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Is it prep for some fake news like Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 08/10/2020 02:32:31 PM
I did. Yesterday and today early AM sold my Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/07/2020 12:23:47 PM
He did not made ANYTHING, NONE of his Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/07/2020 09:13:18 AM
One more time, creating excitement about something what Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/06/2020 11:59:29 AM
So much bs here it is not even funny.... Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/05/2020 04:28:58 PM
3) would be 09/19/2020...I think... Mr. Cooper Group, Inc. (COOP) 07/31/2020 12:30:39 AM
It is waste of time here.... It is cooked Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/30/2020 12:29:17 PM
I hope it will bite you one day.... Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 07/28/2020 06:11:02 PM
Great story, Thank you. I’m over 10 years loooong here. Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 07/27/2020 06:04:23 PM
What a f...g manipulation is going on! The only Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 07/27/2020 12:14:20 PM
Genius! Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 07/25/2020 09:19:14 PM
Waiting sooo long, I’m not sure I can Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 07/23/2020 11:26:25 PM
Nop Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/23/2020 11:24:37 PM
Timing of this interesting ... Good ... AH Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 07/23/2020 06:26:20 PM
Agreed- any year now.... Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/23/2020 04:45:37 PM
Continus BS .... Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/23/2020 02:46:31 PM
Out ! Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 07/22/2020 05:43:48 PM
I’m looooong waiting 11 (!) years for that Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 07/22/2020 05:43:19 PM
AH we are going down like a lead baloon... Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 07/22/2020 05:29:54 PM
Years... Majic Wheels Corp. (MJWL) 07/22/2020 02:00:51 PM
AH $2.50 (!) Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 07/21/2020 08:46:18 PM
All pumpers are gone to the new places....only Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/15/2020 12:21:13 PM
No PM sorry, But yes, same was 2x in Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/15/2020 12:18:01 PM
Got it now :) Thank you ! Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 07/15/2020 12:14:52 PM
Very sad news .... RIP Mr. Steve Susman. Mr. Cooper Group, Inc. (COOP) 07/15/2020 12:13:28 PM
This is exactly what I tought it would Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/15/2020 12:08:29 PM
Mozart was a great composer not a painter .... Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 07/15/2020 12:03:15 PM
Agreed and the reason is to fool the Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/14/2020 04:02:22 PM
Hi RD so what is here for us ?? Mr. Cooper Group, Inc. (COOP) 07/11/2020 04:33:02 PM
Sad... Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/09/2020 09:39:25 PM
Lead baloon just popped. Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/09/2020 06:15:53 PM
Wrong . Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/09/2020 08:51:24 AM
And this translate to: „ we have Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/09/2020 12:07:35 AM
Tuesday, Monday is closed. Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/04/2020 04:17:44 PM
Shhhh... not so loud, you can demolish such Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/03/2020 12:56:25 AM
End of July - J U L Y. Got it? Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 06/30/2020 08:27:30 PM
I think this is better than all other Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 06/29/2020 11:38:25 AM
Thx Gold Entertainment Group (GEGP) 06/29/2020 11:36:04 AM
..,and who the f...ck is he??? Gold Entertainment Group (GEGP) 06/29/2020 12:23:11 AM
Man, thank you, I hope you’re correct and I’m Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 06/27/2020 09:13:10 PM