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MaxPowerLove$Ihub  Gamblers, risk takers...want to make 5x-50x bagga? Then follow me! Mark me! Thanks!

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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
KGRI  Kiley Group, Inc.0.00010.00.00%   08/23/2012
My KGRI Pitch: "KGRI: Will be a 10x-30x+ bagga~ Could be the next DUTV!!!"
HIRU  Hiru Corporation0.00060.00.00%   05/04/2011
HHGI  Hawaiian Hospitality Group, Inc.0.0270.00.00%   04/19/2011
  Juniper Group Inc. (fka JUNP)  04/19/2011
INKW  Greene Concepts, Inc.0.00285-0.000125-4.20%   04/19/2011
WSRC  Western Sierra Resource Corp.0.00840.001420.00%   04/13/2011
TYTN  Tytan Holdings Inc.0.0050.00.00%   04/11/2011
APCX  AppTech Corp0.130.00.00%   04/11/2011
  Safeguard Security Holding (fka SSHSQ)  04/11/2011
KNSC  Kenergy Scientific Inc.0.0001-0.0001-50.00%   03/05/2011
CBDL  CBD Life Sciences Inc.0.0026-0.0005-16.13%   01/27/2011
GOIG  GoIP Global, Inc.0.000750.0001525.00%   01/26/2011
ICOA  Icoa, Inc.0.00010.0000466.67%   01/17/2011
EMLL  El Maniel International, Inc.0.000010.00.00%   01/17/2011
TSNP  Tesoro Enterprises, Inc0.0000010.00.00%   01/17/2011
RIGH  Rightsmile, Inc.0.00010.00.00%   01/06/2011
PCLI  Protocall Technologies0.0003-0.0001-25.00%   01/06/2011
SEEK  TheDirectory.com, Inc.0.000050.00.00%   01/06/2011
SNRS  Sunrise Consulting Group Inc0.00010.00.00%   12/16/2010
MNDP  Mundus Group, Inc.0.00010.00.00%   12/16/2010
PAOG  PAO Group Inc.0.0005-0.0002-28.57%   10/28/2010
  Heathrow Nat. Food and Bev Inc. (fka HRNF)  10/28/2010
JMON  James Monroe Capital Corp0.0001-0.00004-28.57%   10/28/2010
  EP Global Communications, Inc. (fka EPGL)  10/26/2010
ABVG  Affinity Beverage Group Inc.000.00%   10/22/2010
  Artfest International, Inc (fka ARTS)  09/29/2010
  International Building Technologies Group, Inc.(fka INBG)  09/21/2010
ELCR  Electric Car Company, Inc.0.0000010.00.00%   09/21/2010
ZICX  Zicix Corp.0.0120.00.00%   09/21/2010
ENTI  Encounter Development Technologies Inc.0.00010.00.00%   09/21/2010
LCRE  Lecere Corporation0.0000010.00.00%   09/21/2010
  International Aerospace Enterprises, Inc.(fka IARO)  09/21/2010
SMPP  Strategic Management & Opportunity Corp.   09/14/2010
SYNJ  Day Tradexchange Inc.0.0020.00.00%   09/14/2010
NWTT  NW Tech Capital, Inc.0.00010.00.00%   09/11/2010
ARSC  American Security Resources Corp.0.0025-0.0005-16.67%   09/05/2010
GBOE  Geobio Energy0.00060.00.00%   08/15/2010
  Fortress Financial Group (fka FFGO)  08/15/2010
COOP  Mr. Cooper Group, Inc.12.550.221.78%   08/15/2010
IKTO  iTokk, Inc.0.0004-0.0002-33.33%   08/15/2010
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