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Influential Media Holdings, Inc. (EEGI)

  • Eline Entertainment Group, Inc., is a company specializing in sports and entertainment production and distribution. As we expand our corporate team and offerings, we will grow through targeted, potential high net worth companies, looking for professionals in their specific industry with both prime credentials and industry longevity. We will cover a variety of media outlets ranging from live broadcasts, movies, PPV events, closed circuit simulcasts, and streaming content, as well as several other areas.


    227 W. 10th
    Long Beach, CA

    Here are the FACTS about EEGI
    ceo Steve Smith

    FACT#1 Steve Smith took over management of EEGI in the summer of 2017 and has worked extensively to clean out the mess that was left behind from previous management.

    FACT#2 Steve Smith swiftly got EEGI current, removed STOP SIGN on theOTC from previous management with 20 filings and disclosures, all in a matter of weeks!

    FACT#3 Steve Smith is a serious businessman and knows how to create profitable business. He took his previous company to .88 CENTS!! from .0001 to .88! How often does that happen?

    FACT#4 Steve Smith is known for his do-right mentality, professionalism, and is well respected by other business leaders and professionals, that actually have valued opinions.

    FACT#5 Look at #2 there....

    Please Note Steve Smith jumps from one penny scam to the next leaving shareholder's holding the bag as he did in his last venture stating he still has interest to his shareholders and does nothing!! His last venture before EEGI was revoked!!

    Rule 6490

    1. Where can I find out more information regarding FINRA Rule 6490?
    The full text of the rule can be found at or in Regulatory Notice 10-38 at

    2. Are all mergers and acquisitions required to be filed under FINRA Rule 6490?
    No, only a merger or acquisition that has a direct impact on the publicly tradable security of a company (e.g., name change, distribution, cancellation of shares) would an issuer be required to notify FINRA.

    Direct your attention to another recent disclosures filed with the OTCM. It clearly shows 2.664bil a/s in the filing. This would suggest that the SS has very possibly been reduced if any change has been made. There is nothing to support an increase anywhere that can be found besides personal opinion. Therefore, the share structure is almost certainly the same as March 2017, or there could quite possibly be a real share reduction as suggested in the filing below. "Unlimited shares" seems to be fictious; with zero supporting documentation. June 8th, 2017 "Share structure down almost 50%! Pending merger. New management. Three separate stakeholders with 2,7 Billion shares plus another 1,3 Billion to be returned to treasury!


Saturday March 10th, 2018

That is 20 disclosures for EEGI/IMHI in 16 days (March 2018), and 6 of those days were not trading days....

June 8th, 2017 - ELINE ENTERTAINMENT INC "Share structure down almost 50%! Pending merger. New management. Three separate stakeholders with 2,7 Billion shares plus another 1,3 Billion to be returned to treasury! Multiple filings under way! Ideal for sub penny players! " *1

Pink Sheet:

10/15/17- Recap of known information for EEGI.

We know "Old Management" is out and gone...

We know New Management is in at EEGI...

We have Wisconsinsos & OTC Market updates showning new management...

1/2018 - Updated name change for EEGI

EEGI name change from Influential Media Holdings, Inc back to Eline Entertainment Group Inc. according to Secretary of State Wyoming received on Aug 6th 2018.



Before Steve took over, this was sent out by the selling agent

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