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eSports: The competitive play of video games.

Gamers hungry for fame have always tried their hardest to beat the highscore, they are constantly looking for competition

and clash against one another, increasingly surpassing their limits. With the help of the Internet, unaffected by

geographical boundaries, esports has experienced a massive boom and keeps impressing teenagers and adults alike on a

worldwide scale.


The eSports market is booming, with reportedly more than 71 million people watching competitive gaming last year.

SuperData, a provider of market information on digital gaming, estimated that the total viewership of eSports surpassed

71 million people in 2013, doubling year-over-year. Males account for 70 percent of the viewership, according to the report,

with most of the group falling between the ages of 21 and 34.




So… what is eSports?

Also known as electronic gaming or competitive gaming, eSports is the evolution of competitive gaming that transforms

video games into a spectator sport.


Packed stadiums, adoring crowds, pro-level players from around the world, sponsors, agents, event organizers – the thrill

of victory and the sting of defeat: welcome to the world of competitive gaming, known the world over as eSports.


With the rise of popularity in gaming and abundant access to live streaming, it has become possible for thousands of

viewers from around the world to watch pro-players go head-to-head and compete for cash and prizes in live tournaments.


Question is, is there money to be made?


From EA Sports:


“When we’ve just come off franchise reviews I looked at a number of properties that we’re doing that certainly have an

eSports focus to it,” EA boss Andrew Wilson told Red Bull, who sponsor a number of eSports events, and whose product

keeps many gamers from experience that blissful thing we call sleep.


“As a company, we believe this is something that’s going to continue to grow. We have some ready-made franchises for this

in our sports properties, but we also have a number of other franchises that people may not typically think about as eSports

opportunities, but we think there might be an opportunity in the future, so it’s something that you’re going to see more of

from us.”





eSports: Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Clip (HBO)



eSports making stars out of computer gamers







Where to watch games:





Good Gaming Inc is a gateway between rookies and professionals




Why Good Gaming


“GG”, better known in the gaming community as “Good Game.” The virtual sportsmanship handshake of gamers. As Gamers, we all have that dream of playing video games and getting paid to do so, right? Well here at Good-Gaming.com we want to give you that chance, to fulfill that dream. So refine your skill, awaken your untapped potential, and cross the bridge into the realm of Professional eSports.

Our Vision

To fully comprehend our vision of eSports, you have to look at other globally televised and revered sports like football, basketball, or baseball. 63% of Americans watch sports, a large portion of that percentile interact somehow with the aforementioned sports. They go tailgating, congregate at a friends’ houses, and the most important part, they connect with each other, they cheer for their team, get excited, etc. Our vision of eSports is very similar. Every year at Blizzcon and other tournaments, we get together on skype, and cheer for our team, we know many of you do the same. 72% percent of American households play PC or console games, that’s more than the overall average of people who watch professional sports. Why not have a venue, where we can bring all our groups together, where we can all cheer together, where we can all interact no matter where we live. Tune in and cheer for your favorites while you watch some of the very best compete in the “GG eSports arena,” where you decide who is the next big thing! THAT… is our vision at Good Gaming. What’s yours?

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

Are you tired of playing with players that have no idea how to play, or are just straight up bad? Here at Good Gaming, we strive to turn everyone from a noob, to a battle tested veteran! At some point in our gaming career, we have all encountered the infamous noob, scrub, baddie, amateur, whatever word you would want to use to describe someone that is lacking in skill or experience in general. Most of the above are Pros who have yet to realize their greatness! However, in our opinion to be good at anything, you must have the drive to become the best. Without that, you will never reach your goal. Motivation… that’s what it all boils down to. You need motivation to succeed. On top of that you need some general knowledge of whatever game you are playing. Not only do you need to know the skills and abilities of the role you’re trying to master, but also those of your opponents. Becoming good isn’t easy, it takes time. For that you will need patience. In the midst of battle it’s also easy to get distracted, infuriated, and scatter brained. You have to learn how to calm your thoughts. In some cases, it even feels like you can slow down time, precisely choose your abilities, take aim, calmly counteract your opponent, and win the game. This is your awareness, and it will take time to hone that skill, but once you get to that point, it will make everything else come together perfectly. The last three things are less about the game and more about yourself; you must play honorably, be polite and patient even when your teammate makes a mistake, and turn each mistake into a learning experience. Lastly, we possess curiosity and creativity, these are the stepping stones to separating yourself from other gamers. Curiosity makes you want to learn new ways of performing and creativity helps you define those ways. This is real, there is honor and respect in being and becoming a pro gamer, and you are at the right place to learn how to do just that. We see that glory in your eyes, and we can help, but it’s up to you to make it a reality.

Respect can’t be bought, it’s earned.

As you interact with the Good-Gaming website, you will be presented with numerous opportunities to gain GG points and rankings. You gain these perks by participating on the forums, making guides, helping other gamers out, etc. As you journey down the road of competitive gaming, wear your GG rank with pride.

Skill doesn’t improve by itself!

If you ask top tier players how they attained their high rankings… 80% of them will tell you that they got it by playing only one character, after they reached their goals for that one character they gave themselves the freedom to play multiple characters. We suggest this to all of you, that you strive to become a top tier player, choose your role and stick to it. Keep in mind not to focus too hard on rating, focus on improving, rating will follow, and don’t let the losses discourage you, the losses are what help you improve. Once you attain your achievement, you will find that more skilled arena partners will be asking you to run arenas with them, which is a good thing, you always want to be running with new players. Doing so will give you more opportunity, help you find teammates that you manage to sync up with, help you learn new tips and tricks from the more experienced players, the list really goes on and on, so don’t be shy, get out there and show them what you’re made of! The best of the best have failed, but they keep their eye on the prize and learn to be better!

