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A few facts and thoughts: medimpact 02/16/22 10:31 AM
The pump is definitely on and I will lakers17 02/12/22 3:32 PM
buy high sell low infunf 12/02/22 11:39 AM
.003 long term share holder 2. Million LINDSAY2010 11/30/22 5:40 AM
.003 2 million let them buy them LINDSAY2010 11/30/22 5:07 AM
What kind of premium did they buy them for? ap17 11/29/22 11:53 PM
Don’t care . As long they file 10k LINDSAY2010 11/29/22 7:50 PM
So no one has a valid US or lakers17 11/29/22 6:01 PM
what is the high volume.?? then no flyboy8 11/29/22 11:04 AM
Don’t care about phone numbers . Hold your LINDSAY2010 11/29/22 8:21 AM
So anyone have a phone number for this lakers17 11/27/22 10:42 PM
2 million shares loaded will pop LINDSAY2010 11/22/22 11:41 AM
Waiting for them buy my shares at .1 LINDSAY2010 11/19/22 1:33 PM
Does anyone has a valid US or European lakers17 11/17/22 1:40 PM
They had a strong Q2 if I remember Ckwilas83 11/16/22 12:36 PM
get ready for disappointment infunf 11/15/22 9:25 PM
Crickets J1989 11/04/22 12:48 PM
Probably not a scam. Just extremely poor lakers17 11/02/22 6:43 PM
Another scam I guess TimeFades 10/31/22 11:23 AM
Has anyone talked to this company? Price lakers17 10/24/22 3:52 PM
Does say: lakers17 10/21/22 2:06 AM
Oh boy a proxy for October 27th lakers17 10/21/22 2:02 AM
No, but got 3 proxys today for a vote. ap17 10/17/22 10:32 PM
This POS is now hitting the .003s at lakers17 10/17/22 6:14 PM
Very True. ALL Management teams know they have IAPT 10/13/22 10:22 AM
UCPA as always is DEAD MONEY as in lakers17 10/13/22 2:15 AM
No one here but us chickens. LOL. Co. ap17 10/12/22 6:57 PM
WHERE IS EVERYONE ????????? ISN'T ANYONE COMMENTING flyboy8 10/12/22 6:50 PM
Save some for long haul flip the rest … J1989 09/28/22 6:23 PM
Good for flipping J1989 09/28/22 6:22 PM
No buyers, no posters, nothing from the company. lakers17 09/28/22 6:01 PM
No more buyers … J1989 09/28/22 12:37 PM
All the past gains and back down were lakers17 09/12/22 8:12 PM
Yeah, I kind of get the feeling there's CapGainsman 09/12/22 8:49 AM
3 million holding . Hmmmmm someday .1 or LINDSAY2010 09/10/22 6:33 PM
Bought 1000000 shares again over the months LINDSAY2010 09/10/22 2:38 PM
i'll be here when you come back. ;) infunf 09/08/22 10:35 AM
You called Making Science? Ckwilas83 09/07/22 10:55 AM
Thanks. I will try. Or is lakers17 09/06/22 5:51 PM
I called, phone rings forever. ap17 09/06/22 5:47 PM
Anyone have a phone number for Making Science, lakers17 09/06/22 3:10 PM
Good question. Not sure if Making Science is Ckwilas83 09/01/22 9:54 AM
Does anyone know what happened to the ucpworld.com website? medimpact 09/01/22 6:11 AM
Sorry I disagree. They all came racing lakers17 08/31/22 3:18 PM
NOPE X2. The last pump here was total ap17 08/31/22 3:15 PM
Every price rise (and then drop) in the lakers17 08/31/22 2:57 PM
Nope, needs more than fins, tons of co.s ap17 08/31/22 2:55 PM
They could just pump the last financials which lakers17 08/31/22 2:50 PM
They would have to make everything up in ap17 08/31/22 2:46 PM
They had a good Q2 and I'm looking Ckwilas83 08/31/22 2:31 PM
Back to DEAD MONEY until someone on social lakers17 08/31/22 2:18 PM
look's like everyone is go on vacation. flyboy8 08/31/22 2:11 PM
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02/16/22 10:31 AM
02/12/22 3:32 PM
12/02/22 11:39 AM
11/30/22 5:40 AM
11/30/22 5:07 AM
11/29/22 7:50 PM
11/29/22 6:01 PM
11/29/22 11:04 AM
11/29/22 8:21 AM
11/27/22 10:42 PM
11/22/22 11:41 AM
11/19/22 1:33 PM
11/17/22 1:40 PM
11/16/22 12:36 PM
11/15/22 9:25 PM
11/04/22 12:48 PM
11/02/22 6:43 PM
10/31/22 11:23 AM
10/24/22 3:52 PM
10/21/22 2:06 AM
10/21/22 2:02 AM
10/17/22 6:14 PM
10/13/22 2:15 AM
09/28/22 6:22 PM
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09/12/22 8:12 PM
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09/10/22 6:33 PM
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09/07/22 10:55 AM
09/06/22 5:51 PM
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08/31/22 3:18 PM
08/31/22 2:57 PM
08/31/22 2:31 PM
08/31/22 2:18 PM

