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The ONLY support for tendon injuries may help

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The ONLY support for tendon injuries may help you feel better, faster

As your club makes contact with the ball, you know something is wrong. A fiery jolt shoots down your arm. Game over.

What’s worse, this kind of injury is alarmingly common, especially when you’re repeating the same motion over and over again (and with eighteen holes, that’s a lot of repetition!)

If you’re lucky, your doctor will correctly diagnose tendonitis (but all too often, especially if you’re older, he’ll assume it’s a joint problem). He’ll list the usual options: rest, ice, and physical therapy. And last year, he would have been right.

Because, until now, there has literally been nothing—not one single supplement—designed to address tendon health.

But thanks to Dr. Bill Douglass and the dedicated team at Real Advantage Nutrients, you will now have access to an exclusive groundbreaking formula called Ultimate Tendon Support, specifically created to help deal with the unique problem of tendon injuries… from game-ending tennis elbow to horribly painful and terribly common Achilles tendonitis.

Tendon injuries are notoriously tough to heal… without Ultimate Tendon Support.

Tendons have the critical job of connecting muscle to bone. These connective tissues, made up mainly of collagen, normally withstand a lot of tension. Their flexibility helps you move easily. But when they’re injured, the inflammation and weakened condition can lead to a rupture (and, yes, that’s as painful as it sounds).

In fact, when it’s injured, the inside of the tendon begins to break down, essentially turning to jelly—and that can sideline you for nine to twelve months.

What makes tendon injuries nearly impossible to heal is the fact that they aren’t connected to any blood vessels. So products that travel through the bloodstream won’t get to them, at least not directly.

Tendons also heal very slowly, taking even longer as we get older. And if injured tendons don’t heal completely, they can change the way you move… and possibly pave the way for future injuries.

The conventional treatments—which any good doctor will recommend—are rest, ice, and physical therapy, and they seem to take forever.

But now you may be able to speed things up, and get back to golfing (or tennis, or gardening) more quickly with Ultimate Tendon Support. And the initial studies show that this unique formula—which you can only get from Real Advantage Nutrients—may actually support your tendon’s healing process.

Ultimate Tendon Support helps stimulate the healing phase

To fix any tendon injury, you have to address the cause—and that usually means some physical therapy. Now I don’t know about you, but most people start out very diligent with the physical therapy exercises, but after a while they start to slack off. That’s why it’s especially important to speed up the healing process.

During the healing phase (also known as the proliferative stage), the cells in your tendons try to rebuild by producing more structure. This process takes weeks, sometimes longer if the tendon isn’t given enough support.

And that’s where Ultimate Tendon Support comes in (the name says it all!).

This formula shows promise in improving tendon cell proliferation, which means your tendons may be able to repair themselves more quickly. You see, untamed inflammation can work against normal cell activity and breakdown the collagen in your tendons. When normal activity is blocked, your body can’t produce new collagen or extracellular matrix (a critical part of connective tissue) fast enough to make a real difference. Physical therapy can help with that, but it’s usually a very long, slow process.

But add Ultimate Tendon Support into the mix, and your body gets extra help for producing new healthy tendon cells, thanks to its key ingredient, TendoFit ® .

TendoFit improves the recovery process

TendoFit shows promise in doing something that no other remedy can do: Stimulating tendon cell production, so injured tendons can heal more fully and more quickly.

Tendons are made up of specialized cells called tenocytes. Tenocytes are made up mostly of Type I collagen—one of the proprietary ingredients in TendoFit. They need collagen, along with mucopolysaccharides and vitamin C, to remodel the tendon after acute injury. Unfortunately, unchecked inflammation can slow down that process, making healing a very long, slow process.

But TendoFit may be able to help turn things around by supporting the healing process.

In an in vitro study 1 sponsored by the creators of TendoFit, scientists discovered that it had a very strong effect on human tenocyte proliferation. In fact, in just ten days, tenocytes exposed to TendoFit multiplied faster than cells that were exposed to human growth hormone. And scientists confirmed that the cells treated with TendoFit were viable (meaning they worked just like tenocytes should). Those healthy tendon cells also showed large amounts of a substance called endoplasmic reticulum, which is sort of like the cell’s packaging system, and helps the cells stick together.

