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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
UMFG  UMF Group Inc.0.095-0.0189-16.59%   02/14/2018
EMAV  EMAV Holdings Inc.0.00770.00.00%   02/14/2018
CYNS  Cygnus Oil and Gas Corp.0.0010.00.00%   02/12/2018
CVOVQ  Cenveo Inc.  02/02/2018
ACTA  Actua Corporation0.850.03013.67%   02/02/2018
BCII  Blockchain Industries Inc.11.00.353.29%   01/18/2018
ACB  Aurora Cannabis  01/15/2018
DTST  Data Storage Corporation0.14-0.015-9.68%   01/12/2018
ADOM  Adomani1.4-0.05-3.45%   01/06/2018
TRTC  Terra Tech Corp.0.2742-0.0103-3.62%   01/04/2018
MYHI  Mountain High Acquisitions Corp.0.0980.00050.51%   01/02/2018
IVDA  Iveda Solutions, Inc.0.0710.0069.23%   12/31/2017
ALES  Evans Brewing Co Inc.3.50.0541.57%   12/31/2017
RMHB  Rocky Mountain High Brands Inc.0.017-0.0005-2.86%   12/19/2017
DNAD  DNA Dynamics, Inc0.00680.0013524.77%   12/19/2017
KAST  Kasten Inc.0.0380.00.00%   12/19/2017
FUAPF  Global Cannabis Applications Corp.0.2968-0.0172-5.48%   12/18/2017
GCCO  Garden City Company984.75-11.25-1.13%   12/16/2017
DAVC  Darkstar Ventures Inc0.0380.00.00%   12/15/2017
INTV  Integrated Ventures Inc.1.55-0.19-10.92%   12/15/2017
EPAZ  Epazz Inc.0.135-0.0002-0.15%   12/15/2017
XFTB  Xfit Brands0.0095-0.0085-47.22%   12/15/2017
RCGR  Rich Cigar, Inc.0.42033-0.01967-4.47%   12/14/2017
BTCY  Biotricity Inc.4.08-0.03-0.73%   12/14/2017
MNGA  MAGNEGAS CORP1.31-0.03-2.24%   12/14/2017
YTEN  Yield 10 Bioscience1.630.16.54%   12/14/2017
GEN  Genesis Healthcare, Inc.1.390.2117.80%   12/11/2017
PEKND  Perkins Oil & Gas Inc.   12/11/2017
PPCB  Propanc Biopharma Inc.0.12-0.005-4.00%   12/11/2017
GLBR  Global Brokerage Inc.0.34-0.01-2.86%   12/06/2017
CDXI  Cardax Inc.0.19010.00.00%   12/06/2017
HMNY  Helios and Matheson Information Technology Inc.4.74-0.32-6.32%   12/05/2017
AKER  Akers Biosciences Inc.0.39980.00581.47%   12/05/2017
CUR  Neuralstem Inc.1.630.16.54%   12/05/2017
APH  Amphenol Corporation89.990.850.95%   12/05/2017
HIP  Newstrike Resources Ltd.  12/05/2017
EMMBF  Emblem Corp.1.2557-0.0143-1.13%   12/05/2017
WINS  Wins Finance Holdings Inc.139.00010.00.00%   12/05/2017
EMHTF  Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc.4.388-0.2988-6.38%   12/04/2017
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