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06/15/24 5:43 PM

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The new CEO of Ticker $AFFU Affluences Corp / Durham Black Inc Patrick C Shutt is a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in the technology and connectivity industry. Here are some highlights of his business experiences:
• Leadership at Unitas Global: As CEO of Unitas Global, Patrick Shutt was instrumental in growing the company’s annual revenue from $2 million to $81 million. His focus on an innovative connectivity platform model and strategic acquisitions played a key role in this growth.
• Entrepreneurial Ventures: A serial entrepreneur, Shutt has been involved in over $800 million in capital transactions throughout his career. His entrepreneurial spirit and ability to lead capital-intensive projects have marked his career with significant achievements.
• Durham Black Inc Board Member Robert Pollan has Public Company Experience: He has held leadership positions in major public companies such as General Electric, Texas Instruments, GE Capital, and Internet Capital Group, contributing to his extensive experience in the industry.
• IPO and Mergers: As CEO, Co-founder, and Chairman of Universal Access, he grew the company to $144 million in revenue in 5 years and successfully took the company public. He also served as CEO & Vice Chairman at Global Capacity, a company formed by a series of mergers, which was then sold to GTT for $300 million.
• Recent Appointment: Following the transformative merger between Affluence Corporation and Durham Black Inc., Patrick C Shutt has been appointed as the new CEO and Board Director of Durham Black Inc. This position allows him to leverage his extensive experience to lead the company through a pivotal moment in its growth.
Patrick C Shutt’s business experiences reflect a strong track record of leadership, growth, and innovation in the technology and connectivity sectors.