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The last generation of Phil Kueber companies

This is mostly a repost from past research done during the SAEI scam, but I found it interesting going back and reviewing Phil Kueber's involvement in a group of companies used for pump&dumps back in 2009 - early 2010 (information updated and added to some):


OTHER MORE CURRENT COMPANIES THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE CONNECTED TO - Peppers Rock Resources Inc (PEPR)/High Plains Gas(fka Northern Exploration)(HPGS)/American Petro-Hunter (AAPH)/Cheyenne Resources Corp (CYRS):


High Plains Gas (HPGS) (fka Northern Exploration) - (NXPN)

October 29, 2008 - David Naylor (formerly involved in FDEI and CLBN) became the CEO


April 2009 - Steve Lanham shows up as a beneficial owner using his Med Ventures Ltd company (Lanham would soon after be added as a director of the company a position he held until just recently):


Med Ventures Limited 9,000,000 27.08%
c/o St. Georges Trust
27 Reid Street
Hamilton, Bermuda HM 11

Braemar Limited 9,000,000 27.08%
c/o St. Georges Trust
27 Reid Street
Hamilton, Bermuda HM 11

Proof that the company belongs to Steve Lanham

10K filing from July 14, 2010 you get two 27.08% beneficial owners again but this time without the Bermuda address:


Steve Lanham
27,000,000 27.08%
28652 Oso Parkway, Suite D
Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688

Guy Peckham
27,000,000 27.08%
Suite 1104, 699 Jiazhou Road
Shanghai, China 200041

On June 10, 2009 the Adams Ranch property finds another new home - Northern Explorations Ltd. (NXPN) from Dominus Energy - A Swiss company owned by William Scott Marshall (both Dominus Energy and the Adams Ranch will show up again with Pepper Rock):


Geissbacghiweg, GB
6318 Walchwill, Switzerland

On 9/30/10 Northern Exploration Ltd changed it's name to High Plains Gas, Inc.

In June/July 2009 NXPN did a huge promotion focused on the Adams Ranch property as part of a pump and dump


Cheyenne Resources Corp (CYRS)

What is Cheyenne Resources' connection to all this?

They ended up doing a PR for the Adams Ranch property on November 5, 2009 after High Plains Gas (NXPN) finished using it for their pump & dump.

They would get the property from Olaxis Energy Group - same company that would use the property for promotions with American Petro-Hunter (AAPH) and Pepper Rock Corp (PEPR)


Oxalis Energy Group NV SOS formed on 12/19/08 (officer include Phil Kueber and Donald Sullivan)


Like with Pepper Rock, Adams Ranch came into the picture right after a change in CEO. Daniel Motsinger resigned as the CEO of CYRS in late-August 2009 and Thomas J. Cunningham took over as the new CEO.

The company had just recently changed it's name from Atlas Oil and Gas Inc

The Adams Ranch property never made it into an SEC/OTC filing and it was passed on to AAPH the next month (December) from the same company - Olaxis Energy Group.

Daniel Motsinger has an interesting history of his own together with Dominic Martinez, Joe Overcash, Kelli Myers, Steve Mathews, Daniel Starczewski, Frank Morelli, Barbara Morelli, and Angela Martinez. They seem to buy up shells then sell them becoming beneficial owners. That is how Motsinger became CEO of Cheyenne Resources.

More information in this post:




American Petro-Hunter (AAPH)

On July 17, 2009 John Lennon became the new CEO of AAPH


On April 6, 2009 AAPH entered into an agreement with Archer Exploration Inc (a company that had previously entered into agreements with Silver Star Energy and Fidelis)


On June 2, 2009 - John Lennon resigned and Robert McIntosh (formerly involved in FDEI and CLBN) became the new CEO of AAPH. Dan Holladay became a director soon after that.


