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Slashnuts.....out of curiosity....what was the initial attraction you Largo Resources Ltd. (LGORF) 12/14/2018 02:32:08 AM
Now what don’t believe everything you read from Katanga Mining Ltd (KATFF) 12/14/2018 01:40:50 AM
Let me start by saying....the informed investor is Largo Resources Ltd. (LGORF) 12/14/2018 12:48:11 AM
nowwhat....I like some of these marijuana stocks...just trying CannTrust Holdings Inc. (CTST) 11/16/2018 01:33:16 AM
I been waiting on this baby for a Largo Resources Ltd. (LGORF) 11/16/2018 01:12:25 AM
Here’s what I’m saying “Orocobre has been over Orocobre Limited (OROCF) 06/13/2018 06:00:01 AM
https://www.wsj.com/articles/glencore-unveils-5-6-billion-restructuring-of-congo Katanga Mining Ltd (KATFF) 06/13/2018 05:51:32 AM
Thanks man....you seem like a pretty straight ahead Orocobre Limited (OROCF) 05/24/2018 04:06:49 AM
Well....to know what's happening there you would have Katanga Mining Ltd (KATFF) 05/23/2018 11:50:39 PM
Haven't visited here in awhile, but I see Orocobre Limited (OROCF) 05/23/2018 11:32:53 PM
I do detect a hint of overenthusiastic cheerleading Katanga Mining Ltd (KATFF) 05/19/2018 06:20:40 AM
I would like some clarity here and how Katanga Mining Ltd (KATFF) 05/19/2018 05:41:11 AM
Also your both wrong I this one I Orocobre Limited (OROCF) 05/19/2018 05:04:41 AM
I’ll try to give you the best explanation Orocobre Limited (OROCF) 05/19/2018 04:39:02 AM
So between Ebola, child labor, political murders, army Katanga Mining Ltd (KATFF) 05/18/2018 11:14:01 AM
there are no adverse affects if you just Katanga Mining Ltd (KATFF) 05/18/2018 10:43:09 AM
It was meant as a joke (florida real LIT - Lithium ETF (LIT) 05/18/2018 10:38:50 AM
Now there you go again John....lol better listen LIT - Lithium ETF (LIT) 05/18/2018 02:49:07 AM
Yes....true...but Katanga is the one you want to Glencore Plc (GLCNF) 05/18/2018 02:39:42 AM
Well...now that Glencore wiped out the small shareholders Katanga Mining Ltd (KATFF) 05/18/2018 02:37:42 AM
Haven't visited here in awhile, but I see Orocobre Limited (OROCF) 05/18/2018 02:29:35 AM
tell someone who cares Orocobre Limited (OROCF) 11/14/2017 02:55:11 PM
Did it ever occur to anyone here that Orocobre Limited (OROCF) 11/09/2017 09:04:08 PM
don't you ever get tired of ROC ROC Orocobre Limited (OROCF) 11/09/2017 08:53:59 PM
Better hang on to at least one of Orocobre Limited (OROCF) 11/09/2017 08:49:27 PM
You guys are really enthusiastic.....problem is breaking $14 Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) 10/20/2017 12:59:32 PM
It's funny...since I left the board....no idjits pounding Orocobre Limited (OROCF) 10/20/2017 12:48:01 PM
You gotta love this company. I have been Katanga Mining Limited (TSX:KAT) 10/20/2017 12:43:16 PM
Bud...couldn't take the double speak from Orocobre management Orocobre Limited (OROCF) 06/02/2017 01:55:06 PM
I'd say that going from a 30,000,000 share MyDx Inc. (MYDX) 06/02/2017 01:50:50 PM
Interesting...if they don't cut the legs out from Precipio Inc. (PRPO) 12/08/2016 11:55:20 PM
sell? down here...you are kidding right. This has Uranium Resources Inc. (URRE) 12/07/2016 01:03:56 PM
Most of you will read this when the Uranium Resources Inc. (URRE) 11/30/2016 12:45:52 AM
Do you guys even know what this company Uranium Resources Inc. (URRE) 11/29/2016 05:58:49 PM
What is it exactly you want me to Uranium Resources Inc. (URRE) 11/28/2016 07:50:55 PM
yes the payment of $5.25 is due then...but Uranium Resources Inc. (URRE) 11/19/2016 02:07:41 AM
Book value of this company is over $5 Uranium Resources Inc. (URRE) 11/18/2016 03:20:18 PM
It is definitely in the neighborhood. ALB is Uranium Resources Inc. (URRE) 11/17/2016 06:31:21 PM
I have been researching the filings by URRE Albemarle Corporation (ALB) 11/16/2016 01:05:31 PM
Anyone hear anything about a deal between ALB Uranium Resources Inc. (URRE) 11/16/2016 01:01:17 PM