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Posts by ABBAZABBABoardDate/Time
Everyone ready? SOS Limited (SOS) 05/27/2021 09:15:35 AM
In other LNG news (don’t all the top The Globe Inc. (TGLO) 05/27/2021 09:00:01 AM
NOD! Hahahaha. Today is telling. Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc. (LVCA) 04/29/2021 03:09:21 PM
Agree! The beginning. Go LVCA. https://youtu.be/eNezjILdIns Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc. (LVCA) 04/13/2021 09:25:38 AM
How we doing over here? ;) Going to be Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc. (LVCA) 04/13/2021 09:14:10 AM
Looking good! ;) Go ALTD. Fun fun! Altitude International, Inc. (ALTD) 04/13/2021 09:08:57 AM
Sit back grab your favorite drink, enjoy spring Mace Security International Inc (MACE) 04/06/2021 07:43:37 PM
So .30(s) then are .72 now? Odd. Hahahahahah. Mace Security International Inc (MACE) 04/06/2021 07:39:49 PM
I know!!!! And I smiling the whole time! Altitude International, Inc. (ALTD) 02/12/2021 07:41:47 PM
Wakey wakey I was first and never left! Altitude International, Inc. (ALTD) 02/12/2021 07:18:32 PM
LUCID MOTORS, yes please!!!! Go CCIV! Churchill Capital Corp IV (CCIV) 02/12/2021 06:25:16 PM
I was right again? Who would have guessed. Altitude International, Inc. (ALTD) 02/12/2021 06:05:51 PM
And it’s awesome!!!!!! Go TGLO! It’s coming!!!!!!! The Globe Inc. (TGLO) 02/12/2021 03:34:51 PM
This is looking more and more interesting every Bally Corp (BLYQ) 02/11/2021 11:31:04 PM
Has the fun started? Hope all is well. Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc. (LVCA) 02/11/2021 11:27:13 PM
Love it friend! This has been a fun Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc (LGND) 01/28/2021 09:47:45 PM
LGNDZ - Oh yeah its right here. https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.a Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc (LGND) 01/28/2021 05:39:25 PM
LGNDZ - Oh yeah its right here. https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=15479 Surfin and Janet''s (FUN) Stock Picks 01/28/2021 05:37:49 PM
It’s going to get hot in here on Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc (LGND) 01/28/2021 05:03:07 PM
Winning and the shorts about to get destroyed Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc (LGND) 01/28/2021 04:40:00 PM
So LGND is the second most shorted company Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc (LGND) 01/28/2021 04:38:53 PM
June 6, 2020: “Just wished I bought more Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc (LGND) 01/28/2021 04:37:22 PM
Lol. Too funny. The mace stuff is poppin Mace Security International Inc (MACE) 10/08/2020 09:52:36 AM
Exciting. It’s nice to see forward actions. Go LVCA. Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc. (LVCA) 10/05/2020 10:51:22 AM
Yep. All good. One thing is for sure Mace Security International Inc (MACE) 09/30/2020 06:30:05 PM
Wow interesting. Corporate America has lost its mind. Mace Security International Inc (MACE) 09/30/2020 05:35:45 PM
Nice volume here today. Let’s hope it continues. Go ALTD. Altitude International, Inc. (ALTD) 09/30/2020 10:14:55 AM
Thank you for these updates. Great info. Go MACE. Mace Security International Inc (MACE) 09/29/2020 10:10:39 AM
Slow and steady rise. Excited to see the Mace Security International Inc (MACE) 09/28/2020 11:25:57 AM
One thing is for sure, BS matter zero Sector 10, Inc. (SECI) 09/24/2020 02:17:54 PM
Hahaha sure sure. The only question is why Sector 10, Inc. (SECI) 09/24/2020 02:06:06 PM
It’s so funny. How much more defense will Sector 10, Inc. (SECI) 09/24/2020 02:00:56 PM
Oh and help with this. If the named Sector 10, Inc. (SECI) 09/24/2020 09:24:29 AM
Lol. It’s so funny. Is the SEC going Sector 10, Inc. (SECI) 09/24/2020 09:21:20 AM
Please help. I can’t find any patents registered Sector 10, Inc. (SECI) 09/22/2020 04:35:56 PM
This is so funny. The judge is actually Sector 10, Inc. (SECI) 09/22/2020 02:26:37 PM
This sounds like what the state of Nevada Sector 10, Inc. (SECI) 09/22/2020 02:18:22 PM
Great find. Here is another great find. Sector 10, Inc. (SECI) 09/22/2020 01:47:52 PM
This is so funny it hurts. Is this Sector 10, Inc. (SECI) 09/22/2020 01:41:15 PM
If the “well respected” Dutro’s are innocent, why Sector 10, Inc. (SECI) 09/22/2020 12:48:57 PM

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