We will provide you with insight from Veterans, you will learn from their mistakes and make less of your own. Failure is not the end, it is a new beginning!

Finding equal minded people who want to scale the ranking system

At Good-Gaming, we want to act as a hub, connecting you to other like-minded gamers. In the past, finding solid teammates was a challenge in itself. It ranged from scouting people by dueling them and watching them duel other people, random mashups of friends and friends of friends, the horrid solo queue scenario, etc. At Good-Gaming, we take the headache out of finding competent and skilled people to play and group with. Everyone tries to be the hero, running in by their lonesome. With nothing but glory in your eyes. Until it’s too late… Learn the importance of teamwork, and the best team strategies. Remember, TEAMWORK! Hold the line, and don’t be a hero! Even if you LOVE working alone, slaying your foes, only worrying how much ammo you have left? Well, let us help your solo play by giving you the best loadouts and set ups.

Why Compete?

Today is your lucky day. Prove your skill and test your metal. We are your bridge you need to cross to get to your “Fame and Glory” of being a Pro eSports Player!


Tournaments are the beating heart of eSports, no matter the game or platform. At Good Gaming we will be hosting tournaments,furnishing the infrastructure to create and host your own tournaments , along with providing sponsorships for multiple teams. As always there will be various cash, merchandise, and other prizes given away at the end of each tournament. So be the first of many amateur gamers to cross into the world of competitive eSports. Are you ready?


Anytime you speak to an avid PvP competitor about PvE, what is the response? Most times, its “I PvP because PvE is too predictable and the rewards are greater, both in education and prominence. At Good Gaming, we intend to break that stereotype. “How?” you ask. We will be holding and facilitating tournaments where players will play against AI controlled opponents and at the same time each other, making for a sort of PvPvE Tournament. We also intend to take the alleged predictability out of the equation by working with the specific game developers to help design altered, and in some cases, new gameplay situations to test players ability to adapt to brand new mechanics. For those concerned about the prestige, the rewards for participation in these tournaments and events will be equally as lucrative as those for the hardcore PvPer. We’re making PvE a truly competitive, spectator sport. Run your fastest raid, kill the most aliens/zombies, Rest up for that endurance race, or bone up on your old school game knowledge for that speed run, and in doing so………. Prepare for Glory!

Why Contribute?

For so long the medium for attaining game knowledge has been minimal, we have homemade Youtube videos, tired forum posts, and lengthy streams. These are a great way to get to know the gamers that you love, but as far as teaching you skill, it lacks substance… Most people that put out content are hardcore gamers, but not many of them are high ranked players. The few that are high ranking, mostly put out montages for entertainment, that don’t really teach you how to play. We catch ourselves watching their videos 20 or 30 times trying to decipher each little move they make in hopes of learning the “secret.” Here at Good Gaming we take pride in choosing the best of the best Diamonds, Challengers, Gladiators, Rank Ones, Grandmasters, Raid Leaders, and Achievement hunters. Whatever competitive game you play or platform you play it on, whatever skill level you are on, whatever trial you’re fighting to overcome, let our contributors break down gameplay and actually show you the REAL secret of becoming a better player, or be the one to show the world how to conquer their tribulation. True veterans know they will never stop learning, but often see lost knowledge as they impart it! Good Gaming provides Veterans with the platform to teach the next pros.

Final Thoughts

The long and short of the aforementioned points is that eSports, by its very definition and nature, require competence and collaboration. We are the key to generating both in an individual. Our video and written guides provide a multitude of ways to learn from the best. Everyone has been on the raid where an individual’s mechanic recognition brings the entire group to multiple wipes and a hefty repair bill. Comparatively there’s the classic Team Deathmatch where you are dumbfounded by a loss with score of 74-75 and you’ve attained a K/D of 5.00,then the scoreboard comes up and the low man has gone 1 and 30. Never a good feeling if it’s you and infuriating if it isn’t. Our aim is to fix both by fixing one. Instill control and give gamers the tools they need to improve the overall community and intelligence level of your average gamer. Only through practice and competition, can you hone your skills! No matter how good you are, if you are not constantly using your skills, you will not get better! There will be various methods to practice and compete, you will never have to stand idle. Lying in the ground is destined for battle fallen, old and weak men. Standing with sword in hand is fated for forceful, agile and courageous men. Ascending the highest peaks to be endowed with such force and courage is for the men of strong will and bravery, that will one day become… Gladiator’s! We all strive to be the best, no matter the medium, it’s in our genes, survival of the fittest, that trait extends throughout every aspect of our life, including the games that we play. Some are born with talent and skill, others have to work for it. It can be exhausting, infuriating, and at times, make us even want to give up. The staff and contributors at Good-Gaming want to help you topple those peaks, we want to help push you out of those ravines that you sometimes fall into, we want to see you succeed. The best part is that once you’ve reached the highest accolades of your level of gaming skill, we also give you the opportunity to make it a career. We will work diligently to facilitate your ascension to the highest social circles and by extension introducing to world champions so your education may continue and perhaps one day, you may walk in their shoes. We want to be your proverbial fast track to the top.

Who owns Good Gaming?

CMG Holdings Inc.


On March 28, 2014, CMG Holdings, Inc. (the “Company” or “CMG”), completed its

acquisition of 100% of the shares of Good Gaming, Inc


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