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12/04/19 3:44 PM

#84 RE: Whoisit #83

I'm an unwilling Oxford Club member. In fact I have been informed I am in the Chairman's Circle. Thanks dad? I have a hard time with this being on the OTC and its even worse on the pinks? Seems to me if Samsung wants to take the company to NASD. The would have an IPO for that and let this languish in the pinks. In 6 months this ticker has gone nowhere. IMO just because its an Oxford recco does not make it gold.
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01/03/20 11:44 AM

#87 RE: Whoisit #83

Oxford is not touting either HNHAF or HNHPF. Oxford is actually telling you to buy 2317.TW which trades on the Japanese market. Their reason is because it is much more liquid. When buying HNHPF you are actually buy 2 shares of 2317.TW. The problem I had with buying shares on the Japanese exchange was it cost me $192 to execute the trade. ( I went through Fidelity) I am a happy with the recommendation I am up 19% since the beginning of Oct. Just be aware that trading begins at 8PM EST, so any trade you do today will not get executed until the next day trading in Japan. Also, Oxford claims a 4% dividend, I think that was a distribution for fractional shares created by a stock split. I am up on all Oxford recommendations.