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Has it started yet? All I'm hearing is Lightwave Logic, Inc (LWLG) 05/16/2019 01:21:05 PM
Lol I think alot of US investors are HMUS (tsx:HMUS) 05/15/2019 05:28:41 PM
New acquisition Growgeneration Corp. (GRWG) 05/15/2019 02:13:02 AM
NEW YORK and TORONTO, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc (ITHUF) 05/14/2019 05:47:54 PM
Still waiting for this to be available in HMUS (tsx:HMUS) 05/09/2019 06:33:27 PM
This is probably the biggest news that came Growgeneration Corp. (GRWG) 05/08/2019 02:29:17 AM
Someone please hold me and tell me everything Lightwave Logic, Inc (LWLG) 05/03/2019 05:18:29 PM
How much longer do we need to wait!? Lightwave Logic, Inc (LWLG) 04/19/2019 04:22:42 PM
Financials next week! MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPXEF) 11/21/2018 05:55:38 PM
I see. You are the one who introduced Growgeneration Corp. (GRWG) 11/19/2018 10:11:05 AM
Welcome back 1990! I was wondering if you Growgeneration Corp. (GRWG) 11/18/2018 09:49:20 PM
Very informative, thanks! Any Lithium or Cobalt mining Excelsior Mining Corp. (EXMGF) 11/16/2018 12:17:11 PM
Look, two people from the MPX management team MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPXEF) 11/14/2018 07:05:57 PM
Just thought I'd share this little video I Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc. (CWBHF) 11/12/2018 06:23:19 PM
I'm not sure. I pulled that date from MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPXEF) 11/12/2018 11:26:09 AM
Around 11/29. MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPXEF) 11/12/2018 10:18:52 AM
Cool, thanks for the answers from both of you. CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 11/10/2018 08:16:43 PM
Curious question: do any consumers even know what CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 11/10/2018 07:26:50 PM
Yeah I believe the expectations are $20m+. I Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc. (CWBHF) 11/09/2018 03:31:13 PM
It's all good. Financials at the end of Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc. (CWBHF) 11/09/2018 02:46:30 PM
https://www.juniorminingnetwork.com/junior-miner-news/press-releases/831-tsx-ven Mason Graphite Inc. (TSXV:LLG) (MGPHF) 11/09/2018 12:19:14 PM
$8.4 million quarterly revenue https://www.newcannabisventures.com/growgenerati Growgeneration Corp. (GRWG) 11/09/2018 11:56:43 AM
Does this have any significance in TA? Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc. (CWBHF) 11/08/2018 11:50:42 PM
Is there some kind of law that states MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPXEF) 11/08/2018 05:40:35 PM
I'd like to see something official stating that MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPXEF) 11/08/2018 01:09:33 AM
They absolutely will count for MPX International shares MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPXEF) 11/07/2018 08:50:07 PM
Financials this Friday https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/growgene Growgeneration Corp. (GRWG) 11/06/2018 06:03:01 PM
I have GWPH in my IRA :) GW Pharmaceuticals Plc ADS (GWPH) 11/05/2018 11:16:16 PM
Yeah I think we are going to see Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc. (CWBHF) 11/02/2018 10:46:18 AM
What an excellent move, congrats! Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc. (CWBHF) 11/01/2018 01:51:27 PM
It's tough to see drops like this... Just Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc. (CWBHF) 10/30/2018 12:53:04 PM
Whoa... this is an absolute steal at these Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc. (CWBHF) 10/29/2018 04:58:01 PM
I agree. Great discoveries/developments normally happen simultaneously, like Lightwave Logic, Inc (LWLG) 10/28/2018 12:45:35 PM
What does he mean by node? Lightwave Logic, Inc (LWLG) 10/26/2018 08:30:00 PM
Wow! Thanks for your contributions as always. You Excelsior Mining Corp. (EXMGF) 10/26/2018 12:14:35 PM
Would you say we are right on track Excelsior Mining Corp. (EXMGF) 10/26/2018 12:11:08 PM
Nobody knows. It all depends on what the MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPXEF) 10/24/2018 03:05:11 PM
Well I see most of them compare this Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc. (CWBHF) 10/23/2018 08:23:37 PM
Greenwillow, we are so early to the party. MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPXEF) 10/23/2018 08:21:12 PM
Man, things sure are heating up. MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPXEF) 10/23/2018 04:43:54 PM

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