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Gold and Silver miners (Jr and Exploration)

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Assistants hamvestor goforthebet Mason07

Gold and Silver miners (Jr and Exploration)

Mining investing principles:
This board is to identify and track the best gold and silver junior mining and exploration companies.  We perfer companies with the potential to have multimillion oz Au resources after further drilling.  We believe that 2016 was the start of a multiyear bull market in gold.  We believe that gold mining companies will give the greatest leverage on a rise in gold prices.  We believe in both swing trading and longer term holding for the duration of a bull market cycle.  

We will specifically target micro (Mkt cap <300 million) and nano cap (Mkt cap <50 million) stocks, as we believe they will have the largest ability for multibagger runs in the upcoming precious metals bull market.  The most prefered companies have some known high grade resources or huge bulk ton resources. Add this to ore bodies that are open for exploration and adding to known resources via drilling.  We perfer to buy companies that operate in stable countries and geopolitical areas.  An experienced, well connected, and honest management team who's best intrestests are also aligned witht the shareholders is a definate must. 

NO OTC/Pink only stocks are allowed here.  Posts on OTC/Pink only stocks can and will be deleted.  We require more transparency and a larger margin of safety that most OTC/Pink only stocks offer.  When investing we are looking for calculated risk but not gambling.  (Dual OTC listings are ok as long as stock is also dual listed on NYSE, AMEX, TSX, TSX.V or other similar regulated exchange.)  We will try to have both Canadian dollar priced charts with American dollar priced charts if both listed by stockcharts.

Remember we are amateur investors.  We expect this sector of stocks to be extremely volatile.  Invest at your own risk.  Understand the company that you are buying along with its individual risks.  We are looking for like minded individuals who can add to the discussion here.  Please discuss below and present your argument for the best mining companies that meet the above criteria.  Looking to build a basket of ~10-20 of the best companies that will be able to out perform GDXJ and SILJ.

NI 43-101 Reporting standards's-Most-Common-Terms-Explained.html

Pure speculation:
We sometimes speak about option trading on this board.  This is a very high risk and dangerous area to trade.  Short term options should not be considered an investment but rather a speculative bet.  If you are wrong on the direction of the market you may lose 100% of your capital.  Caveat emptor!

Macroeconomic news:
We understand that there are many things that drive the underlying price of gold.  Economic fear, interest rates, dollar value, central bank actions and geopolitical events can significantly move the price of gold.  We will discuss these events in the hope that it will help us to understand the price movements in gold and silver.

VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF // GDXJ  on NYSEArca 
The VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF tracks a market-cap-weighted index of global gold and silver mining firms, focusing on small-caps.
The specific goal of this board will be to find stocks that will do better than GDXJ during the next bull market in gold.
Detailed holdings breakdown: ;
Large cap mining stocks ETF GDX is linked below for comparision.  3x leveraged NUGT (to GDX) and NUGJ (to GDXJ) also linked below.
PureFunds ISE Junior Silver ETF // SILJ on NYSEArca
The PureFunds ISE Junior Silver ETF tracks a modified market-cap-weighted index of small-cap silver mining and exploration companies.
Detailed ETF holdings are in a downloadable Excel file here: ;
Large cap silver mining ETF SIL listed below for comparision.
Global X Gold Explorers ETF // GOEX on NYSEArca
The Global X Gold Explorers ETF (GOEX) provides investors access to a broad range of companies involved in the exploration of gold deposits.
Detailed holdings downloadable in Excel file at this link:


Strongest potential junior exploration stocks and/or junior producers (in no particular order):
K92 mining  // KNT.V  // KNTNF

Summary: High grade underground gold mine in Papua New Guinea.  Barrick built mine and mill for ~$120 mil but had to dump project in 2015.  Current management team has got the mill and mine restarted.  Production restarted in early 2018 ~50k oz yr at current rate of production. 
Ramping up mine to double production 110-120k oz/yr ($15 mil cost, IRR 350%).  Currently cash flow positive.
Low AISC of $703/oz.  Large resources base of ~ 3 mil oz Au, targeting 5 mil oz by continued drilling over 2019.
Found the high-grade area Kora North by accident while building underground tunnel to Kora. 900k AuEq oz high- grade resources (~15 g/t AuEq) and growing.
Multiple other high-grade vein systems that have only been minimally tested.
Have multiple porphyry targets on property not yet drilled.
Papua New Guinea - rural location
Locals have caused $2 million in damage to the equipment when they felt they were not getting their share of profits
2 local tribes recently had a large fight with 70 home burned and 1 death; mining minister wants K92 to do “social mapping”

