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Vape Holdings, Inc.
20264 Ventura Boulevard Suite A
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
United States

Main Telephone: (949) 743-3399 or (877) 827-VAPE-959 (877) 827-3959
Transfer Agent Information:

Vape Holdings Inc. Business Units:

Vape Holdings intends to build sales channels within the legal marijuana markets with unique hardware which outperforms the competition.  Our products are expected to meet the needs of consumers who use vaporizers for consuming oils, dry herbs, or concentrates.

Building upon a vast base of knowledge, product expertise, and market research — Vape Holdings features a team of domestic engineers in process of creating new devices and intellectual property as future core assets of the company.
With announcements anticipated in the beginning of 2014 — Vape Holdings is poised to introduce cutting-edge technology specifically for vaporization of cannabis concentrates.  Known colloquially as “dabs,” this segment of consumption is wrought with opportunity.
Considered among the first companies to utilize ceramic elements for concentrates, Vape Holdings’ future product line features all-natural, 100% non-porous vaporization elements made for unparalleled taste and purity.  The product line will feature a proprietary blend of non-reactive, food grade ceramics providing excellent heat retention, superior corrosion resistance, and unrivaled flavor.  Vape Holdings expects to develop a full line of vaporizers which feature this technology, as well as partnerships with other brands who wish to improve the quality and durability of their own product lines.

Future innovations will likely include:
* Vaporizers
* Ceramic elements for OEMs
* Dry herb chambers
* Tooling & OEM / ODM services


Concentrates refer to the product from extraction of cannabis compounds through the use of a solvent and often sophisticated chemical process.  Solvents used in the cannabis extraction process include butane, carbon dioxide, alcohol, or even oxygen.

1) Vape Holdings is currently negotiating with a Colorado state-licensed enterprise to acquire a state-of-the-art cannabis extraction facility, or its production via commercial offtake.  As they are available, details will be announced by company press release.
2) Vape Holdings intends to pioneer standards of manufacturing stable, pure, and highly effective concentrates for a variety of purposes within states where marijuana / cannabis are legal.
3)  Vape Holdings expects to increase scale after achieving the proposed acquisition of an initial cannabis extraction facility, and replicate this business in other locales or states where cannabis extraction is both legal and commercially viable.

The purpose of extraction is to remove cannabinoids from plant matter in order to create a product with higher purity for personal consumption.  By first removing cannabinoids from marijuana plant matter, then removing any potentially harmful solvents utilized in the extraction process — consumers are left with a highly effective and potent product to meet their needs. Cannabis concentrates are used throughout a variety of products, and represent the highest growth vertical within the legal commercial marijuana industry.

Examples of products created from cannabis concentrates, which Vape Holdings intends to produce in licensed facilities or acquire, include:
- “Hash Oil” for vaporization, or simply “oil”
- Edibles such as candies, cookies, sauces, and more
- “Wax,” or solid extracted cannabis compounds

Despite an influx of hundreds of new brands in the e-cigarette business, Vape Holdings is uniquely positioned to succeed within this emerging market on account of its research and team.

Vape Holdings goals for e-cigarettes include:

1)  Develop four distinct brands which speak to different, targeted demographics.
2)  Partner with existing brands to expand product mix and sales capabilities.
3)  Create direct marketing programs for high-margin sales of developed products and brands.
4)  Establish wholesale sales channels through in-house B2B sales teams.
5)  Align with proven, value-added resellers which already sell into retail chains.
6)  Seek “white-label” or co-branding relationships which leverage advertising efforts.

In order to succeed in this fragmented marketplace, especially considering the entry of “big tobacco” and their associated marketing budgets, Vape Holdings has teamed up with two marketing powerhouses in order to improve ROI on marketing investments moving forward.

Media Powers ( produces quantifiable results, meaning advertising dollars can be tracked to the revenue they generate.  When Vape Holdings implements advertising programs, Media Powers is expected to help identify and improve return on investment — ensuring gradual increase in sales and market share for any brands which are developed and introduced.

Vape Holdings’ research indicates that, although a large base of brands exists within the e-cigarette markets — consistent, efficient branding does not.  There appear to be only a small handful of efficient brands in this space.  With sales figures expected to eclipse $2 billion USD in 2013, the company believes that opportunities abound in this market.

In order to achieve strong brands, Vape Holdings has enlisted the assistance of the award-winning branding experts at HOOK (  A former Ad Age Award Winner for Southeast Agency of the Year — HOOK is expected to help Vape Holdings brands stand out amidst a clutter of competition.

As a publicly-traded company (trading under Peoplestring Corporation OTCQB:  VAPE), Vape Holdings seeks to make corporate acquisitions within our three business verticals.

Vaporizers:  Marijuana or cannabis vaporizers and brands.
Cannabis Concentrates:  State-approved, compliant, licensed facilities in medical marijuana or recreational marijuana-legal states.
E-Cigarettes:  Retail stores, existing brands with established sales channels, and proprietary products or technology.

Benjamin Beaulieu, CEO
Vape Holdings Inc.

AGOURA HILLS, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 28, 2017) -  VAPE Holdings, Inc. ( OTCQB : VAPE ) (the "Company" or "VAPE"), a holding company focused on providing healthy, efficient, and sustainable vaporization products, has filed its quarterly report for the quarter ending June 30, 2016.

"We are getting back on track, we have been making changes and catching up on our filings," stated Benjamin Beaulieu, CEO of VAPE Holdings. "We are comfortable that our financial partners are willing to support us financially as we methodically take steps to catch up on our SEC filings. We know we have to become current on our filings in order to build a sustainable future for VAPE."

"We would like to assure shareholders that business is ongoing and we are working to get the public filings up to date, completing our debt consolidation as well as making key strategic decisions regarding both internal growth and external opportunities in the industry within which we operate," continued Mr. Beaulieu. "In our continuing effort to put things back on the right track, over the past several months we have made strides in resolving several ongoing or potential litigation matters," said Mr. Beaulieu. The Company looks forward to providing more news and disclosure in the coming weeks.

The Company would like to thank the shareholders that participated in the recent survey whereby shareholders could submit questions to management. Management is evaluating the information requests and will communicate any and all information as it becomes available to shareholders and the broader market.

Vape Holdings Inc :VAPE




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