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Russia aims to be nanotech leader NYBob 10/06/09 5:22 AM
here goes; Jim Humble, the man behind MMS: mick 09/12/09 1:50 PM
Bob i will click to this soon. thanx mick 09/12/09 1:48 PM NYBob 08/24/09 10:02 PM
BOREALIS' , wow! what a list of ideas mick 08/15/09 1:46 AM
SMALL TIMES -- Micro and Nanotech Manufacturing Tools BOREALIS 08/09/09 2:05 PM
To 'BOREALIS' , good morning. i don't know mick 08/08/09 7:48 AM
hi Bob, good evening. nano? pills? wow! didn't mick 07/18/09 11:46 PM
mick thank you, what do you know about NYBob 07/17/09 7:24 PM
nano? just in incubation stage, NYBob 06/28/09 6:40 PM
nano? just in incubation stage. mick 06/28/09 6:05 PM
mick thanks, love nano ideas. love networking ideas.... NYBob 06/24/09 2:05 AM
love nano ideas. love networking ideas. mick 06/23/09 7:56 PM
mick thanks, is this group or just for NYBob 06/19/09 11:43 AM
is this group or just for this case? mick 06/19/09 11:17 AM
Hi mick thanks, the case has been going NYBob 06/19/09 11:16 AM
hi Bob, is this a recent case? mick 06/19/09 10:38 AM
Polio Vaccine Victim Wins Lawsuit Against Big Pharma NYBob 06/18/09 5:18 PM
i see what you mean, 2008-11-29 22:38:00 mick 01/25/09 11:37 AM
hi BOREALIS, good morning. i appreciate all you mick 01/25/09 11:31 AM
morning, mick. There has been a change in BOREALIS 01/25/09 10:44 AM
Micro and Nanotech Manufacturing Toools and Materials BOREALIS 01/25/09 10:40 AM
The Small Technology IndexTM BOREALIS 01/25/09 10:19 AM
2009 Nanotech & Advanced Technology Investment Insights BOREALIS 01/25/09 10:15 AM
There have been NO articles since 2008-11-29 BOREALIS 01/25/09 10:13 AM
oops, wrong board .....delete BOREALIS 01/02/09 9:34 AM
'The photon force is with us': Harnessing light BOREALIS 12/07/08 10:11 AM articles ~~ 11-09-2008 thru 11-29-2008 BOREALIS 12/07/08 10:08 AM
hi BOREALIS, nice to see you chat about mick 11/09/08 2:39 PM
Just Scratching the Surface: New Technique Maps Nanomaterials BOREALIS 11/09/08 1:52 PM articles ~~ 10-19-2008 thru 11-08-2008 BOREALIS 11/09/08 1:46 PM
t/y mick. I don't know what many BOREALIS 11/09/08 1:44 PM
you really keep us in contact with the mick 10/18/08 12:28 PM articles ~~ 10-06-2008 thru 10-17-2008 BOREALIS 10/18/08 12:20 PM
good morning mick. BOREALIS 10/18/08 12:18 PM
good reads and good articles for nano items. mick 10/18/08 12:16 PM articles ~~ 09-19-2008 thru 10-04 -2008 BOREALIS 10/18/08 12:16 PM
hi BOREALIS, i was surfing and see ya mick 10/18/08 12:16 PM articles ~~ 09-06-2008 thru 09-18 -2008 BOREALIS 10/18/08 12:13 PM
Has nanotech darling's time arrived? BOREALIS 10/18/08 12:02 PM articles ~~ 08-18-2008 thru 09-04-2008 BOREALIS 09/07/08 10:08 AM articles ~~ 08-01-2008 thru 08-15-2008 BOREALIS 08/17/08 9:10 PM articles ~~ 07-20-2008 thru 07-31-2008 BOREALIS 08/17/08 9:08 PM
o.k., i'll see what can be done for mick 07/21/08 12:51 PM
I don't think so. BOREALIS 07/21/08 12:06 PM
me again, good morning. can you get it mick 07/21/08 12:03 PM
hi mick, BOREALIS 07/21/08 12:01 PM
i took out some stuff for us to mick 07/20/08 1:25 PM
To 'BOREALIS' , good morning. yes we did. mick 07/20/08 1:16 PM
Yep, had a great 4th. And it's mid-July BOREALIS 07/20/08 9:31 AM
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Nanotechnology: Societal Implications—Maximizing Benefits for Humanity reflects the views of experts who gathered at a workshop in December 2003 to discuss likely impacts of current and future advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology on the economy, quality of life, national security, education, public policy and society at large.

below is link for i.p.o. dates.