Now, these cells were exposed to a lot of TendoFit, more than you could take in supplements. But the researchers concluded that TendoFit could be helpful in preventing and healing tendon injuries.

With that amazing success in the lab, the researchers tested TendoFit in people with various tendon injuries… and the results, although preliminary, were truly remarkable.

Clear clinical improvement and significantly greater pain reduction in just three months

When the makers of TendoFit put it to the test in real people with tendon injuries, the results were just as stunning. In just three short months, patients who supplemented with TendoFit enjoyed pain reduction, better quality of life, improved mobility, and were shown to have increased function.

In a groundbreaking study 2 , scientists recruited eighty people with tendon injuries (confirmed by ultrasound) to test TendoFit. The patients were split into four groups of twenty based on their specific injuries: Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow (officially known as epicondylitis), rotator cuff tendonitis (supraspinatus tendonitis), or plantar fasciitis (the bottom of your foot). Then each group of twenty was split in half, where ten patients received 580 mg of the active ingredients in TendoFit every day for three months, and the other ten did not (the control group).

As part of the study, all of the patients received conventional treatment for their injuries, including a full course of physical therapy, enduring between twenty and thirty rehab sessions each.

At the end of the three month study, all of the patients were assessed for quality of life improvement—and the group who had taken TendoFit fared much better in all eight areas, including physical functioning, bodily pain, vitality, and mental health. And that’s only the beginning of how TendoFit helped them.

By the end of the study, the lucky patients in the TendoFit group with plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff tendonitis and Achilles tendonitis also had significantly greater pain reduction than the control group (who only completed the physical therapy portion). What’s more, when these patients were examined by a physiotherapist, those who’d taken TendoFit showed more pronounced improvement.

And a single day’s supply of Ultimate Tendon Support contains the exact same dose used in this study!

The proprietary blend contains just what you need to support tendon health

For healthy tendons, you need three key ingredients—and you’ll find all three in TendoFit (though Ultimate Tendon Support doesn’t stop there).

• Type I collagen

• vitamin C, and

• a proprietary mucopolysaccharide blend

Strong tendons require plenty of collagen—and not just any kind will do. Type I collagen gives your tendons their flexibility and elasticity. Its main function is to offer resistance when your tendons are subjected to force and tension.

The proprietary mucopolysaccharide blend also contributes greatly to healhty tendon tissue. Its key job is to help maintain structural integrity, helping make sure connective tissue forms properly.

Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen formation, and plays a critical role in supporting tendon health, which is why the team at Real Advantage Nutrients added extra vitamin C to the formula.

Extra vitamin C boosts the tendon repair process

You can’t live without vitamin C, and its one of those nutrients that your body just can’t make on its own. And when it comes to tendon repair, your body really needs this vitamin.

For one thing, your body simply cannot make collagen without it—and we know you need plenty of healthy collagen if you need to repair an injured tendon.

And in one animal trial 3 , scientists found that high doses of intravenous vitamin C alone improved the strength of repaired tendon tissue. Researchers studied the effects of vitamin C on rats with ruptured Achilles tendons compared to a control. Their findings were crystal clear.

First, the new-growth collagen fibers were thicker in the rats who got vitamin C than in those who didn’t. By the tenth day, the animals in the vitamin C group were producing substantially more Type I collagen in their ruptured tendons. And by the end of the 21-day study, the repaired tendon tissue in the vitamin C rats looked very much like normal tendon tissue, while the other animals had irregular tissue.

Now that animal trial couldn’t be easily run with people, so the results might not be the same. But vitamin C is well known for its healing and restorative properties, and its role in collagen production is well-documented, making this vitamin the perfect complement to TendoFit in the Ultimate Tendon Support formula.

The ONLY support for tendon injuries is available exclusively from Real Advantage Nutrients

Ultimate Tendon Support is the only formula developed specifically to provide added support in healing tendon injuries. And along with physical therapy, it could help those injuries heal better and faster, so you can get back to doing everything you love to do.

The recommended dose of Ultimate Tendon Support is one caplet taken twice daily.

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