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it's hard to fathom why this share selling Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/23/2019 04:48:35 PM
...everything is ready ... Spelling, Grammar and Other OOPS! 04/18/2019 11:31:38 AM
i know one of the head writers on Just Politics 04/17/2019 04:31:01 PM
this dumb ass conman ceo needs to clarify Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 04/16/2019 12:13:44 PM
I spent almost 2 years trying to figure Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EAPH) 04/10/2019 12:08:20 PM
Most of the share issuances that you are Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EAPH) 04/10/2019 11:51:08 AM
lolol. what a crock of shit. trying to Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EAPH) 04/10/2019 11:08:47 AM
should start very soon... Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 04/08/2019 01:25:47 PM
Almost like they knew what was about to Nano Labs Corp. (CTLE) 04/05/2019 11:45:23 AM
Sent: Thu Apr 4 2019 2:57:45 PM EDT DD Support Board and Research Team 04/04/2019 05:39:53 PM
the Geologist has outlined several important drill targets. Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 04/04/2019 12:23:12 PM
The company's SEC filings and stop sign is Dutch Gold Resources, Inc. (DGRI) 04/04/2019 10:48:05 AM
holy crap, this scam is still operating? Dutch Gold Resources, Inc. (DGRI) 04/04/2019 10:25:46 AM
I do not like fraud . DD Support Board and Research Team 04/02/2019 11:58:10 AM
Mill report will be in hand in Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 04/01/2019 05:09:59 PM
lolol. make it on what board? listed stocks DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/29/2019 04:55:22 PM
lolololol. there is no 10k. it an unaudited DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/29/2019 04:53:14 PM
smart people? DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/29/2019 02:39:12 PM
lololol. omg, no one is going to hold DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/29/2019 01:53:33 PM
folks should learn how shorting actually works. The 4 Less Group Inc. (FLES) 03/29/2019 12:13:52 PM
of course. DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/29/2019 11:04:14 AM
lolol. the reason the price won't go up DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/29/2019 10:55:23 AM
that's because your old shares haven't been replaced The 4 Less Group Inc. (FLES) 03/29/2019 10:23:41 AM
1 for 6000. The 4 Less Group Inc. (FLES) 03/28/2019 10:13:47 PM
At 9am broker accounts and security details The 4 Less Group Inc. (FLES) 03/28/2019 07:21:51 PM
i see they no longer carry the collector's The Question and Answer Board (IHUB) 03/28/2019 02:18:32 PM
i've just been informed that backwards hats are The Question and Answer Board (IHUB) 03/28/2019 01:53:25 PM
do you have free backwards hats? The Question and Answer Board (IHUB) 03/28/2019 01:49:32 PM
it's false if the claim is made that DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/28/2019 09:03:24 AM
Why so stuck on one dumb issue? DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/28/2019 09:01:09 AM
Im sure theyll be filing a form 10 DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/27/2019 05:30:45 PM
lolol. if they are an sec filer, when DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/27/2019 05:13:37 PM
What part of "The following is an index DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/27/2019 05:02:05 PM
sorry bb, but you know as well as DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/27/2019 04:43:57 PM
can you give me a link to their DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/27/2019 04:19:10 PM
hello bb. is devm currently an sec registrant? tia. DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/27/2019 04:14:30 PM
Reporting Status DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/27/2019 01:00:09 PM
seriously? you don't understand registration statements? well, here DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/27/2019 12:07:08 PM
DEVM HAS NO REGISTRATION STATEMENT. IT IS NO DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/27/2019 11:40:31 AM
lololol. my gosh that's funny. it's very simple. DevMar Equities Inc. (DEVM) 03/27/2019 11:30:00 AM