Pure Gold Mining // PGM // TSX, also LRTNF // OTC
100% owned Madsen gold project in Canada.  Huge: 45 km2, Madsen deposit open in all directions, many different targets on the property.
NI 43-101:  928,000 oz Au Indicated @ 8.93 g/t,  297,000 oz Au Inferred @ 11.74 g/t
Already has permitted mill and tailings management facility (200 mil of infrastructure)
Good mgmt., they own 4.1%, AngloGold Ashanti owns 10.7%, Evanachan Ltd. owns 8.5%, Institutional shareholders 15%
Currently drilling with 3 rigs, 51,000 m total drilling.
Permitted mill and tailings management facility already built (estimated cost of facility: $200 mil)
140 mil shares outstanding, fully diluted 181 mil  

FFMGF, GLDLF, SSP.V: Large amount of low grade ore.  Need $1400 + price of gold to be profitable and get mines built IMO.  Good leveraged plays for when the price of gold rises.
First Mining Finance // FFMGF // OTC, also FF // TSX    

Excellent management  (Keith Neumeyer - CEO First Majestic Silver Corp, owns 10 million shares himself)
Many properties in Canada, US, and Mexico
Is a “mineral bank” with15 million ounces of gold in ground plus other minerals.  Company has been buying up properties during the bear market, now wants to partner for people to explore and develop them. Buying gold properties that will be profitable at $1200 gold, huge upside with big rise in gold prices.  Focused on buying high grade ore properties.
535 mil shares outstanding, 615 mil shares fully diluted.     Quick summary:   CEO interview (Sept 2016) 
Ihub board ;

Gold Mining Inc // GLDLF on OTC // GOLD.TO on TSX
Multi-million ounce gold resource • Portfolio of highly prospective gold and copper projects • Located in mining friendly jurisdictions in the Americas • Significant exploration and expansion potential
25% held by insiders, 35% instiutuional holdings, Amir Adnani is the Chairman

Sand Spring Resources // SSP.V on TSXV // SSPXF on OTC
in Guyana (South America), English Speaking, use British Common Law
Toroparu deposit 10 mil oz Au low grade ore ~0.64-1 g/t open pit model.  Downside is high cap ex (~500 mil to start).  Improving leverage with rising gold price: IRR $1200 gold = 18.9%, $1400 = 27.2%, $1750 = 40%
Have a streaming deal with Weaton Precious to fund some of start up, also looking at building their own hydro plant.

Mawson Resources // MWSNF // also MAW.TO // TSX  // also on Frankfurt
100% owned Rompas/Rajapalot project in Finland’s Arctic area.  Near surface, 65 km of claims
90 mil outstanding shares, 111 mil fully diluted
Owners: The Sentient Group 35%, Areva 5%, other institutional holders 21%, Insiders 6.2%
4.1 mil cash in hand. No NI report but currently drilling, should be on by late 2016/early 2017.  Has some really high grade gold drilling intercepts and rock grabs so far
Low market cap, Good upside potential, little more risky because not fully defined yet.  Should make a big move when NI report hits.
Ihub board: ;     

