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Happening, existing, or arising at precisly the same time. 

Goalfitness: from Agni Yoga; the method of practicing life in a way which you train the skills you need to reach a goal you've set in front of yourself. Sometimes the environmental conditions dictate what you should train and practice.

Consider that our political environment and the ugly decisions which have been pushed on us fall into 'outer' synchronicity. Chemtrails, Genetically modified foods, etc. combine to rob us of our health.
Our personal habits, dietary, exercise, polarization (mental emotional meditative), could be considered as things which play in our inner synchronicity, or health.  damned chemtrails. Why are they spraying us and what are they spraying us with?

In an effort to keep us reminded of the fact that we need to keep ourselves healthy against the assault by big step brother,  I list a few sites to help us construct a plan.

eight pieces of brocade...

sun salute yoga exercise...

Five tastes...

balancing the food groups...

how your blood type deals with food...

energetic properties of food and herbs...

Yang Jwing Ming...

Mantak Chia

I know this guy. I was a student of his in the late 80's

Master Zhou, and Master Manuel Marquez. Master Zhou is wielding the hammer over the stack of bricks in this one. I actually met Master Zhou a year or so back when my wife and I took an hour each on his table. I met Manuel back in the early nineties in some John Painter Baguazhang workshops. I took a Chigong class over at Manuel's a month or so back with Sifu Bucksam Kong teaching. Manuel told me if Master Zhou messed him up, he could at least mend him after the brick smash. Zhou's treatment changed my chigong because new channels were open which weren't beforehand. I felt energy moving in a way that it wasn't before that.  

First class herbs for training..

They might be a little high in price, but I've used the White Tiger bone bruise liniment, and their ditdajow, and they're good. Plenty of sources for these liniments out there. No reason not to shop around.  I have recently added their Endurance Tea to my daily regimen. Wow that stuff will bring you back up to your feet.  I've only been drinking it for about a month and I have lots more pep. I also replenished my bone bruise liniment and ordered some Dragon Fire liniment. That stuff isn't hot like the name suggests, but it sure moves stagnation out of the area you rub it into.

one of my all time favorite resources...this series of books is about the yoga if Fire, basically mental plane yoga. Read in order because each book stretches the consciousness like a yoga exercise stretches the body.

Alice Bailey material...

Madame Balvatsky

This is a fabulous place, knowledge until it runs out of your ears...

I was a member here once upon a time...

Been here a few times too...Member of both groups...

John Painter's website, student since the 70s...

I've practiced with one of this guy's a tornado on two feet...

A baguzhang resource site, for however long it lasts...

Shi Ming his book mind over matter, higher martial arts is a keeper. Look into Bill Moyer's Healing and the Mind Series. He totally explains how the energy field and the awareness connect and gives you plenty to work with.

A long site...

 Bruce Kumar Frantzis

Cherokee song for greeting the day

Val Guin is my deep tissue massage teacher, and I've been on her table for 100+ times. Nothing better than learning the touch from one of the Masters!  This woman is my deep tissue massage teacher. She is a force of nature.  I started doing this activity in late May, with closed eyelids. My short term memory has imroved to maybe better than it was before, and my mind is clear. The flood of light through the optic nerves into the brain/nervous system has to be felt firsthand to be appreciated. The light seems to give dormant areas in the brain tissue a bit of a bump, and I experiencing mending of the numbness I took from a stroke 4 1/2 years back. Doctors say that isn't possible after such a long time. This book is really leading edge on how the connective tissues in the body link together in a Macro manner to connect one end of the body to another. Robert Schleip of Fascia Fitness presented information in the workshop I went to that the Fascia web is the largest sensory organ in the body.  Soon to be the new Paradyme in exercise. It doesn't replace the other exercise methods, it does include how to properly exercise the fascia web based on the most recent analysis of the fascia. Here is a video where the new role of fascia is being discovered, It is in English subtitle, German language. Very informative.


CHM Cannabis
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