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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
FOYJ  Foy-Johnston0.00040.00.00%   02/21/2021
GMEV  GME Innotainment Inc.0.0050.00048.70%   02/21/2021
BYOC  Beyond Commerce INC0.002-0.0001-4.76%   02/21/2021
ICLD  InterCloud Systems Inc.0.00230.00014.55%   02/21/2021
AAGC  All American Gold Corp.0.0051-0.0004-7.27%   11/23/2020
ABCE  ABCO Energy Inc.   11/23/2020
ADHC  American Diversified Holdings, Inc.0.0138-0.0002-1.43%   11/23/2020
BIEL  Bioelectronics Corp.0.00320.00.00%   11/23/2020
BMIX  Brazil Minerals Inc.0.0155-0.00105-6.34%   11/23/2020
CBTC  XTRA Bitcoin Inc.0.0069-0.0006-8.00%   11/23/2020
CELZ  Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc.0.034-0.004-10.53%   11/23/2020
DIGAF  Digatrade Financial Corp.0.00515-0.00015-2.83%   11/23/2020
DNAX  DNA Brands Inc.0.57505-0.00455-0.79%   11/23/2020
EGOC  Energy 1 Corporation0.00550.00.00%   11/23/2020
FHBC  Fernhill Beverage Inc.0.00140.00.00%   11/23/2020
GLCO  Global Links Corp0.00319-0.00021-6.18%   11/23/2020
GTEH  GenTech Holdings Inc.0.00175-0.00005-2.78%   11/23/2020
INKW  Greene Concepts, Inc.0.01905-0.00235-10.98%   11/23/2020
SBES  South Beach Spirits Inc.0.002990.000144.91%   11/23/2020
UNGS  Sylios Corp.0.00130.00.00%   11/23/2020
WOGI  World Oil Group Inc.0.0649-0.0031-4.56%   11/23/2020
VRUS  Verus International Inc.0.2050.0115.67%   11/23/2020
VNUE  VNUE Inc.0.0185-0.001-5.13%   11/23/2020
TSPG  TGI Solar Power Group, Inc.0.010650.000757.58%   11/23/2020
STWC  STWC Holdings Inc.0.0034-0.0001-2.86%   11/23/2020
SSOK  Sunstock, Inc.0.003-0.0001-3.23%   11/23/2020
SGMD  Sugarmade, Inc.0.0023-0.0002-8.00%   11/23/2020
VXIT  VirExit Technologies Inc.0.02980.007634.23%   11/23/2020
PPCB  Propanc Biopharma Inc.0.165-0.01-5.71%   11/23/2020
MSRT  MassRoots, Inc.0.022-0.0015-6.38%   11/23/2020
MSMY  MC Endeavors0.01355-0.00115-7.82%   11/23/2020
MLFB  Major League Football, Inc.0.0164-0.0001-0.61%   11/23/2020
MCOA  Marijuana Company of America Inc.0.00605-0.00015-2.42%   11/23/2020
LIGA  LIG assets0.00580.000816.00%   11/23/2020
LEAS  Strategic Asset Leasing Inc.0.0016-0.0001-5.88%   11/23/2020
LBSR  Liberty Star Uranium and Metals Corp.0.9-0.05-5.26%   11/23/2020
KPAY  KinerjaPay Corp.0.0021-0.00005-2.33%   11/23/2020
INQD  Indoor Harvest Corp0.01030.00.00%   11/23/2020
IGPK  Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc.0.005-0.0004-7.41%   11/23/2020
HMPQ  HempAmericana, Inc.0.0060.00047.14%   11/23/2020
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