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Posts by JcazzBoardDate/Time
Stop sign gone. Yield up!!!! Attorney letters next!!!!! New Generation Consumer Group Inc. (NGCG) 07/17/2019 04:55:22 AM
Starting to build a base off that 0021 Clenergen Corp. (CRGE) 07/16/2019 09:04:36 PM
Nice candle put in today here! SS all BitFrontier Capital Holdings Inc. (BFCH) 07/16/2019 09:04:07 PM
VERY strong day here!! Hit a high of New Generation Consumer Group Inc. (NGCG) 07/16/2019 09:03:36 PM
New Generation Consumer Group Inc. is a US New Generation Consumer Group Inc. (NGCG) 07/15/2019 10:05:42 PM
Grabbed 9's here today on first filings since New Generation Consumer Group Inc. (NGCG) 07/15/2019 10:00:23 PM
Another one that is gonna be a sweet Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/11/2019 05:35:08 PM
This one gonna be fun. Nice pop and Clenergen Corp. (CRGE) 07/11/2019 05:30:07 PM
Big update on FB page. Name change , Ghost Technology, Inc. (GHST) 07/10/2019 07:26:34 AM
https://twitter.com/jcazz17/status/1148035043534757888?s=21 Cuba Beverage Company (CUBV) 07/07/2019 09:11:05 PM
REINSTATED!!!!!!! BYE BYE TRIPS Cuba Beverage Company (CUBV) 07/07/2019 09:10:38 PM
AD still continues to rise as shares getting BitFrontier Capital Holdings Inc. (BFCH) 07/07/2019 01:03:02 PM
Excellent news out Friday confirming the additional reduction Canamed4Pets Inc. (CNNA) 07/07/2019 01:02:34 PM
Adding down here no doubt. Bounced right above Location Based Technologies, Inc. (LBAS) 07/07/2019 01:02:06 PM
Base starting to form in that 015 zone Visual Med (VMCS) 07/07/2019 01:01:28 PM
Added 7’s here Friday. Lots got shook on Cuba Beverage Company (CUBV) 07/07/2019 01:00:43 PM
Nice move Friday on highest volume since early Ghost Technology, Inc. (GHST) 07/07/2019 01:00:17 PM
Chillin here waiting on filings and merger details White Mountain Titanium Corporation (WMTM) 07/07/2019 12:59:49 PM
Great post!!!!! $UPER $TOCKS DD and RESEARCH FORUM 07/04/2019 10:09:43 PM
Boooooom!!!!! SMF. Love it!!! SunnyMoneyFamily 07/04/2019 08:21:55 PM
Wellllllll we got a BEAUTIFUL shareholder update along Location Based Technologies, Inc. (LBAS) 07/02/2019 09:48:44 PM
Share reduction complete!!! Eyes on OTCM for the Canamed4Pets Inc. (CNNA) 07/02/2019 09:48:18 PM
Nice day here!! Closed back over the 50ma BitFrontier Capital Holdings Inc. (BFCH) 07/02/2019 09:47:29 PM
VERY impressive move here and some serious momo Cuba Beverage Company (CUBV) 07/02/2019 09:46:51 PM
Reinstatement filings hit EOD and officer changes after White Mountain Titanium Corporation (WMTM) 07/02/2019 09:46:21 PM
Nice lil pop Friday on low volume. Thursday’s Costas, Inc. (CSSI) 07/01/2019 06:59:54 AM
Hovering right around that 35 zone support. Company CAVU Resources Inc (CAVR) 07/01/2019 06:59:02 AM
Strong support with the 50ma right under us. BitFrontier Capital Holdings Inc. (BFCH) 07/01/2019 06:58:37 AM
Scooping these high 20’s/low 30’s! Waiting on filings, Canamed4Pets Inc. (CNNA) 07/01/2019 06:58:00 AM
Reinstated on 6/20. 20’s are getting eaten up Sarissa Resources, Inc. (SRSR) 07/01/2019 06:57:24 AM
Low volume consolidation bouncing off that 015ish support. Visual Med (VMCS) 07/01/2019 06:56:55 AM
Built a nice base in that 006 zone! Location Based Technologies, Inc. (LBAS) 07/01/2019 06:56:23 AM
Loading going on here!!! Keep eyes open for Sarissa Resources, Inc. (SRSR) 06/28/2019 05:34:25 PM
Back over 004 today. Slow climb back to Gemini Group Global Corp. (GMNI) 06/28/2019 06:19:30 AM
https://twitter.com/jcazz17/status/1144186906030301184?s=21 Costas, Inc. (CSSI) 06/27/2019 06:22:15 AM
It’s go time!!! Nice news out!!!!! https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/0 Costas, Inc. (CSSI) 06/27/2019 06:21:57 AM
What a gift this is right now under Gemini Group Global Corp. (GMNI) 06/26/2019 10:09:14 PM
This thing is thiiiiiiiin!!!! Volume comes in here Medizone Intl. (MZEIQ) 06/26/2019 09:08:53 PM
Tic tock, tic tock....Just a matter of time CAVU Resources Inc (CAVR) 06/24/2019 09:08:52 PM
Can’t wait for the ticker change. Gonna be CAVU Resources Inc (CAVR) 06/22/2019 06:51:04 PM