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Re: BOREALIS post# 316

Sunday, 07/20/2008 9:25:50 AM

Sunday, July 20, 2008 9:25:50 AM

Post# of 372 articles ~~ 07-02-2008 thru 07-18-2008

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2008-07-18 Karnataka to pitch Bangalore as nanotechnology hub
2008-07-18 Strongest Material Ever Tested
2008-07-18 'Nanosculpture' could enable new types of heat pumps, energy converters
2008-07-18 EU funds 'Nanoscale ICT Devices and Systems' coordination project (NANOICT)
2008-07-18 With $2M NIH grant, FSU becomes 1 of world's top imaging centers
2008-07-18 New Nano-Device Detects Light from Big Bang
2008-07-16 Oregon senator offers nanotech prizes
2008-07-16 Quantum Rod System May Safely 'Sneak' Drugs, Diagnostics into Brain
2008-07-16 Self-Assembling Tissues
2008-07-16 Study shows increased education on nanotech, human enhancement increases public concerns
2008-07-16 Using magnetic nanoparticles to combat cancer
2008-07-14 An alternative to chemotherapy: Nanoparticles tackle pediatric brain tumors
2008-07-14 Controlled growth of truly nanoscale single crystal fullerites for device applications
2008-07-14 Carbon Nanotubes heralded as ideal candidates for next generation Nanoelectronics
2008-07-14 Study reveals principles behind stability and electronic properties of gold nanoclusters
2008-07-14 Sensing Tension: Molecular Motor Works By Detecting Minute Changes in Force, Find Penn Researchers
2008-07-13 Carbon nanotubes could make artificial photosynthesis possible in the future
2008-07-12 Swiss nano-microscope delivers first images recorded on Mars
2008-07-11 Nanotech Revives a Cancer Drug
2008-07-10 Nano-sized electronic circuit promises bright view of early universe
2008-07-09 Nanotube-Coated Pot Boils Water FAST
2008-07-09 Taking The NanoPulse -- The $263 Billion Nano-Question: What's Next?
2008-07-09 Assembling Nanotubes
2008-07-09 Nano group hires leader
2008-07-09 Molecular motor works by detecting minute changes in force
2008-07-09 Carbon Nanotube Windmills Powered by 'Electron Wind'
2008-07-09 Improving Quantum Dot Synthesis
2008-07-09 Nanomaterials Key to New Strategies for Blocking Metastasis
2008-07-09 Controlling the Size of Nanoclusters: First Step in Making New Catalysts
2008-07-09 Nanoparticles Detect Telomerase Activity
2008-07-09 Nanocantilevers Image Nanoparticles in Cells
2008-07-09 Holey Nanoparticles Create New Tumor Imaging and Therapeutic Agent
2008-07-09 Nanomaterials Key to New Strategies for Blocking Metastasis
2008-07-09 Nanotechnology, Biomolecules, and Light Unite to %u201CCook%u201D Cancer Cells
2008-07-07 Research Nanotechnology, forestry groups work together to improve wood-based products
2008-07-07 Nanotechnology: Graphene takes on carbon nanotubes
2008-07-07 Nanotech Produces Bizarre "Flat" Atom, Hailed as Quantum Computing Breakthrough
2008-07-07 A new spin on sorting nanotubes
2008-07-07 A new spin on sorting nanotubes
2008-07-03 Turkish company excels at nano oil technology
2008-07-03 Visualizing atomic-scale acoustic wavesin nanostructures
2008-07-02 New Nanowire-Based Memory Could Beef Up Information Storage

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