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NIOBF Niocorp Developments Ltd. 83,255 2 hours ago Mining/Resources
GDVM Global Developments, Inc. 1,267 8 hours ago Banking and Finance
United Development Funding IV (fka UDFI) 1,476 1 day ago Delisted
PRDL Profitable Developments, Inc. 107,036 2 days ago Real Estate
CYDVF Cypress Development Corp 619 5 days ago Mining/Resources
PDIV Premier Development and Investment Inc 3,230 2 weeks ago Mining/Resources
EDUC Educational Development Corporation 116 3 weeks ago Miscellaneous
MTRO Metro One Development, Inc 9,486 3 weeks ago Computers - Hardware
BCND Beacon Redevelopment Industrial Corporation 45,745 3 weeks ago Real Estate
HCDI Harbor Custom Development Inc 35 4 weeks ago Real Estate
ODV Osisko Development Corp 0 1 month ago Mining/Resources
LBTD Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp. 1,259 1 month ago Miscellaneous
ENTI Encounter Development Technologies Inc. 172,874 1 month ago Miscellaneous
CDJM Carnegie Development Inc. 37,530 1 month ago Internet - Online Services
DVTC Development Technologies Corp. 719 1 month ago Miscellaneous
SBDG Small Business Development Group Inc. 22,377 1 month ago Medical - Drugs
IFLM Independent Film Development Corp. 14,155 2 months ago Internet - Information/Portals
OPMG Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. 94,540 2 months ago Internet - Information/Portals
Optimum Care Corp. (fka OPMC) 15 2 months ago Delisted
NDEV Novus Acquisition and Development Corp 3,299 2 months ago Miscellaneous
LISMF Lithium South Development Corp 100 3 months ago Alternative Energy
MLYCF Multi-Metal Development Corp. 86 4 months ago Mining/Resources
CRDV Community Redevelopment Inc. 5,533 4 months ago Miscellaneous
XDCUSD XinFin Development Contract 7 4 months ago Coins
OPMZ 1pm Industries Inc. 13,240 5 months ago Miscellaneous
CDEV Centennial Resource Development, Inc. 244 5 months ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
DREM Dream Homes & Development Corporation 262 6 months ago Real Estate
PAVE Global X U.S. Infrastructure Development ETF 11 6 months ago ETFs
SDAD S.H. Resources & Development Corp. 1,444 7 months ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
GVDI Golden Valley Development, Inc. 10,958 9 months ago Miscellaneous
ASXSF Elysee Development Corp. (TSXV:ASX) 187 9 months ago Mining/Resources
American Asset Development, Inc. (fka AADI) 839 10 months ago Delisted
GMND Green Mountain Development Corp 5,489 10 months ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
PMDP Plateau Mineral Development, Inc. 38,159 11 months ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
Morris Business Development Co. (fka MBDE) 121 11 months ago Delisted
CITAF Cosco Shipping Development Co. Ltd. 2 1 year ago Miscellaneous
ARWD Arrow Resources Development, Inc. 1,209 1 year ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
OEDVQ Osage Exploration and Development, Inc. 968 1 year ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
GSBD Goldman Sachs Business Development 20 1 year ago Banking and Finance
Infrastructure Developments Corp (fka IDVC) 15,949 1 year ago Delisted
DGNG Diguang International Development Company Ltd. 89 1 year ago Electronics and components
NOPMF Neo Performance Materials Inc. 14 1 year ago Mining/Resources
CLAD China Liaoning Dingxu Ecological Agriculture Devel 999 1 year ago Food - Processing and Agriculture
FLDI Folkup Development Inc 0 1 year ago Alternative Energy
CGDI China Growth Development, Inc. 785 1 year ago Miscellaneous
Chart Analysis by BullishCharts & TopMarketGainers 3 1 year ago Penny Trading - Technical
Chart Analysis by TopMarketGainers 673 1 year ago Technical Analysis
TJIPF Tianjin Port Development Holdings Ltd 0 1 year ago Retail - Wholesale Distributors
CDVM Carson Development Corporation 791 1 year ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
Osprey Gold Development Ltd. (fka OSSPF) 8 2 years ago Delisted
LVDW LiquidValue Development Inc. 9 2 years ago Real Estate
GSDC Goldsands Development Company 2,095 2 years ago Mining/Resources
International Development Corp (fka IDVL) 396 2 years ago Delisted
Cantex Mine Development Corp. (fka CD.VN) 0 2 years ago Delisted
TSX:PEY Peyto Exploration and Development Corp 2 2 years ago Energy
TSX:PCY Prophecy Development Corp. 1 3 years ago Mining/Resources
PCY Prophecy Development 0 3 years ago Mining/Resources
Green World Development Inc. (fka GREW) 923 3 years ago Delisted
Development Capital Group Inc. (fka DLPM) 459 3 years ago Delisted
Energy Development Corp. (fka EGDCY) 2 3 years ago Delisted
