e-oreGet in early, get out early. Take profits

e-ore Get in early, get out early. Take profits

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Age: 67
Location: NYC area, Palm Springs, CA area, or on the road.
Investment Philosophy: Trade short term on news or momentum
Recognize pumps/promotions early, get in early, sell early. Pass if they've already made a big move, there will be another soon.
Buy and hold companies with unnoticed/unannounced changes, sell some or all when the news comes out.
Occupation: Retired from a career in the service end of the recreational boating industry.
Hobby: Let's play some golf
Favorite Quote: "An empty barrel makes the most noise" Chuck Noll

"If you want to make money at poker it helps to have people at the table who don't know how to play." (unknown)
True of the pennies, as well, so learn!
Favorite Artist: Norman Rockwell
Marshall Tucker Band
Default Signature: It's nice to have a lot of horsepower in the engine room but you need some in the wheelhouse too.