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this is concern for all , market maker signal for shares.

100--I need shares
200-I need shares badly,but do not take it down
300-take the price down to get shares
400-trade it sideways based on supply and demand
500-gap one way or another,to the direction of the 500 trade.
ADDING THIS 4/22/06: In my experiences I Noticed When In Sub Penny Add a Zero!!

Nano research


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 Spider/Centipede Look Chart: Fibs, % Levels...

chart ... p and f #1[3-BOX REVERSAL
chart ... p and f #2[2 BOX REVERSAL]

If You Need a Chart From The Pinks , Just Change The Symbol For The New Chart.


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Some important concepts in the world of technical analysis :)

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Da Tarheel Method by Tarheel-Blue --->
Lesson in Buying by Tarheel-Blue --->

Charts are Cool--->
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A Wealth Of Information Here. Many Links. #msg-9341363 ...

Future With Technology

From BOREALIS NANOTECHNOLOGY...The University of Toronto professor has invented an optical switch that could make the Internet a hundred times faster than it is today and developed spray-on solar-power cells that may one day run our cars and homes....#msg-10507960The
From BOREALIS 4/23/06:Nanotechnology Companies - Nanotech Investors Portal
Browse through the newest nano stories, or search our archive of more than 6,000 news stories.


Results 1 to 30 of 6966 >>

2006-06-28 Drug-loaded nanoparticles use two-pronged approach to kill cancer cells

2006-06-28 Coated virus nanoparticles boost MRI signals

2006-06-28 Nanotechnology drives protein engineering, new approach to drug discovery

2006-06-28 Nanotech to lower "hydrogen economy" roadblocks

2006-06-28 MU nanotech expert wins Army contract

2006-06-28 Silica nanobeads create fast enzyme sensor

2006-06-28 Researchers Create New Organic Gel Nanomaterials

2006-06-27 Movies show nanotubes bend like sluggish guitar strings

2006-06-27 Exploiting RNA in the construction of nanodevices

2006-06-27 Magnetic field research could make computers 500 times more powerful

2006-06-27 Genetic Engineering Fuses Spider Silk and Silica

2006-06-26 Silica Nanobeads Create Fast Enzyme Sensor

2006-06-23 California startup is promising to build a solar-cell factory that could finally make solar power affordable

2006-06-23 Nanostructured electrodes and active materials could shrink batteries

2006-06-23 New method sorts nanotubes by size

2006-06-23 Diamond by-product of hydrogen production and storage method

2006-06-22 Buckyballs could deliver multi-drug therapy to tumors

2006-06-22 Magnetic fields created using nanotechnology could make computers up to 500 times faster

2006-06-22 Nanoparticles – Power to be Reckoned With

2006-06-22 When gold becomes a catalyst

2006-06-21 California teens use Rice's NanoKids for virtual nanotech training

2006-06-21 State-of-the-art nanotechnology lab to open in Alberta

2006-06-21 World first nanotechnology to revolutionise oil production

2006-06-21 Nanocrystals' 'self-purification' mechanisms explained by energetics

2006-06-21 Nanoparticles and lasers create cancer-killing microbubbles

2006-06-21 Nanoparticles overcome solubility limitations of novel anticancer drug

2006-06-21 Imaging live cells with a fluorescent magnetic nanoparticle

2006-06-21 Sugar-based nanoparticles have potential to deliver proteins orally

2006-06-21 Simultaneous carbon dioxide and oxygen sensing

2006-06-19 Nanoparticles and Lasers Create Cancer-Killing Microbubbles

Results 31 to 60 of 6966 >>

BULLSECTOR - extensive list -- "The Nanotechnology Stock List"
click on "ACCL through XDSL.OB ' to view entire list with CHARTS
site also has a imbedded link to search "Tech > Nanotechnology " in Yahoo select Nanotechnology from "Sector Lists"

Yahoo!News -- Full Coverage: Nanotechnology

Small Times - Big News in Small Tech - disease monitoring site...
Results 1 - 10 of about 1,910,000 for Elliot Wave. (0.11 seconds)
1 - 10 of about 3,570,000 for Elliot Wave - 0.20 sec. (About this page)

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The long awaited removal of the "Grandfather Clause" has today been officially posted in the Federal Register for removal.

On October 15th, all 'Naked Short' positions in public companies must be covered.


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