Gold Quest Mining Corp.  // GDQMF //  OTC, also GQC.V // TSX, also listed in Frankfurt 
Owns Romero Gold and Copper mine in the Dominican Republic, discovered multimillion oz gold deposit in 2012.  Located in the Tireo Formation, over 50 km in length and underexplored. Have Au, Ag, Cu, and Zn in deposit.
Total indicated resources 1.65 mil oz Au @ 2.6 g/t , (2.38 mil oz AuEq), Inferred 0.53 mil oz Au @ 1.64 g/t, (0.79 mil oz AuEq.
Dominican Republic - No gov royalties, 32% taxes.
Good mgmt team.  Helped take Aurelian Resources from $0.15 to $40 over a two year period with a very good property.
10,000 m drill program began in Aug 2016
Pre-feasibility due in Sept 2016, Permitting in progress.
2015 PEA @ 34% IRR and $572/oz AISC (All in sustaining costs) - very low!   9 mil cash on hand.
210 mil shares outstanding, 243 mil fully diluted                                          
Fall 2018 - Tied up with regulary issues; not investable until they get government to greenlight the project IMO
Yukon territory all stars: ATC, GPY & WGO
On September 2, 2017 the $360M Yukon Resource Gateway Project was announced. The project will upgrade over 650km of road including four separate public road systems in the White Gold District, and build or replace numerous bridges, culverts, & stream crossings
ATAC Resources LTD. // ATADF // OTC, also ATC.V // TSX 
Canadian exploration company located in the Yukon wilderness. 100% owned Rackla Gold project is a 1,700 sq/km area that has 2 trends: Rau and Nadaleen. In 2010 ATAC discovered Canada’s first Carlin-type gold ore. (This is a sedimentary gold ore that makes gold extraction at much lower g/t ore possible.) There are multiple areas in this project 
Nadaleen area: 
1. Osiris Cluster (12km2 area that contains the Conrad, Osiris, Ibis and Sunrise zones.) 
All 4 zones have drill confirmed Carlin-type mineralization. 74k meters of drilling done over 231 holes in this cluster. Mineralization has been traced over a 1.2 km length (through an entire mountain.) 
a. Conrad area is the most advanced project with 42k m drilled so far. Intercept as high as 20.5 g/t Au (most of the intercepts are in the 3-6 g/t range, with a few big numbers mixed in.) Upper Zone strike length of 800 m is still open along the strike. Middle Zone strike length is 300m and open along strike and at depth. Newly discovered Lower Zone is largely unknown. 
b. Osiris Zone has 14km over 59 holes. 750 m strike length, that is open along strike and at depth. Some listed results look like they are in the 1-5 g/t range with a few bigger numbers up to 11.1 g/t. 
c. Sunrise Zone has 4.2 m over 19 holes drilled. 215 m strike length open at depth. Results look to be in the 3-10 g/t range. 6 holes with no results. 
d. Ibis Zone has 6.5k m over 26 holes. 200m strike open at depth and along strike. 1-6 g/t for most intercepts with some in the lower teens. 
2. Anubis Cluster also in the Nadaleen area 18 sq/km area. Also Carlin type ore. Spotty drill results ranging from 1-5 g/t with a high of 19.8 g/t. Not well explored well. 
3. Rau Trend defined to a length of 20 km. Located 48 km from a highway and the Keno Hill Mining District – second largest silver producer in Canada. Mixed types of ore. Tiger deposit is the most well explored with a 0.7 – 5 g/t range, a single high of 24 g/t. Tiger zone: Indicated 508,000 oz Au @ 2.2 g/t, 846,000 oz Ag @3.7 g/t; Inferred 290,000 oz Au @ 1.09 g/t with 250,000 oz Ag at 0.94 g/t. 
They also have 5 other properties that they are looking to option out for further work. 
123 mil shares outstanding, 132 mil shares fully diluted. 19 mil cash!     

White Gold Corp  // WGO.V on the TSX // WHGOF on NASDAQ international  
Two deposits with historic resource estimates: (Sept 2018)
Golden Saddle: ~1M Oz Au at a grade of 2.7 g/t
Arc Zone: 170k Oz Au at a grade of 1.21 g/t
Aggressive program underway to expand
established resource and test new targets 
- good high grade hits in a completely new zone in the most recent PR (56.25 g/t Au over 3.05m from 3.05m depth, within a broader intercept of 17.34 g/t Au over 10.67m and 45.00 g/t Au over 3.05m from 1.52m depth, within a broader intercept of 9.65 g/t Au over 15.24m).
They have a good share structure with a lot of strong shareholders 19.9% Agnico Eagle and 19.9% Kinross Gold and 15+% insider ownership.

Golden Predator Mining Corp // GPY.V on TSXV // NTGSF on OTC
The 3 Aces Project : Drilling the Veins Drilling Within 13.5km2 Central Core Area • Over 20,000m drilled to date - Reverse Circulation Holes and Diamond Core Holes • Approx. 300 drill holes to date: • 112 holes (37%) with an intercept of 5g/t gold or more • 83 holes (27%) with an intercept of 8g/t gold or more
776 metric tonne sample taken from the Spades Zone at the Central Core Area (2016) • Yielded 29.654 kg (953.4 troy ounces) of fine gold • Total gravity recoverable gold ~ 83% (19) • Additional gravity processing using a Falcon concentrator ~ 94% 
Brewery Creek Indicated  719,000 Oz Au  @ 1.27 g/t + Inferred Resources: 825,000 Oz Au @  1.18 g/t 

Eastmain Resources  // EANRF  // OTC, also ER.TO // TSX
Canadian company with 3 projects in James Bay Quebec region.  8 other significant land packages.  Very good region for mining, already has significant infrastructure built in this area.
Eau Claire (Clearwater project): M&I: 951,000 oz Au @ 4.09 g/t Inferred: 633,000 oz Au @ 3.88 g/t    99,000m drilled 2011-2013, started drilling here in late 2015 (13K m) and 63K m planned for 2016 ($8.8 mil budget).  Has open pit potential.
Eastmain Mine: $40 mil invested by previous owners on exploration and development. 40K oz Au minined in 1995 @ 10.5g/t, have resources of 255,000 oz Au @ 10 g/t.  2016 exploration program of $1.5 mil.
Eleonore South JV property (Eastmain 36.7%, Goldcorp 36.7%, Azimut 26.6%) High grade grab samples (11.6-142 g/t Au).  Near Goldcorp's Elenore mine (8 mil oz Au)  2,500 m drilling planned for end of 2016 and 2,500 m in early 2017.
Good experienced mgmt.
Top major shareholders: Polygon 9.7%, Goldcorp 6%, RBC Asset Mgmt 2.3%, 10 others with 0-2%.  Insiders own 3%, Retail is 51%
175 mil shares outstanding, 191 mil fully diluted   18.1 mil cash on hand.  

