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Fat Thor

05/10/23 3:23 PM

#2943 RE: starkd748 #2942

That will be nice...double bottom established...just needs to stay above 4.40 for the meantime.
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remember my name

06/11/23 4:15 PM

#2947 RE: starkd748 #2942

I have $5 for a breakout to begin . Grwg has been consolidating for a long time. It will need news to breakout or anticipation of goods to come . Well the good news is this week
Cannabis makes a run into the anticipated news to come later this week or next week .
I expect a run starting Wednesday after the fed which has no clue on what he is doing .
I live in New York and I see the recession starting so in my eyes he’s done .
The rich are still spending but the middle has slowed for sure . This leaves the door wide open For stocks to move higher on anticipation new That the fed will have to cut very soon .
Factor orders , Interest rates , credit debt , saving are coming down and finally Ai which sets us up for a 10 year bull run. Ai will create the highest productive starting this month which lower inflation. It’s equal nothing in my life time .
From farm equipment , to emailing ,to security and beyond. This sets up all stocks to move higher as their bottom line improves and margins increase . the stocks with a future story will be the winner. Cannabis , Ai , self driving cars etc .. ) .
I expect Kevin and chuck to bring the vote to the senate sometime next week .
You will start to hear the chatter during this week . The vote will be close and that’s all you need to know . Eventually cannabis safe act will be passed by old school negotiations that take place Behind the scenes .

Curlf Tcnnf will be the winners
Grwg will follow .