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Posts by Uk1chadBoardDate/Time
2020 sucked but it was a great year K92 Mining Inc (KNTNF) 12/31/2020 07:06:55 PM
31 lengths Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK) 08/06/2020 10:30:20 PM
Silver getting absolutely obliterated First Majestic Silver Corp. (AG) 03/16/2020 06:41:50 AM
Never thought I’d get the opportunity to buy First Majestic Silver Corp. (AG) 03/13/2020 03:57:15 PM
Why tf didn’t I take profits when I K92 Mining Inc (KNTNF) 03/12/2020 09:52:03 AM
https://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/9qfub3/colorado_cracks_a_billion_in_annua Core One Labs Inc. (CLABF) 10/23/2018 12:10:43 AM
Wtf happened today? Core One Labs Inc. (CLABF) 09/13/2018 05:38:27 PM
Thanks! K92 Mining Inc (KNTNF) 05/18/2018 10:11:24 PM
Steemit...Very nice! K92 Mining Inc (KNTNF) 04/16/2018 10:53:43 AM
Really?! Down 9.5% Core One Labs Inc. (CLABF) 03/10/2018 02:01:07 PM
What the hell happened? IVANHOE MINES LTD - (IVPAF) 02/01/2018 01:16:28 PM
Well it's down 20% since the announcement. Hopefully Core One Labs Inc. (CLABF) 01/23/2018 08:12:32 PM
Absolutely too cheap..."Due to strong investor demand the Core One Labs Inc. (CLABF) 01/17/2018 11:15:45 AM
...And the dilution begins and the little guys Core One Labs Inc. (CLABF) 01/12/2018 10:28:01 AM
Wow only 85 million os...freaking great deal at .75 Core One Labs Inc. (CLABF) 01/05/2018 08:50:00 PM
Boring, boring, boring Callinex Mines Inc. (CLLXF) 12/12/2017 01:47:50 PM
What a piece of crap this company is MX Gold Corp. (MXLGF) 12/01/2017 03:28:07 PM
Paying 2.2% dividend Kroger (KR) 11/21/2017 03:39:04 PM
So tired of the manipulation:( All these miners ~*~Mining and Metals Du Jour~*~ 11/20/2017 02:28:37 PM
I'd love to grab some under $3 IVANHOE MINES LTD - (IVPAF) 09/22/2017 09:44:49 AM
I'm adding K92 Mining Inc (KNTNF) 09/05/2017 01:12:22 PM
Brutal week across the mining shares board Gold Resource Corp (GORO) 08/04/2017 01:37:41 PM
...and never will be Anavex Life Sciences Corp (AVXL) 08/02/2017 11:02:02 PM
There has been talk for years of doing Zinc One Resources Inc. (ZZZOF) 07/06/2017 01:31:12 PM
Why the huge drop here? Tahoe Resorces (TAHO) 07/06/2017 01:19:37 PM
Silvergoldbull.com has 10oz bar at spot free shipping! ~*~Mining and Metals Du Jour~*~ 07/05/2017 12:50:01 PM
I got in at $3.05 and will look Endeavour Silver Corp. (EXK) 06/30/2017 08:14:37 PM
Funny...I bought today Endeavour Silver Corp. (EXK) 06/30/2017 05:19:34 PM
I'm surprised their buy up to price is K92 Mining Inc (KNTNF) 05/13/2017 01:00:37 AM
I see this company is part of the Klondex Mines (KLDX) 05/11/2017 04:39:10 AM
I thought the selling had already begun First Mining Gold Corp. (FFMGF) 05/11/2017 04:34:00 AM
I'm getting destroyed Gold and Silver miners (Jr and Exploration) 05/09/2017 04:26:43 PM
Of course I bought yesterday McEwen Mining Inc. (MUX) 05/04/2017 11:43:23 AM
http://kentuckysportsradio.com/football-2/major-changes-to-expect-at-kroger-fiel Kroger (KR) 05/02/2017 11:54:19 AM
No! 0.12 was not a good entry!! Winston Gold Corp. (WGMCF) 04/29/2017 11:24:13 PM
When does GDXJ start selling and when will First Mining Gold Corp. (FFMGF) 04/28/2017 01:08:56 PM
How far will this drop with the realignment? McEwen Mining Inc. (MUX) 04/25/2017 02:09:56 PM
Any insight to the drop last few days? Core One Labs Inc. (CLABF) 04/07/2017 12:25:15 PM
Didn't Sprott just pay .50/share CAD for 8 Callinex Mines Inc. (CLLXF) 03/26/2017 12:09:26 AM
Down 50% from its 52 week high. GoldMining Inc. (GLDL) 03/25/2017 01:37:33 AM

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