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Posts by Windbag1014BoardDate/Time
Good luck to you then. If he Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. (MIKP) 10/23/2019 10:38:21 AM
What is their product? What are their Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. (MIKP) 10/23/2019 10:20:22 AM
FREE AT LAST. THANK GOD ALMIGHTY I Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. (MIKP) 10/23/2019 09:52:08 AM
If you are referring to the form 4 Ascena Retail Group Inc. (ASNA) 10/23/2019 09:15:45 AM
Who purchased shares? Ascena Retail Group Inc. (ASNA) 10/23/2019 09:01:07 AM
Count yourself lucky if you are only down Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/18/2019 03:41:23 PM
Yep. Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/18/2019 11:51:12 AM
I prefer dot connecting over assuming. Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/18/2019 11:07:49 AM
Nobody knows when the multitude of names shouted Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/18/2019 10:11:07 AM
What do you think will trigger acceptance and Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/17/2019 11:42:02 PM
From your experience, are there publicly traded companies Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/16/2019 03:06:51 PM
Maybe they would buy if they had some Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/16/2019 02:55:53 PM
Not a buy. He was given them Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/16/2019 02:48:43 PM
Agreed. There doesn't seem to be any Ascena Retail Group Inc. (ASNA) 10/16/2019 11:11:41 AM
Exactly what the article says. Should I Ascena Retail Group Inc. (ASNA) 10/16/2019 11:05:27 AM
And what? Are you looking for my Ascena Retail Group Inc. (ASNA) 10/16/2019 10:50:59 AM
https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-10-16/u-s-retail-sales-unexpectedly Ascena Retail Group Inc. (ASNA) 10/16/2019 10:23:12 AM
Wouldn't it be something if we had a ETF''s & Orphan Stocks 10/11/2019 11:53:42 AM
They/He certainly didn't blow my socks off. Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/07/2019 03:27:22 PM
Sigma Labs continued work on the F35 with Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/04/2019 03:49:00 PM
Sigma is a "Gold Sponsor". Nice find. Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/03/2019 03:44:29 PM
That was the best reply I have ever NGL ENERGY PARTNERS LP (NGL) 10/02/2019 11:28:02 AM
Thank you jugs, it's good to have someone NGL ENERGY PARTNERS LP (NGL) 10/02/2019 09:38:54 AM
That's a pretty bold prediction Kanya. Where Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/02/2019 09:26:11 AM
Trumpf TRUPrint 5000 is a Multi Laser Printer Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 10/02/2019 09:16:14 AM
Hi Vis. Are you saying Sigma products Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/29/2019 09:34:03 AM
Give it a break... Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/27/2019 09:11:59 AM
It has been running for quite a while. Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/26/2019 11:53:42 AM
Yep. This time it's different. The Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/24/2019 01:20:29 PM
We are rapidly coming up on 1 yr Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/24/2019 11:59:27 AM
What if management at Sigma was held to Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/21/2019 02:35:10 PM
The GEs and Honeywells of the world have Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/20/2019 05:58:56 PM
Not if there is a profit to be Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/20/2019 05:34:07 PM
I know. Sounds crazy right? SGLB's Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/20/2019 05:31:51 PM
Just talked to Luke at MZ. I Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/17/2019 02:50:37 PM
this is a hidden gem Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/17/2019 09:16:50 AM
Baker was one of the first RTEs, but Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/17/2019 12:35:19 AM
For Sigma it was announcing the new CFO. Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/16/2019 09:36:59 AM
Another mention of “Clear line of sight to Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) 09/16/2019 09:21:00 AM
Show me. Public knowledge that is confidential? Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. (MIKP) 09/13/2019 05:09:52 PM