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FreeBird Alive & kicking..

FreeBird Alive & kicking..

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TY Planet Resource Recovery 11/30/2021 09:47:42 AM
Where can I find the share structure for Planet Resource Recovery 11/30/2021 08:37:07 AM
BBI and NBY low float review here.... Good MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 11/05/2021 08:02:16 AM
2 Bottom plays to consider. BBI, Brickell Biotech, at Bottom Fish Stocks (between .10 and$10) 11/05/2021 08:00:36 AM
Good morning, 2 Bottom plays to consider. BBI, Brickell ORIONS Money Stocks 11/05/2021 07:59:56 AM
BBI under accumulation, .40 low float bounce play ORIONS Money Stocks 11/04/2021 09:52:00 AM
Saw this on Twitter Meten EdtechX Education Group Ltd 10/29/2021 09:16:49 AM
METX 88% shorted. MOASS in progress MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 10/29/2021 08:51:29 AM
88% shorted. MOASS Meten EdtechX Education Group Ltd 10/29/2021 08:49:19 AM
METX . MOASS in progress. Load up BB's Stock Haven 10/29/2021 08:23:04 AM
METX up 43%. Huge covering happening BB's Stock Haven 10/28/2021 03:21:15 PM
METX.. BOOOM.. BB's Stock Haven 10/28/2021 09:43:24 AM
METX. Do yourself a favor and look. PennyPirate's Watchlist 10/28/2021 09:42:44 AM
METX 43 mil volume, 95mil.float @.49 BB's Stock Haven 10/28/2021 09:39:07 AM
METX take a look. Bitcoin news, huge volume MULTI BAGGER ALERTS 10/28/2021 08:56:45 AM
METX 10mil volume already Bitcoin news Daily Hot Plays 10/28/2021 08:55:30 AM
METX, bounce play, look at the volume MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 10/28/2021 08:35:14 AM
METX 1.3 billion traded last 2 days on BB's Stock Haven 10/28/2021 08:22:59 AM
New to this board, old soul to IHUB. METX ORIONS Money Stocks 10/28/2021 08:21:52 AM
Give him a week to increase shares and Digital World Acquisition Corp 10/21/2021 09:23:19 AM
WTRH, Morgan Stanley just invested 10% Volume is BB's Stock Haven 10/13/2021 10:18:26 AM
FEDU, $15 mil reserved for share buy back BB's Stock Haven 10/08/2021 01:40:49 PM
FEDU, 16mil float @.90, $15mil share buy back Moving now BB's Stock Haven 09/27/2021 03:06:50 PM
FEDU News-, Share Buy Back, 16mil Float Four Seasons BB's Stock Haven 09/24/2021 10:22:24 AM
Freaking Fridays. Oh well. Nanovibronix Inc. 01/22/2021 01:59:02 PM
For a 15m float, it's trading like a Nanovibronix Inc. 01/22/2021 12:08:43 PM
What's the share structure? Float? ISW Holdings Inc. 01/19/2021 10:44:42 AM
EYPT NEWS EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Receives $9.5 Million in BB's Stock Haven 08/20/2020 08:11:48 AM
Nice play Check NMTR Dolphin Entertainment Inc. 08/18/2020 10:56:53 AM
Question?? Chapter 11 plays,. If a stock is BB's Stock Haven 07/21/2020 06:35:40 PM
LONE is EXPLODING, Low float Oil BB's Stock Haven 07/21/2020 02:38:34 PM
LONE @ .44 20 mil float. OIL ?? BB's Stock Haven 07/21/2020 02:18:24 PM
FAMI 1.17m Float, Read>>> This is the week it BB's Stock Haven 07/19/2020 06:32:25 AM
FAMI .74 News today supplying U.S grocery. BB's Stock Haven 07/16/2020 07:53:31 PM
ANCN, .80 this morning, hit 1.18 after hours. BB's Stock Haven 07/16/2020 07:51:59 PM
ANCN on the bounce, 3.8 mil float BB's Stock Haven 07/15/2020 07:11:33 PM
ANCN 3mil float, Bounce play, Chart BB's Stock Haven 07/15/2020 03:32:46 PM
Looking into this, what's your speculation? Unbelievable drop Anchiano Therapeutics Ltd. ADR 07/15/2020 12:12:10 PM
CTRM, Chart- oversold, Short Squeeze on yesterday's news MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 07/10/2020 08:48:02 AM
CTRM, Chart- Low Float, oversold, Short Squeeze on BB's Stock Haven 07/10/2020 08:24:07 AM