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Wow Susie did that take you long to Simply Politics 01/10/2007 02:47:25 PM
"It is impossible to ignore the extent to Simply Politics 01/10/2007 02:45:33 PM
Ahh Fraud again yet another romanticist. Well then Simply Politics 01/10/2007 02:40:31 PM
What you wanna piece o me!! ;O)~ Simply Politics 01/10/2007 02:00:52 PM
Geeze how many time did I misspell Noble? Simply Politics 01/10/2007 01:59:15 PM
Sorry Zoro I really didn't mean to direct Simply Politics 01/10/2007 01:47:22 PM
I'm sick of hearing how we destroyed the Simply Politics 01/10/2007 12:00:41 PM
Not true. The Jewish people were simply scattered Simply Politics 01/10/2007 11:42:59 AM
Had to let my salesman go.... BLAME SUSIE!!!!!!!!! 01/10/2007 11:37:34 AM
By Donna Leinwand, USA TODAY Simply Politics 01/09/2007 11:46:40 PM
Olmert Admits That Lebanon, Gaza Pullouts Didn't Work Simply Politics 01/09/2007 11:38:28 PM
Will Israel strike Iran? Take the poll.. Simply Politics 01/09/2007 11:28:02 PM
It sure does. Simply Politics 01/09/2007 01:12:39 PM
This is where you slip from scientific method Simply Politics 01/09/2007 01:09:55 PM
Once again with the psychobabble... Simply Politics 01/09/2007 01:03:32 PM
Before I answer, where are you going with this? Simply Politics 01/09/2007 12:42:09 PM
Absolutely. When the two haploids combine ,"A basic Simply Politics 01/09/2007 12:41:34 PM
Apples and oranges. Simply Politics 01/09/2007 12:38:50 PM
I don't understand your post. Simply Politics 01/09/2007 12:22:48 PM
Ok finally... Simply Politics 01/09/2007 12:02:14 PM
Stop dancing around the issue.. You claim the Simply Politics 01/09/2007 11:48:30 AM
"Apparently you confuse religion with spirituality." Simply Politics 01/09/2007 11:31:41 AM
Go shoot your bb gun Simply Politics 01/08/2007 09:04:51 PM
Agreed Simply Politics 01/08/2007 08:37:09 PM
Nature, 394(6691):313, 23 July 1998 Simply Politics 01/08/2007 06:24:08 PM
" Despite such affirmations, however, 55% of scientists Simply Politics 01/08/2007 06:22:22 PM
" Brights constitute 60% of American scientists, and Simply Politics 01/08/2007 06:21:15 PM
Most scientists are atheists Simply Politics 01/08/2007 06:21:04 PM
Iraq in the 80's bud Simply Politics 01/08/2007 05:37:15 PM
The BLU-82 was originally designed to clear helicopter Zeev's Turnips Talk Politics (ZTTP) 01/08/2007 05:29:34 PM
"as those people are called scientists." Simply Politics 01/08/2007 05:23:31 PM
Nice evaluation, too bad it's not accurate. Simply Politics 01/08/2007 03:51:49 PM
So again you argue for what you do Simply Politics 01/08/2007 03:50:26 PM
Hate like judgment keeps us alive! Simply Politics 01/08/2007 03:48:07 PM
I thought religion was bunk crap for you Simply Politics 01/08/2007 03:46:48 PM
Stand by your words shall you. end Simply Politics 01/08/2007 03:37:19 PM
As your haploid cell theory suggests, it takes Simply Politics 01/08/2007 03:36:07 PM
I'm sorry Zoro, each state is sovereign and Simply Politics 01/08/2007 03:15:16 PM
So far I haven't seen a good argument Simply Politics 01/08/2007 03:01:42 PM
Have you figured out that more Americans die Simply Politics 01/08/2007 02:25:14 PM