:34 AM
Y’all are getting saved by AlphaRidge I wish Mondial Ventures Inc. 01/17/2022 10:17:21 PM
Where do you see that? On OTCM they NW Tech Capital, Inc. 01/17/2022 10:09:40 PM
So this is going to EM soon if Image Protect Inc. 01/16/2022 09:15:52 AM
Still has the shell risk badge pure trash Viper Networks 01/16/2022 09:13:00 AM
Why does this have a shell risk while Profitable Developments, Inc. 01/16/2022 09:10:33 AM
OTC business description has been cleared out to NW Tech Capital, Inc. 01/15/2022 11:08:51 AM
The GOFF update basically confirms this will be Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. 01/15/2022 11:06:56 AM
I’m still very bullish here tho this new Goff Corporation 01/15/2022 11:05:58 AM
Why does this have a CE tag? Blue Sphere Corp. 01/14/2022 09:28:04 PM
Any hope here? Rejuvel Bio-Sciences Inc. 01/14/2022 09:22:28 PM
Love the strength here Icon Media Holdings, Inc. 01/14/2022 09:21:09 PM
This is a bloated pig lol going no where Ecosciences Inc. 01/14/2022 09:19:11 PM
Are the FORW Warrants exercisable at 0.20? HUMBL Inc. 01/14/2022 09:15:47 PM
Interesting to see if this works for pink IL2M International Corp. 01/14/2022 08:11:33 PM
1-2 weeks NW Tech Capital, Inc. 01/14/2022 08:09:28 PM
Any updates here? Health Revenue Assurance Holdings Inc 01/14/2022 02:38:56 PM
So this is getting the bigger merger after all Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. 01/14/2022 01:54:39 PM
What’s their valuation? Goff Corporation 01/14/2022 01:34:20 PM
Hopefully we get an open sea or similar Goff Corporation 01/14/2022 01:09:55 PM
Wait there was suppose to be a dividend here? Drone Guarder Inc. 01/14/2022 12:24:05 PM
Just joined the 10 million share club lol NW Tech Capital, Inc. 01/14/2022 09:38:44 AM
OTCQB!! HUMBL Inc. 01/14/2022 01:34:48 AM
Thank you that sounds great!! NW Tech Capital, Inc. 01/13/2022 06:16:02 PM
Anyone in the meeting? NW Tech Capital, Inc. 01/13/2022 05:18:18 PM
What’s going on? Labor Smart, Inc 01/13/2022 10:53:12 AM
Added more 0.001’s should get an update AH’s NW Tech Capital, Inc. 01/13/2022 09:33:43 AM
Yep Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. 01/13/2022 08:31:43 AM
Now wouldn’t that be something Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. 01/13/2022 07:48:37 AM
LFG Goff Corporation 01/13/2022 07:29:33 AM