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CDJM is now CURRENT!   12/22/2020

Check out the Chairman's video message at the bottom of this link.


From Quarterly Report For the Period Ending: 30th September 2020 (the “Reporting Period”)

As of 7 th November 2020, the number of shares outstanding of our Common Stock was: 46,203,716
As of 30th September 2020, the number of shares outstanding of our Common Stock was: 46,203,716
As of 30th June 2020, the number of shares outstanding of our Common Stock was: 46,203,716
As of 30th September 2019, the number of shares outstanding of our Common Stock was: 46,203,716
As of 31st December 2019, the number of shares outstanding of our Common Stock was: 46,203,716 

"The Series I Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock is convertible into shares of common stock at the conversion price and at the option of the holders, either in whole or in part commencing the first business day after 30th June 2021. [7] Conversion Price: The amount obtained by multiplying (i) 0.9 by (ii) the simple average of the daily closing price of the common stock for the 20 business days ending on the last business day of the calendar week immediately preceding the date of conversion, provided however the conversion price shall not be less than $4"

Who Are We...

We're an innovative Real Estate Investment company providing strategic growth to our shareholders, and support for our stakeholders through high-level leadership and collaboration with partners world wide.

Our success is driven through our singular focus on one high-growth sector: Real Estate Development.

Real Estate Development

We provide financial resources, governance, high-level management and operational expertise.

Through leading-edge architecture, innovation and proven business acumen, we commit to world-class excellence in all our projects and investments.


Seek opportunities in the best markets.  With many decades of experience, our leadership team continues to identify remarkable opportunities in real estate and promising new technologies suitable for its market share.

Generate steady growth with the proven and secure platform of real estate development.

Draw on the strength of our international culture of integrity and leadership in creating a better lifestyle for our residential communities. 


Carnegie Development  partners and invests in long term value that enhances communities and generates wealth.  With a strategic balance in ownership and operations of four major real estate sectors, Carnegie Development has projects and holdings in the sectors of Ultra Luxury Hospitality, Multifamily and Single Family developments, and horizontal development of Raw Land. 

We acquire high quality assets on a value basis and drive investment performance through dynamic and innovative operations. With a track record of developing and acquiring real estate in the best performing U.S. markets, we’re able to deliver risk-adjusted returns to shareholders.  Our leadership position is embedded in building value for the long term.


To Our Shareholders

>> Chairman's Message 11/20/2020

Dear Shareholders,

   I am pleased to provide some news of recent activities at Carnegie Development.

   Carnegie Development is current and up to date with required filings to the government agencies.  Most importantly,  we have removed our stop sign and now have a yield sign which will be removed in the coming weeks.

   And now, we are very excited to announce that Carnegie Development has acquired six new entities which are all Multi Family development projects.

   Those developments will get underway in the new year.  This will afford Carnegie the benefits and profits that come with the development as well as the long-term cash flow revenue once completed.

   The great part of our plan in these projects, is getting the cash flow will be much quicker than what is typical for other companies who buy existing projects from developers and then sell them to the investment companies for a high premium.  Our strategy of being the developer is a big benefit to Carnegie Development because it allows for us to start at the base point with efficient access to the cash flow.  

   Dallas continues to be great for business. California and New York are experiencing a rapid contraction in their populations meanwhile a tremendous influx of people are moving to Dallas.  This is driving up the residential demand on single family and multifamily housing.

   More acquisitions are on the horizon.  The next round of acquisitions will be focused on single family lots for home builders to buy, build houses and sell them to incoming buyers.  Dallas is experiencing the highest percentage of growth in the United States and with our existing relationships in the Texas marketplace, we are poised to take advantage of that.

   Furthermore, Dallas is experiencing a huge demand for the build-to-rent business.  Carnegie development is expanding into this market where we build brand new homes and rent them out.  The business model and cash flow is similar to the multi family, but the benefit of the single-family business is the cash flow begins as soon as the home is built.

   We hope you continue to watch and listen for updates and we look forward to your participation in Carnegie Development.

Thank you very much.


Timothy Barton

800-345-8561 phone

775-505-2642 fax

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