ChartmasterBuying low, Selling High

Chartmaster Buying low, Selling High

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Age: 53
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Investment Philosophy: My trading career started in the 1980's with mutual funds, then in 1988 when I first got cable TV before there was CNBC I would watch FNN and I would use VCR's to record the commodity quotes every 10 minutes and then play back the quotes and hand plot them on to graph paper, then update the daily bar charts by hand with a subscription to "Futures Charts"(See gold chart from the 90's below $400 oz)
Occupation: Swing trader, and internet sales
Hobby: Playing, buying, selling electric guitars
Favorite Quote: Discipline Trumps Conviction, what does that mean? IMO It means that my disciplined chart signals, are much better than an emotional conviction, no matter how convinced you are that a stock pick is gonna make you rich! Remember Price is Truth.

Another quote I created is "When Music is Playing, it's a Time when the Battle between Good and Evil rests".
Person I'd Like to Meet: Jesus Christ
Favorite Movie: Evil Dead part 2 (Not many know "Army of Darkness" is actually Evil Dead part 3)
Favorite Artist: Black Sabbath
Default Signature: Buy and sell at your own risk, I am not a financial advisor, all my posts are for entertainment only, enter at your own risk!