GFDV General Finance & Development, Inc 130 3 years ago Banking and Finance
MBDC Massachusetts Business Development Corp 1 4 years ago Banking and Finance
XREDUSD X Real Estate Development 0 4 years ago Coins
Yangtze River Development Ltd fka YERR 235 4 years ago Delisted
ARCUF Arcus Development Group 0 4 years ago Mining/Resources
AEDC American Energy Development Corp. 1,000 5 years ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
Harbor Island Development Corp. (fka HIDC) 6,841 6 years ago Delisted
Superior Development Group Inc. (fka SDVG) 5 6 years ago Delisted
MRD Memorial Resource Development Corp. 3 6 years ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
GBB Gold Bullion Development Corp 3 6 years ago Mining/Resources
Interactive Brand Development (fka IBDI) 110 6 years ago Delisted
CHLN China Housing and Land Development, Inc. 150 6 years ago Real Estate
EC Development, Inc. (fka ECDI) 131 7 years ago Delisted
Asura Development Group, Inc.(fka IAGI) 2,328 7 years ago Delisted
RALY Rally Software Development Corp. 2 7 years ago Computers - Software
Universal Property Development Corporation (fka UP 10,403 7 years ago Delisted
Blue Sky Development Corp.(fka BSKS) 536 7 years ago Delisted
Italian-Thai Development Public Co., Ltd.(fka ITHU 1 8 years ago Delisted
ADEC Alternative Energy Development Corp. 151 8 years ago Alternative Energy
China Digital Animation Development, Inc. (fka CHD 1,981 8 years ago Delisted
International Development and Environmental Holdin 477 8 years ago Delisted
ARSD Arabian American Development Co. 2,360 8 years ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
ERD Erdene Resources Development Corp. 1 8 years ago Mining/Resources
Marlborough Software Development (fka MBGH) 27 8 years ago Delisted
Business Development Solutions Inc(fka BDEV) 125 8 years ago Delisted
POPM Popmail.Com 11 9 years ago Internet - E-Commerce
Falcon Ridge Development Inc.(fka FCNR) 193 9 years ago Delisted
Global Realty Development Corp (fka GRLY) 18 9 years ago Delisted
Premier Development & Investment Inc (fka PDVN) 27 10 years ago Delisted
NHVP Northeast Development Corporation Inc. 51 10 years ago Real Estate
New Bastion Development Inc. (fka NWBA) 6 10 years ago Delisted
PETD Petroleum Development Corp 114 10 years ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
GPD Golden Predator Royalty & Development Corp. 13 10 years ago Mining/Resources
CTDC China Development Group Corp. 72 10 years ago Computers - Software
Advantage Capital Development Corp.(fka AVCP) 70 10 years ago Delisted
NPD North American Potash Developments Inc. 4 10 years ago Mining/Resources
Vision Real Estate Management & Development (fka V 54 10 years ago Delisted
American Enterprise Development Corp (fka AEND) 101 10 years ago Delisted
MIX Micrex Development Corp 1 11 years ago Mining/Resources
American Asset Development, Inc. (AADI) 16 Closed. Successor 11 years ago Real Estate
ANO.U Anatolia Minerals Development Limited 42 12 years ago Mining/Resources
ASDV Asian Star Development, Inc. 9 12 years ago Basic Materials
OPMR Optimal Group, Inc 153 12 years ago Miscellaneous
WHD West Hawk Development Corp. 462 12 years ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
Embryo Development (fka EMBR) 95 12 years ago Delisted
SNO SNOWFIELD DEVELOPMENT (V.SNO) 50 12 years ago Mining/Resources
PDGI PharmaNet Development Group, Inc. 1 13 years ago Medical - Healthcare
MDV MegaStar Development 51 13 years ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy
MFC Development Corp (fka MFCD) 33 13 years ago Delisted
HYSNY Hysan Development Co., Ltd. 6 13 years ago Real Estate
Pride Business Development Holdings, Inc. (fka PDV 4 13 years ago Delisted
WYN DEVELOPMENTS (WYDPF) 16 14 years ago User's Groups
Shareholder Development Group LLC 24 14 years ago User's Groups
Andros Isle Development Corp. (fka AVPJ) 20 14 years ago Delisted
AMCD American Community Development Inc. 3 14 years ago Computers - Software
Atlantis Business Development Corp. (fka ABDE) 45 16 years ago Delisted
Integrated Software Development (fka ITDJ) 271 16 years ago Delisted
Pinnacle Development Inc (fka PNCV) 9 16 years ago Delisted
El Tigre Development Corp. (fka ETIG) 22 17 years ago Delisted
United Development (fka UDVE) 160 17 years ago Delisted
Frontier Development Group (fka FTDGF) 3 17 years ago Delisted
Tayco Developments, Inc. (fka TYCO) 1 17 years ago Delisted
BVEW Bindview Development 1 17 years ago Computers - Software
Inwood Development Corp (fka INWD) 0 17 years ago Delisted

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