United Communications Partners Inc. (UCPA)

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United Communications Partners, Inc.
An award winning media and advertising network


an exclusive partner agency of Local Planet Media (the $11 billion connection to global brands)

Meet Sweden's Best Media Agency


2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Swedish Media Agency of the Year: Tre Kronor Media



About UCP

United Communications Partners is a communication agency network with an operational focus in Northern Europe. Core competences include performance based marketing, business development and creative deal structuring for clients. The companies in the network work closely with clients to create good business long term.


2010 Revenues: $8.6 million USD
 2011 Revenues: $15.5 million USD
 2012 Revenues: $18.3 million USD
 2013 Revenues: $20.4 million USD
 2014 Revenues: $48.1 million USD
 2015 Revenues: $39.1 million USD
 2016 Revenues: $50.6 million USD

2017 Revenues: $58.8 million USD
2018 Revenues: $66.6 million USD


 Principal Executive Office New York
United Communications Partners Inc.
291 Broadway, Suite 302
New York, NY 10007

Visit: Hovslagergatan 5, Stockholm

Mail: Tre Kronor Media 
PO Box 3061 103 61 Stockholm
Call our office: +46(0)8 660 73 33 or email  info@trekronormedia,se


Share Structure

(as of May 1st 2017) 

Authorized Shares (AS) = 2,000,000,000 shares
Outstanding Shares (OS) = 1,617,887,264 shares
Closely-Held Shares = 1,120,500,182 shares
Float = 318,554,196 shares

No preferred equity, no convertible debt, clean 1 share 1 vote structure.

The company's number of outstanding shares is unchanged since early 2012.
Beneficial owners have steadily increased their stake in own company stock.
In 2016 alone, management acquired 132 million shares of UCPA common equity.



Shareholder Communication


Recent News/Updates

Subsidiaries and Investments

The UCP network consists of the award winning agencies Tre Kronor Media (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, USA), InSight (Norway), Howcom (Sweden, Finland, Germany)


Trekronormedia was founded in 2007 with the strong belief that advertisers would be interested in a media partner that is also a business partner, equally invested in the success of the client's business. Trekronormedia offers a performance based, sales increasing partnership with media services, brand management and advertising in integrated teams. TKM has been appointed Media Agency of the Year in Sweden in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017 has been experiencing exponential growth annually since its inception. In January 2013, TKM Danmark was established as a subsidiary with an office location in Copenhagen (Denmark). In April 2014 Trekronormedia joined Local Planet Media (then known as Columbus Media International) as the exclusive partner agency for the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Local Planet is a global collective of highly successful independent media agencies managing communication needs to clients in 50 markets worldwide and with an annual turnover of over $10 Billion! Also in 2014, Tre Kronor Marketing Ney York was established and the company's executive headquarters moved from Stockholm to New York.


During September 2011, TKM formed a partnership with two experienced Swedish media professionals, Raymond Emtemark and Stefan Zetterberg, both with substantial experience of the Media Agency industry. The new partnership established CCCP Media AB in which TKM holds a non-controlling interest of 33.3%.  CCCP Media AB launched with Gina Tricot AB as their first client - one of the most respected fashion retailers in the Nordics and Northern Germany.  In its brief tenure, CCCP Media has already won several additional accounts. In May 2013, CCCP Media aquired HOWCOM and changed its name to HOWCOM AB. The new company also created HOWCOM Evolution AB, a wholly owned subsidiary, with a focus on research and strategic business development.


