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VMC Motherboard UNDER $0.25      The purpose of this board is to bring forward companies that trade under $0.25 that have been profitable under the same rules as VMV Microcaps Motherboard.. Posts are to be made about stocks and thier value as an Investment and not thier not thier tic by tic movements or other influences on the trading of that stock.. PLEASE when posting on any company include the SYMBOL .. and current price in the header so finding back posts will be easier using the board search option..
PLEASE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING... To be added to the board.. Remember a company must have earnings.. hank


Company Name,, Symbol,, Price..
Company Chart..
Company Website..

Company Discription..
Balance Sheet
Contact along with Title and Telephone number..

Shares outstanding.. A/O date..
Shares outstanding fully diluted.. This number must verifiable thru filings or Press Releases that state there is no debt outstanding that is Conv.. ..

Insider transactions..
Insider holdings..

10Q & 10K links for the past year..

Press releases for the past year..

Only stocks that have posted earnings for the most recent quarter, or more earnings than losses for the previous 2, 3 or 4 quarters are appropriate stocks for this board. The word "value" implies earnings.

Quarterly reporting is required in order to qualify for this board. If a stock fails to report and is delisted, it no longer qualifies.

 Resistance levels may/should  be discussed as well as price targets and any guidance of   future earnings and product development..  Charts are encouraged when posting on any company.. DD posted should include links to information on the company and the posting of the website of the company mentioned ...

This board is all about DD.. SYMBOLS  will be maintained and posted on the sticky notes for one year of all company's that have had DD posted on this board along with the first price posted.. When a stock is posted on the first time DD is required before any other posts may be made on that company..

As this is a premiumn board the use of all posts made on any company is an option that may/will be used in future DD of any company mentioned.. Same rules for posting as VMC Motherboard,, except stocks must be under $0.25 when first posted.. Posting about stocks that mentioned on this board trading above $0.25 are expected,,  if that stock was first mentioned below $0.25..  That is validation of the value of posting on this board and the VALUE of proper DD..

Value Microcaps is an IHub Premium board. You must be a premium member to post, however everyone is welcome to read.

We strongly encourage all free members to become premium. The cost is only $7.50/month on an annual basis. The benefits are enormous.                                               




Value Microcaps is dedicated to finding profitable, low p/e, value stocks. Although our title would suggest a limit on market cap or stock price, we are primarily looking for the "Value" proposition and buy some stocks that are bigger. We avoid story stocks with no revenues or earnings. We do look for turnaround situations where companies have posted a profitable qtr and have indicated in their guidance that additional profits are imminent.

Only stocks that have posted earnings for the most recent quarter, or more earnings than losses for the previous 2, 3 or 4 quarters are appropriate stocks for this board. The word "value" implies earnings.

Quarterly reporting is required in order to qualify for this board. If a stock fails to report and is delisted, it no longer qualifies.

  Here are some free resources that are available to perform basic DD on your stocks:  SEC filings: US Corporations

By ticker symbol:

By full text search:

SEDAR filings: Canadian corporations Insider filings for Canadian public companies

EARNINGS register and setup your preference for earnings

Gold Info


Stock Quotes/Info register for demo and get free streaming quotes!


Directory of Financial Info

Energy Info Weekly Ngas Storage Report


VMC Portfolio This board is a reference board for SSK's VMC 100 portfolio. The stocks in it change several times a year to better represent what VMC'ers are focusing on. The value standards always apply.

VMC Free-For-All This is a board for stocks that aren't profitable yet or have high p/e and don't fit the Value Microcap formula. They should be stocks that have good to great potential and could potentially change your zipcode! Still a great place to discuss stocks but more open in format.

Value Microcaps DD We use this board to post semi permanent DD on our favorite stocks. You can post a shorter post on Value Microcaps but then post more detailed analysis on Value Microcaps DD and then refer anyone with interest to the longer post. Due to the smaller volume, it should be easily accessible and prevent the need for repetitive posts asking for basic info.

Mid Cap and Large Cap This board is for stocks that are larger than microcaps yet have similar value characterstics of the Value Microcap board.

VMC Survey Board This board is for a discussion of politics, religion and assorted other nonstock, potentially inflammatory issues.

VMC Junior Energy Looking for smaller energy stocks that have near term cashflow and profit potential. Many are Canadian stocks.

VMC Junior Miners Looking for mining stocks that have near term cashflow and high upside potential.

VMC Food and Agriculture Looking for stocks that benefit from the global need to grow more food and biofuel feedstock. Increased wealth and population in BRIC countries as well as global climate change is creating a worldwide shortage in certain food and fertilizers.


Additional Charts:




DD Workups needed:
GAMR.. $0.25
UDHI,, $0.03
CONX,, $0.14,,
GLXZ,, $0.1628,,
CCNI,, $0.2101,,
USNU,, $0.09..

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