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We are updating the ibox based on recent DD.


Multicorp International, Inc Secures Strategic Partnership With Brahmarsk Corporation

Monday, September 12, 2022 9:04 AM
Company Update

AGOURA HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 12, 2022 / MultiCorp International, Inc, (OTC PINK:MCIC - News) has entered into an agreement with Brahmarsk Corporation to develop technology and apps that can be utilized in the medical field and other areas of importance to the company.

The company released the following statement, "MultiCorp International, Inc. is ecstatic to have entered into this agreement with Brahmarsk Corporation to assist in developing technology and applications in the fields of interest the company is pursuing in the medical field and other sectors the company will be announcing soon."

Mr. Ben Friedman, Acting CEO further stated, "Brahmarsk adds IT expertise and technical support which will be of great benefit to companies wanting to do business as well as becoming involved with MCIC. Their knowledge and expertise in technology will be of key importance to maintain a strong position in the ever-growing technology industry. Not only are they creating and maintaining our corporate IT infrastructure, but we are in the process of creating new apps as well. We are excited to establish with Brahmarsk secure and cutting-edge technologies that will be of great benefit to companies wanting to do business with us as well as becoming more involved with MCIC. We have set the foundation to rapidly accelerate the growth of MCIC and are finalizing additional things with Brahmarsk that will be announced soon.

About MultiCorp International, Inc.

MultiCorp International, Inc is a company that operates its core business in the medical field but also will capitalize in various sectors of business that are proven to have the potential to grow revenues and profits for the company. The company looks to expand through acquisitions of solid business models and management that have the potential to grow exponentially. The company will have additional subsidiaries that will eventually grow into being their own public entity, be sold, or continue to operate within MultiCorp. For further information please contact them at

About Brahmarsk Corporation

Brahmarsk™ is a pioneer in End-to-End Information Technology solutions provider and our solutions are based on Innovations - 22 globally granted patents and 5 patents pending. Brahmarsk Corporation was formed by three scientists from humble beginnings who shared a passion to innovate solutions for the world. With more than 70 years of collective technical experience, along with the understanding the need of Security solutions and User intricacies, we provide solutions with cutting edge technologies packed in a User friendly and user intuitive way. Our solutions leverage niche technologies including 4096-bit dynamic, multi-layered encryption-the highest available today. We are an innovator, manufacturer, and system integrator all rolled into one. Our team of over 140 experienced professionals provides a full spectrum of services along with our solutions that include strategizing, planning, operating, and maintenance. Our operations are located in a dedicated and highly secured facility in USA producing IT solutions for our corporate and Government customers.

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Hes not wrong, like or not, you all Maraaj 09/17/2022 07:15:31 PM
All that pushing elsewhere and 4 shares traded DKLN 09/17/2022 12:29:24 PM
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2022 56,085,033 (9.89% of Float) jonblair77 09/16/2022 04:41:33 PM
I see... No change boobb2 09/16/2022 03:31:02 PM
The website is back up! jonblair77 09/16/2022 02:46:25 PM
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