December of 2009 American Petro-Hunter (AAPH) also entered into some kind of joint venture agreement with Oxalis Energy Group, Inc for the same gas wells (Adams Ranch)



Shortly after that AAPH would do a pump and dump:



Pepper Rock Resources Corp (PERP)/(PEPR)

On 2/5/10 Phil Kueber becomes the CEO of Pepper Rock


It is widely believed that Phil Kueber was planted there by William Scott Marshall




Immediately after becoming the CEO Kueber signs deals with two already familiar companies for two already familiar properties

On February 5, 2010 (same day as Phil Kueber became CEO of Pepper Rock) another joint venture agreement was reached with Dominus Energy (A Swiss Company) for the Manyberries property in Alberta, Canada
Dominus Energy was the group that did an agreement with Northern Exploration for the Adams Ranch. The Manyberries property was already used by Silver Star and PrimeGen Energy.


On February 10, 2010 - 5 days later Pepper Rock signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Oxalis Energy Group Inc (Donald Sullivan and Phil Kueber) for the Adams Ranch Property. The Adams Ranch was already used by High Plains Gas and American Petro-Hunter as well as another company Phil Kueber ran back in 2007 - Riverdale Capital Ltd (RICPD)


Pepper Rock Address:
Contact Info
8200 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA , 90211

The joint ventures would be canceled in May of 2010, but not until after they were used for a paid pump and dump in February of 2010.

The promoter paid for the pump and dump was Eric Van Nguyen


Phil Kueber would later use Van Nguyen's promotional companies again to run pump and dumps on WRIT, CRWV, AMWI, and ABOT.

The beneficial owners list for PEPR at this time has some familiar names from the earlier Adam Ranch pump and dumps:

Naomi Johnson is the wife of William Scott Marshall
Jonathan Marshall is the son of William Scott Marshall
And looking at foot note #7 shows us two more important companies:
Gravhaven Limited
Med Ventures Ltd = Steve Lanham




Riverdale Capital Ltd (RICP)

Riverdale Capital Ltd was formerly 1ST Texas Natural Gas Co., Inc (FTXN), a shell controlled by convicted securities fraudster Jim Dial.

A property controlled by 1st Texas Natural Gas Co. Inc at this time was the Adams Ranch

In May of 2009, Jim Dial dropped out of the picture and Phil Kueber had full control of the FTXN shell:


In August of 2009, Phil Kueber merged his FTXN shell with another entity he controlled called Riverdale Capital Ltd:


The name and symbol of the shell was changed to Riverdale Capital Ltd (RICP) and did a 1:200 reverse split.

The contact information for the shell became:

Riverdale Capital Ltd.
8350 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Tel: 323.556.0780
Fax: 323.556.0601

In September of 2009, Phil Kueber purchased Internet Properties Group, Inc. for 6,430,000 shares of its common stock. Internet Properties Group Inc was a company that Phil Kueber controlled.


Internet Properties Group, Inc would purchase control of Enterprise Domains Inc. on October 1, 2009 which was another company controlled by Phil Kueber.


Phil Kueber then began cashing in on the debts he had arranged with himself in part through the purchase of worthless internet related business entities that he controlled.

960,000,000 common shares were issued on December 23, 2009 for debt repayment and a capital raise (400,000,000 to Phillip Kueber, 400,000,000 to Debbie Smith, 80,000,000 to Qualstar Capital Group and 80,000,000 to Fordee CA Trust).

1,600,000,000 shares were issued half to Phil Kueber and Debbie Smith on December 28, 2009 for debt repayment.

200,000,000 shares were issued to Qualstar Capital Corp. and 200,000,000 to Fordee CA Trust on May 18, 2010 for acquisitions and a proposed capital raise.

On May 5, 2010, Philip Kueber resigned as CEO and appointed William Reininger as acting CEO.

On August 17, 2010, William Reininger, Acting CEO resigned and appointed Carl H. Kruse as sole Director and CEO. Kruse also became the majority shareholder at that time by virtue of a Stock Purchase Agreement with Philip Kueber, resulting in a change of control of the Issuer.

On September 8, 2010 after the share price had been diluted way down, RICP did a 1:10,000 reverse split.


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