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Divide 1.45 billion by 30 to get the Immutep Ltd. (PRRUF) 05/26/2015 03:19:06 PM
One American Depositary Share (ADS) of PBMD trading Immutep Ltd. (PRRUF) 05/26/2015 03:15:47 PM
SEC charges EKSO reverse merger attorney Adam S. Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. (EKSO) 05/26/2015 02:36:17 PM
For info on Brighton Markets, the group behind Axiom Corp. (fka AXMM) 03/22/2015 07:14:22 PM
Excellent series of tweets on trading $AXMM from Axiom Corp. (fka AXMM) 03/20/2015 03:00:32 PM
Of course he knows the company, he is Axiom Corp. (fka AXMM) 03/20/2015 12:59:26 PM
Premarket session for OTCs is 08:00 to 09:30 Axiom Corp. (fka AXMM) 03/20/2015 12:51:48 PM
Pinks can be traded in the pre-market session Axiom Corp. (fka AXMM) 03/20/2015 12:49:59 PM
I have a short position in GENE with Genetic Technologies Ltd. (GENE) 02/21/2015 08:45:46 PM
Don't forget conversion 1 Aussie dollar = .7784 $US Genetic Technologies Ltd. (GENE) 02/16/2015 09:28:35 PM
@236T568 re UPOT PM. Why haven't more people DD Support Board and Research Team 02/16/2015 09:22:39 PM
And dropping, down to about $7.00 in $US Genetic Technologies Ltd. (GENE) 02/16/2015 08:44:54 PM
I think you are asking the wrong question. Cannabis Sativa Inc. (CBDS) 02/06/2015 11:29:59 AM
Tell you about what? MDBX or shorting? Notis Global Inc. (NGBL) 02/05/2015 05:39:48 PM
I have been swing trading MDBX on the Notis Global Inc. (NGBL) 02/05/2015 03:44:33 PM
$$ MDBX $$ SHORT POSITION MAKING MONEY HERE. Notis Global Inc. (NGBL) 02/04/2015 12:49:27 PM
Nice catch! Any thoughts on MDBX doing a Notis Global Inc. (NGBL) 01/13/2015 02:31:25 PM
I too hope that CBDS follows CANN's path: Cannabis Sativa Inc. (CBDS) 01/13/2015 02:26:06 PM
Let's hope that this company does better than PureBase Corp. (PUBC) 12/24/2014 08:45:27 PM
Well, I am cheering for sub fifty cents. Vape Holdings Inc. (VAPE) 12/15/2014 03:59:12 PM
I never met a fighter pilot who said "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee".... Notis Global Inc. (NGBL) 12/15/2014 03:50:43 PM
Under $7.00!!!! I expect an acceleration to the Notis Global Inc. (NGBL) 12/11/2014 10:21:55 AM
Still sitting on my 70 share short position General Cannabis Corp. (CANN) 12/10/2014 03:56:04 PM
The problem that "shorty" aka me faces with Monarch America Inc. (BTFL) 12/08/2014 04:52:45 PM
Time reveals all... Let's check back here a Vape Holdings Inc. (VAPE) 11/19/2014 01:39:24 PM
Claiming that a company is a scam just Vape Holdings Inc. (VAPE) 11/19/2014 09:40:57 AM
Be careful of the dead cat! GLTA, and Notis Global Inc. (NGBL) 11/18/2014 03:19:04 PM
I'm Short MDBX!!!!! ATM!!!!!!!!!!! Ka-Ching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Notis Global Inc. (NGBL) 11/18/2014 02:34:55 PM
Congratulations VAPE! http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/vape-is-ch Vape Holdings Inc. (VAPE) 11/18/2014 08:12:23 AM
I only know what VAPE states in its Vape Holdings Inc. (VAPE) 11/10/2014 04:54:16 PM
A reasonable prediction... Is the revenue that bad???? Vape Holdings Inc. (VAPE) 11/10/2014 03:27:22 PM
Most recent 10-Q is end-June, still waiting Vape Holdings Inc. (VAPE) 11/10/2014 01:57:59 PM
It's not just the warrants that longs should Vape Holdings Inc. (VAPE) 11/10/2014 01:46:27 PM
Sure.... OK.... Lol Longs can get burned here fast!!!!!!!!! ATM Notis Global Inc. (NGBL) 11/05/2014 06:24:46 PM
Sorry, most but not all OTC pot stocks... CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 11/05/2014 10:24:02 AM
Most, but not all, OTC stocks are set CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 11/05/2014 10:23:11 AM
Buy the rumor, sell the news! Disclosure - net Vape Holdings Inc. (VAPE) 11/05/2014 09:43:52 AM
I think that shorting MDBX might be a Notis Global Inc. (NGBL) 11/05/2014 09:40:51 AM
Surely you mean "Laugh-In", not SNL! It is very Notis Global Inc. (NGBL) 11/04/2014 04:19:59 PM
Dump starting? I unboxed my position this morning Notis Global Inc. (NGBL) 11/03/2014 10:45:46 AM

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