This company owns the other half of Eastmain/Goldcorp/Azimut Éléonore South property: the Cheechoo discovery.
Wallbridge Mining Co. // WM.TO on TSX
Fenelon high grade gold project in Abitibi, Quebec.  Restarting a previously working mine, already have some of the ramp and upper infrastructure built.
2016 Acquisition and Resource -High-grades (12.97 g/t) -93% M&I, near workings -Above 100 metres depth. 
2017 Pre-Feasibility Study -92% IRR -9.3 g/t diluted head grade -Low capital cost (~$5.2M) 
2018 35,000 t Bulk Sample -Milling agreement signed -Permits received -Development underway -In-fill and Exploration drilling underway (18,000 m planned) 137.63 g/t gold over 4.85 m (Sept 05, 2018 press release) 144.96 g/t gold over 2.12 m (Sept 05, 2018 press release) 49.06 g/t gold over 10.13 m (Aug 28, 2018 press release) 29.23 g/t gold over 4.80 m (Aug 14, 2018 press release) 35.91 g/t gold over 3.42 m (July 25, 2018 press release)
2019 Complete Bulk Sample Production Decision pending bulk sample results Permitting for commercial operation Resource Expansion Drilling (Surface and U/G, 50-75,000 m planned) 
Exploration Target of 600,000 – 800,000 ounces gold 

High grade deposit ~ 1 mil oz gold, 34% IRR, AISC $579 - in Guatemala - CapEx $196 million, projected 113k Au production/yr for 8 yrs

Atlantic Gold Corp  // SPVEF  // OTC, also AGB.V // TSX

Minera Alamos Inc. // MAI.V // MAIFF

Spanish Mountain Gold // SPA.V
Large amount of low grade gold ore in British Columbia, AISC $650. Mine likely won't be built unless gold prices rise significantly.  Market cap is only 16 million 8/27/18.  Could be a good buy if/when gold breaks $1400 level

Silver miners 
Hecla Mining Co. // HL // NYSE

Large cap silver producer.  Has 4 producing mines in North America (Canada, US, and Mexico). Largest silver producer in US, 3rd largest lead and zinc producer in US.  Also have many exploration and pre-development projects.
175 million oz Ag silver reserves, has some of the lowest Ag and Au reserve prices.  Also 2 mil oz Au reserves.  Measured and Indicated resources: 161 mil oz Ag, 4.6 mil oz Au.
Ihub board: ;      

First Majestic Silver Corp // AG // NYSE, also FR.TO  // TSX
Large cap silver mining co.  Canadian based, mines in Mexico.  6 producing mines (100% owned) + 2 advanced stage silver projects.
Good management, CEO (Keith Neumeyer) owns 3.3 million shares.
Total reserves: 100 mil oz Ag (135 mil oz AgEq), Measured and Indicated 115 mil oz Ag (156 mil oz AgEq), Inferred: 184 mil oz Ag (271 oz AgEq)
164 mil shares outstanding, 174 mil shares fully diluted.
Ihub board: ;  

Southern Silver Exploration // SSVFF // OTC, also SSV.V  // TSX, also listed in Frankfurt
Canadian based silver mining/exploration company, main project Cerro Las Minitas Project (70km northeast of Durango, Mexico, size: 13,700 ha)
Mineral resoure estimates: Indicated 36.5 million oz AgEq (10.8 Moz Ag, 189 Mlbs Pb, and 207 Mlbs Zn)  Inferred 77.3 Moz AgEq (17.5 Moz Ag, 237 Mlbs Pb and 626 Mlbs Zn)
Exploration target of 20 Mt 80-120 g/t Ag and 4-8% Pb/Zn (up to 200 Moz AgEq)
Experienced management team (Chairman also Chairman of Nova Gold), partnered with Electrum Global Holdings a private natural resource investment company (will fund up to 5 million over next 48 months, can earn up to 60% intrest on the Cerro Las Minitas property) 
35,000 m drilling since 2011 
2016 drill program of $850,000 (3236 m in stepouts and expansion (project still open) + 1500m "wildcat holes")
Also have 100% owned Oro Property in New Mexico; surface Au/Ag/Cu/Pb/Zn mineralization, Begin drilling in Fall 2016 ($300,000)
79.5 mil shares outstanding, fully diluted 141 mil (7 mil options, 54.5 mil warrants)  Smaller sized market cap
Ownership: Mgmt 10%, Electrum Global Holdings 46%
Ihub board:

GoldMoney // XAUMF // OTC, also // XAU.TO // TSX

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