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01/13/09 1:33 PM

#3364 RE: fsmith1952 #3363

who knows if they shot anything yet, but there must be plenty to see if they hosted a media speech for a prime minister candidate there just recently.
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01/13/09 2:59 PM

#3368 RE: fsmith1952 #3363

Frank here is what Michel said

Hi Rich,

Thanks for the e-mail.

1- we hired new people lately to increase production but as you know we are still in the startup mode as at the same time we are installing are 2 new OTR
buffers which will be awesome. But at the same time we increase production with our 2 first buffers.

These new buffers are absolutely massive Frank I will try and upload the pics he sent of them being mounted in the plant. My impression is these are much MUCH larger than the previous two which more than doubles output.

Best... Rich
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01/14/09 8:08 AM

#3373 RE: fsmith1952 #3363

(4 BUFFER PICS) MDOR has 4 total buffing machines. All the due dilegence, photos, video feed, and facts are right on the company website. You should always look at this page because they already hinted that the OTR buffing machines are almost completed.[b/] for updates.

These are the 2 OTC Buffers (2 photos)
OTR Buffing Machines Installations Nears Completion
27 Dec 2008, 12:00 AM

These are the 2 Normal Buffing machines in blue

This is the bagging station for the 2 Normal rubber buffing machines above in blue that are up, running, and producing for Magnum

These are rubber buffings filled in 1 ton sacks that Magnum has obviously produced so they are in production and making money, plus much more is coming with 2 OTR buffing machines going online