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02/17/07 10:32 AM

#696 RE: stevenuc #695

I respect your opinion. I do think you are making a mistake on GLXI though. I have a large position in FCCN that is staying for at least a year. But GLXI is almost like having money in the bank because of the name change and shorting by the MMs. I have 105K in GLXI and I will still be buying up to .25 or so. I have another 4K setting on deck for this. Anything under .20 is a gift right now. I love this play because after being very skeptical at first I jumped in just in time. THe only people holding the bag will be the MMs.
Hope you rethink you position.
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02/17/07 11:14 AM

#699 RE: stevenuc #695

Imo we do have a great board here and i am extremely honored to be a member.That post was great and i am very sure FCCN will get your 5k back gltu