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10/22/05 1:18 PM

#76925 RE: midastouch017 #76923

i went your way of thinking. these boards? old and new. is that in the ihub tool bar?
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10/22/05 2:38 PM

#77039 RE: midastouch017 #76923

dubi this is what i have been asking about. your are the first to share this.

me: i asked dubi how to do the short cut pasting.

Sent By: midastouch017 Date: 10/22/2005 2:28:42 PM

>> looks neat to the readers <<

Indeed looks elegant, and very is simple to implement.

1/go to the message you want to post, paste its id number.
(eg post number 77038 on BBCMF id-8209131)

2/start with #

3/continue with the word msg

4/continue with -(no spaces)

5/follow with post id number.(not serial board number)


or you can put it in brackets;

Simple, isn't it?

On the constant lookout for the next hidden GEM.

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10/22/05 3:30 PM

#77043 RE: midastouch017 #76923

o.k. instruction in the ibox for your very important short stop stuff.


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10/23/05 12:37 PM

#77068 RE: midastouch017 #76923

o.k. , i'll try for the board stuff. teacher leave them kids alone.

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10/23/05 12:43 PM

#77071 RE: midastouch017 #76923

when i do it in the profile it takes me to the front page of
ihub when i try it in the profile.