InSight A/S is a Norwegian based media agency established in 2009. During 2010 InSight  A/S expanded its business significantly after signing a contract with Reitangruppen - one of the largest retailers in Norway - regarding media strategy, counseling, media purchases and campaign execution. UCP has a 22.4% non-controlling interest in InSight A/S and Niclas Fröberg, the CEO of UCP, has been appointed director of the board of InSight A/S.

UCPA Major Clients

3Kronor Client Wall

In sight Client Wall

HOWCOM Client Wall


Corporate Structure


Board Members


The management team has long experience from having founded, invested in and managed fast growing international companies within the area of marketing, media, advertising and e-commerce.


T. +46 735 050 505
E. niclas@ucpworld.com
Niclas Fröberg was appointed as chief executive officer for UCP on September 20, 2010. Niclas was appointed to the board of directors on March 15, 2011. He began his media career in 1990 at TV3, where he started as responsible for sales in the TV program ‘Wheel of Fortune’ into the Scandinavian market. In 1995, Niclas joined media agency Scandinavian Media Consultant, where he became Chief Executive Officer and later, owner. Four years later, WPP and MindShare acquired Scandinavian Media Consultant. During 1999 to 2006, Niclas worked as Nordic chief executive officer at MindShare leading over 150 people and $250 million media buying. In 2007, Niclas became a co-founder of Tre Kronor Media, a media agency focused on sales and performance-based marketing. Niclas has several times been international/national jury member in awards such as Media Lion Cannes, Guldägget, Dubai Lynx and 100-wattaren. Niclas has a Bachelor’s Degree of Economics and Marketing, from Stockholm University. Niclas presently devotes his full business time to UCP.


T. +46 709 512 999
E. lars.blomberg@bbe.se
Lars is a veteran in the advertising industry. He founded the Swedish advertising agency ’Sexton87′, which was later acquired by Ogilvy & Mather, and then became the Chairman & CEO of Ogilvy Sweden and Ogilvy Nordic, which he headed to become the largest advertising group in the Nordic countries. Lars was also participating in the launch of Mindshare in the Nordic market and was Chairman during 1999-2005. Lars was also on the Board of Directors of the Publ. listed Company Zodiak Television during 2004-2008, among a lot of other Board assignments. After leaving Ogilvy in 2005, Lars started the investment firm BBE Group, who has since then invested in a large number of small companies and start-ups in the Nordic Market. Among other qualifications, Lars brings to the Board executive leadership experience, including wide experiences of corporate mergers and acquisition, along with extensive brand marketing experience.


T. +1 516 640 7297
Kenneth S. Rosenthal has served the marketing and media profession for over 20 years as a successful project leader, business developer and producer of globally strategic marketing campaigns. Having created solid business relationships in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the U.S., Ken brings to the Board a valuable and unique perspective due to his experience in brand marketing, business development and management of international client operations, both from a marketing and legal perspective. His extensive background began at prestigious BBDO Worldwide Advertising working for Fortune 500 clients such as Campbell’s Soup, and later Ralph Lauren and Neutrogena, among others. Ken has a BBA in Banking & Finance and a Juris Doctorate in law. While living in Stockholm Sweden, he became a global business developer, consulting with leading financial services, publishing, and electronics’ clients throughout Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, (including well known Swedish companies SEB Bank, Bonnier Publishing and Skandia Insurance).



T. +47 707 413 663 55
E. anna-karin@darlin.se
The last 13 years Anna-Karin has worked as COO and CFO in the media sector of the advertising industry in the Nordics. During this period Anna-Karin was also on the board of directors in several companies in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Since 2008 Anna-Karin has worked as CFO of GroupM Norway group, owned by WPP Plc, consisting of 6 legal entities and over 200 employees. Before entering the media sector Anna-Karin was the CFO of Apollo Resor AB, one of the three largest travel agents in Sweden at that time and the only one owning its own airliner. Anna-Karin started her working life in the real estate and housing market, and within that field has worked both for the Swedish government and private companies in Sweden. Anna-Karin has long experience of mergers and acquisitions, business development and change management in organizations. She has expertise within business process improvements and developing ERP systems. She brings these insights and her key competence within financial and investment analysis, cash management, contract compliance, corporate tax and financial reporting to the Board of directors.


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