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BVTK Found a nice email in my in Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 07/01/2017 09:38:38 AM
Thanks bro. Exactly, what I've been trying to Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 05/02/2017 01:32:38 AM
I had my order in last night. I Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 05/02/2017 01:13:58 AM
I've been watching for a few days now. UBIQUITECH SOFTWARE CORP (UBQU) 04/13/2017 12:29:20 AM
ADVT I like the transparency, I like that Advantis Corp. (ADVT) 03/23/2017 01:55:19 PM
Colorado never ceases to amaze me in the Advantis Corp. (ADVT) 03/23/2017 11:43:25 AM
KNDI some insider action today. Anybody listen to Kandi Technolgies Corp (KNDI) 03/23/2017 11:15:06 AM
ADVT my first true MJ play. And I Advantis Corp. (ADVT) 03/23/2017 10:49:28 AM
ADVT IMO Any business in this industry that Advantis Corp. (ADVT) 03/23/2017 08:52:09 AM
ADVT Read this in the paper today. Illinois Advantis Corp. (ADVT) 03/23/2017 08:33:02 AM
ADVT Wow. The news here this morning sounds Advantis Corp. (ADVT) 03/22/2017 09:28:17 AM
ARTX https://www.baseball-news-blog.com/q2-2017-earnings-estimate-for-arotech-co Arotech Corp. (ARTX) 03/21/2017 08:01:08 AM
CCLX New to the board. I just read CableClix (USA) Inc. (CCLX) 03/16/2017 09:15:13 AM
MATN SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – March 15, Mateon Therapeutics Inc. (MATN) 03/15/2017 08:50:19 AM
PMCB JoeDaddy best I can do.I lost interest PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) 03/14/2017 10:09:15 PM
PMCB Sorry for the poor quality. I tried. PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) 03/14/2017 10:39:00 AM
Thanks Pistol Pete. I guess I could've asked. PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) 03/09/2017 01:56:27 AM
Some changes were made to Pharmacyte Biotech Europe Limited. PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) 03/09/2017 12:50:11 AM
I'll agree. I'm not to familiar. I do PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) 03/08/2017 08:52:22 PM
Well, not sure this is relevant, but I PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) 03/08/2017 08:08:02 PM
Saw this on another board. I'm sure everyone Advantis Corp. (ADVT) 03/05/2017 11:47:23 PM
Agreed. The Truck It App has great potential. Signature Devices Inc. (SDVI) 03/04/2017 05:48:00 PM
That's amazing. I live in the wrong state. Advantis Corp. (ADVT) 03/03/2017 04:20:12 PM
Jumped aboard the other day. Beautiful photos on Advantis Corp. (ADVT) 03/03/2017 04:11:16 PM
PMCB The 4 year weekly, and daily reveal PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) 02/10/2017 02:09:32 PM
PMCB Back in on the 8th @.10 and PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) 02/10/2017 01:49:02 PM
PVCT: Can anyone share their experiences with: "proposed Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (PVCT) 01/21/2017 05:02:56 AM
PVCT: I will stand behind your opinion if Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (PVCT) 01/21/2017 04:40:53 AM
PVCT:"Sell asap! Don't hold. Scam." Thank you Sillywillie, Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (PVCT) 01/21/2017 04:16:31 AM
"Net across all investments, next week should bare Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (PVCT) 01/19/2017 09:01:25 PM
PVCT Well, I would like to hear something. Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (PVCT) 01/18/2017 10:57:05 PM
PMCB Thanks for posting. I can understand this PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) 01/10/2017 02:20:03 AM
PMCB Looking forward to re-entry. I remain optimistic. PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) 01/10/2017 12:36:50 AM
PVCT Quiet today??? Whats happening? Anyone,spoke to someone? Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (PVCT) 01/09/2017 10:24:12 PM
BERI I found an email from 01/08, interesting. Blue Earth Resources Inc (BERI) 01/09/2017 09:34:20 PM
PVCT: http://otcshortreport.com/?index=PVCT&action=view Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (PVCT) 01/05/2017 03:49:37 AM
OK, I have been studying and playing the Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (PVCT) 12/08/2016 01:48:07 PM
Jumped in a little to soon myself. I Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (PVCT) 12/07/2016 09:12:29 PM
PV-10 pipeline has been in play for a Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (PVCT) 12/04/2016 02:18:33 PM
Big dump, so far, today. Took a small Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (PVCT) 12/02/2016 12:28:12 PM