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There is no other symbol. The other one alchemytrader 04/08/23 11:41 PM TheFinalCD 03/28/23 8:26 AM
The other is private company partnering with REGN zj3001 03/28/23 8:14 AM
WHATS THE OTHER SYMBOL? TheFinalCD 03/28/23 7:54 AM
people chased off news from the WRONG
alchemytrader 03/28/23 7:54 AM TheFinalCD 03/28/23 7:51 AM
Nice premarket gap up harry crumb 01/31/23 8:46 AM
Nice AH move harry crumb 01/25/23 6:56 PM
Sonoma Pharmaceuticals managed to land one serious new Toddrobertking 01/25/23 6:23 PM
OS only 3+milly harry crumb 01/25/23 11:10 AM
Buy 2’s up! harry crumb 01/25/23 10:58 AM
2.68 finally broke $2.44 without meeeeeeeeee TheFinalCD 01/25/23 10:29 AM
im out with profits on the fail to TheFinalCD 01/25/23 9:48 AM
Good Morning $SNOA Mr Walnuts 01/25/23 9:19 AM
break 2.44 run to 2.75+
TheFinalCD 01/25/23 8:53 AM
trying again for 2.44
TheFinalCD 01/25/23 8:39 AM
$SNOA watch for 2.44 break tried 2x already
TheFinalCD 01/25/23 8:32 AM
$2.10 Ran to quick for me might have tw0122 01/25/23 7:47 AM
TheFinalCD 01/25/23 7:43 AM
3M os lets see how it goes TheFinalCD 11/02/22 9:03 AM
Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Launches Two New Dermatological Products for subslover 11/02/22 8:15 AM
been a long time since i visited this stocktrader306 08/01/22 2:48 AM
lo floater on news ..... wile.e.coyote 05/03/22 9:05 AM
So,so news. No $ contracts announced. News crudeoil24 10/15/21 8:25 AM
does SNOA ran more on this hand sanitizer TheFinalCD 10/15/21 8:24 AM
Going straight up! PStockPickz 10/15/21 7:54 AM PStockPickz 10/15/21 7:29 AM
I noticed your first on the scene for PStockPickz 10/15/21 7:29 AM
O/s 2.09m short float 39% PStockPickz 10/15/21 7:25 AM
Could be a huge runner today PStockPickz 10/15/21 7:24 AM
Sonoma Pharma, MicroSafe Report Nanocyn Disinfectant, Sanitzer Has crudeoil24 10/15/21 7:17 AM
can we please get back to premarket levels Surfacetite 09/28/21 11:05 AM
Nice$ Get-Rich 09/28/21 10:31 AM
Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: SNOA) has announced the crudeoil24 09/28/21 8:28 AM
9.30'S TheFinalCD 09/28/21 7:53 AM
Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Launches Its First Over-the-Counter Products in crudeoil24 09/28/21 7:48 AM
SNOA is a great $$$$$ opportunity. crudeoil24 09/28/21 7:47 AM
SNOA > Looking @ 20.00+ today. So many crudeoil24 09/28/21 7:45 AM
Sonoma Pharmaceuticals shares are trading higher after the crudeoil24 09/28/21 7:42 AM
Trading float > 2M shares + HUGE AMAZON crudeoil24 09/28/21 7:41 AM
whelp there ya go! thank you! TURCH 09/28/21 7:39 AM
WOW NICE TheFinalCD 09/28/21 7:34 AM
double bottom 2 mill o/s stock1ace1 09/17/21 12:39 PM
yup I'm stacked with 5's - just sit TURCH 09/09/21 6:40 AM
Double is easy here for sure. Low Get-Rich 09/08/21 11:34 PM
been loading upper 5's low 6's $SNOA TURCH 09/02/21 11:55 AM
When the company stops dumping shares...this will run. Pedro2004 08/19/21 10:36 AM
2 mil OS? wow MonstaGains 08/19/21 9:43 AM
Looking good here PStockPickz 08/19/21 9:08 AM
Nice pop this morning PStockPickz 08/19/21 8:06 AM
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Sonoma Pharmaceuticals (snoa)

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SNOA (MC $23 M)(Cash $13 M) Shares Out 4.3 M / Lots of Marketed Products some of them are in early launch phase plus additional Product launches expected within 6 months / Revenue close to hit $16 million/Profitability expected in 2018 . This undiscovered and revenue generating company is one if not the cheapest pharma you can get at this time .This Stock looking fantastic on all fronts it has a terrible low valuation of $23 Million is well financed with around $13 million and has a ultra low O/S of only 4.3 million .

This low float stock has the potential to hit $50 per share (~ $215 Million) within 12-18 months and even then the valuation would be still low . GL

Sonoma Pharma (Nasdaq: SNOA)

Market Cap: 22.1 Million
Cash: $12.6 Million
Price: $5.15

Shares Out : 4.3 Million

Stonegate Capital Partners Updates Coverage on Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNOA) ..October 18, 2017


Fact Sheet

Driving to commercial EBITDAS breakeven, without dilution

Grow current product portfolio with all sales people

•Alevicyn HydroGel, Dermal Spray & Spray Gel for atopic dermatitis & dermal procedures •Celacyn for scar treatment
•Mondoxyne for severe acne –launched late 2015
•Ceramax for skin repair in atopic dermatitis–launched in April 2016
•SebuDerm for seborrhea dermatitis –launched in November 2016

Launch 3 New Products –our product pipeline –one every other quarter

•Launching Loyon–Fall 2017
•Ceramax in foam and gel forms –Q4 2017 & Q1 2018

Launch and Grow New and Current Products: During fiscal year 2017, we launched four new dermatology products, including SebuDerm™, Ceramax™, Lasercyn™ Gel and Lasercyn™ Dermal Spray, bringing us to a total of eight dermatology products for the treatment of atopic and seborrheic dermatitis, scar management, surgical procedures, severe acne and “state of the art” skin repair technology. We also obtained three new FDA clearances, now totaling 16 overall. Our strong intellectual property portfolio consists of 63 issued patents and 33 patent applications pending.

We plan to launch our new FDA approved product Loyon® (a skin descaler currently marketed in Europe) in the upcoming months and have a strong product pipeline of several product line improvements, including a line extension of Ceramax™. All in all, we believe this could possibly be our best product line of new FDA approved dermatology and skincare products yet, and we believe our innovation plan will help lead us to profitability.

With $19.5 Million in Coffers from Asset Sale, Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Sets Sights on Breakeven

Regulatory Approvals and Clearances

To date, we have obtained 17 clearances from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, that permit us to sell our products as medical devices for Section 510(k) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act in the United States.

Outside the United Sates, we sell products for dermatological and advanced tissue care with a European Conformity marking (known as Conformité Européenne or CE) covering 25 of our products, and various approvals in Central America, China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Hey guys if you own shares of this low float stock then please put a high GTC sell order in like $20 to prevent your shares from being borrowed to short and more important your shares will not be available on the market this is good because this helps the stock to make bigger jumps on good news . Thans and good luck

How to Prevent your Shares Holdings from being Shorted

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