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Welcome to the Price Research and Trading Team


We are dedicated to pooling our best intelligence and understanding of price dynamics to achieve a 70+ percent accuracy rate both in trading and market calls.

This is not a general chat board. This is a business meeting--24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a stream of focused creativity, market analysis, and trading techniques. Because this is a business meeting and a continuous brainstorming session, freedom of communication will be protected even while posts will be managed to a high standard. Meaningful, thoughtful analysis and civil dialog invited. Other things will go poof! To post here, you will need to be a paying member of InvestorsHub. They provide a great service. Please support their work.

While all trading models and methods are welcome, the focus is on the science of price behavior and trading. Be prepared to answer this question repeatedly: Does your TA method produce reliable market calls and trades with an accuracy rate exceeding 70 percent? If it doesn't, the method is probably not a meaningful description of price behavior--or you're not applying what you know with enough consistency to call it a business--a huge issue which will be addressed thoroughly here.

The purpose of PriceTeam is two-fold:  1) To attract individuals and businesses interested in improving trading and investing results. 2) To lay out an understanding of price
that consistently produces market calls and trades with an accuracy rate exceeding 70 percent. Our focus is applied knowledge, knowledge that can be used to engineer wealth without luck or accident. We will capitalize on luck every time it comes along, but the best way to prepare for luck is to *know* what you're doing. ;)



CHM Cannabis
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