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MDM Permian, Inc.


The MDM Permian, Inc. business model is not a new concept. This business plan has been highly successful for numerous companies engaged in the Permian Basin.

1. Initiate a geological workup and collection of existing data available within a promising area of the Permian Basin.

2. Conduct a mineral examination of the public record and determine the mineral owners.

3. Obtain favorable oil and gas leases in the area of concern.

4. Conduct new scientific surveys to help ascertain strategic locations for drilling and proving of reservoirs.

5. Strategically drill new wells.

6. Re-enter select plugged historic wells for scientific data collection.

7. Sell the prospect to a production company.

8. Replicate procedure.

MDM Permian, LLC was registered in Texas in 2017 by Mr. Michael L. Rafael. The primary objective of the company is to build value in the Permian Basin of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. This will be accomplished through strategic lease acquisition, drilling and producing oil and natural gas, purchase of existing production, re-working old oilfields for overlooked reserves, and waterflooding energy depleted zones. MDM Energy, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary operating company of MDM Permian. MDM Energy, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Texas in 1981. The company has drilled over 125 wells in the Illinois Basin over the last decade and had been involved in all aspects of oil and gas development in the basin for over 35 years. As founder and President, Michael L. Rafael has led the company since inception and takes an active, hands on approach to the business. Mr. Rafael has been directly involved with the drilling and or completion of over 350 oil and gas wells in Illinois, Kentucky and Texas.


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Contact Info
14275 Midway Rd. Suite 220
Addison, TX 75001
Phone: (214) 651-9900

8:10:21 "

Audit Services

MDM Permian, Inc. is in the final stages of our audit being performed by M&K CPA’s, Houston, Texas (performing both Tax and Audit services). They will be doing Federal tax returns for both MDM Permian, Inc. and MDM Energy, Inc. They are also performing an audit looking back 2 years that will allow for the company to move to QB. M&K is a PCAOB Registered Firm and can be found at"


3/31/22: “We are excited about the progress we made over the last year.” states Mr. Michael Rafael, President of MDM Energy, Inc. “The company raised a considerable amount of money to fund operations, purchase production, enter rebranding and marketing agreements in preparation for a much larger funding effort for 2022.” MDM Permian, Inc. has also engaged M&K CPAs to conduct an audit that is expected to be completed in April of this year. “Once we have our audited financials, we will apply to up-list to QB status and become fully reporting.”

9/1/22: "WE continue to work diligently with the auditors to get the final audit letter. Once received, we can then immediately file for up listing to QB. We will also have our attorneys finalize the application for the Reg A offering and submit to the SEC. for approval."

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