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Looks like we sold some assets to ford JJ24 08/17/22 3:18 PM
No, I didn’t receive anything funnyG986 08/17/22 12:01 PM
Did you see the documents from your JJ24 08/16/22 11:59 PM
not sure how cicn shareholder can benefit funnyG986 08/16/22 11:30 PM
Looks like we got something here! JJ24 08/16/22 7:08 PM
New name SMS Alternatives Inc. Registered in JJ24 07/20/22 9:06 PM
Where did you get that? Thanks funnyG986 07/20/22 8:47 PM
Looks like a name change occurred. More updates JJ24 07/20/22 3:08 PM
Let’s go $CICN gives us a nice update ! JJ24 06/14/21 10:45 AM
What’s cooking here !? JJ24 06/03/21 10:56 AM
I had high hopes for this ticker! Wtf JJ24 04/22/21 11:34 AM
Next you know.. Aarons 10/01/20 6:57 PM
CICN company has the technology (2020 award winner) funnyG986 07/16/20 12:57 PM
I would think business is booming for $CICN JJ24 07/16/20 12:34 PM
Nice ! I took a starter today ! JJ24 07/01/20 10:17 AM
CICN very nice gem undiscovered. technology winner and funnyG986 07/01/20 10:15 AM
Meant to say “World” JJ24 07/01/20 9:58 AM
Great technology for the worked current situation ! Cicero JJ24 07/01/20 9:57 AM
Yes indeed! Still holding this $$$ gwat1979 06/20/20 2:00 AM
CICN looking great and getting attention funnyG986 06/18/20 9:53 PM
Very nice! Glad to see you held in gwat1979 02/20/20 3:56 PM
Last 10Q had a strong beat in revenue. funnyG986 02/20/20 3:55 PM
they're great now! held them all and even gwat1979 02/20/20 3:53 PM
CICN whats up here? yankees18 02/20/20 3:50 PM
They are hiring ... Chingga 08/07/19 6:37 PM
CICN 800K bidding above $0.01; It's all in funnyG986 04/12/19 9:48 AM
May i know what's the share structure of Chingga 04/09/19 11:43 AM
CICN 0.01 x 0.012, consolidation nicely. funnyG986 04/09/19 10:36 AM
how are those adds...not one share will trade TrendTrade2016 04/08/19 4:05 PM
This is the insider view of CICN's business. funnyG986 04/05/19 1:20 AM
Form: 10-k Employees Aarons 04/04/19 4:14 PM
1.) Cicero Discovery - collects desktop activity leveraging Aarons 04/04/19 4:05 PM
$CICN focuses on the activity intelligence, process intelligence Aarons 04/04/19 4:00 PM
Convertible preferred stock, $0.001 par value, 10,000,000 shares authorized Aarons 04/04/19 2:22 PM
Can’t explain//still sleeping on this gem. Aarons 04/04/19 2:19 PM
if the float is as small as being DRspin 04/01/19 8:46 PM
I think she'll run like a Raped Zardiw 04/01/19 5:02 PM
warrant is a right to buy at a DJPennyTrader 04/01/19 4:01 PM
daaammmnnnnn DJPennyTrader 04/01/19 3:53 PM
a warrant on a pink sheets with a TrendTrade2016 04/01/19 3:51 PM
CICN 0.0114 x 0.012; READY FOR RED TO GREEN funnyG986 04/01/19 12:07 PM
The OS never changed since 2017. The daily funnyG986 04/01/19 11:55 AM
You were warned. Never hold a stock where TrendTrade2016 04/01/19 10:27 AM
So ya think this will run or its past Gr8FulDed81 04/01/19 10:23 AM
DDAmanda® Chart (Poster Child Insider Play) on: $CICN Zardiw 04/01/19 9:06 AM
CICN 0.013 EOD funnyG986 03/29/19 3:57 PM
CICN adding 0.0106 funnyG986 03/29/19 3:30 PM
ouch...great sell here as this little pumpy wumpy TrendTrade2016 03/29/19 2:35 PM
30M float only. another 3M in volume will funnyG986 03/29/19 1:03 PM
i like it wake me at 05? 10c? or? DRspin 03/29/19 1:01 PM
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Cicero Inc (CICN)

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  • Cicero Inc provides desktop activity intelligence and improvement software that enables companies to monitor people, processes, and technology, to identify areas for improvement, and to implement change using existing technologies. Cicero Discovery is used to collect any activity and track business objects across time and across multiple users as well as support big data initiatives by capturing the customer journey at various touch points within an organization. Cicero XMA(R) improves contact center and back office performance by integrating, automating, and presenting information. Cicero EDGE further addresses challenges of security, compatibility, and usability at the fraction of time and cost as other approaches by delivering integrated enterprise mobility. Cicero helps customers such as Nationwide and UBS perform to their potential and rapidly build enterprise value by reducing cost, improving operations and increasing employee productivity.


Data Collection

Deep Sensors + API connectors + Web services + Logs = Everything DEEP SENSOR TECHNOLOGY


System Sensor

Collects System Health data, including: Memory, Performance, Lock-Ups, Reboots, Failed Logins & more.


Session Sensor

Collects all Event data from log-in to log-out session wide at scale across the enterprise.


Activity Sensor

Collects Application Usage data across all types of applications, including: Thick-Client, SaaS, Mainframe & more.


Process Sensor

Tracks the end-to-end Lifecycle of any process across users, systems and time.


Transformational Data Collection

We Gather Everything

Deep Sensors provide the most powerful, full spectrum data collection capability in the industry. Cicero pioneered this unique technology and approach to data collection in order to solve the age old problem of comprehensive data collection. Simply put, we gather everything that happens at your endpoints, all empirical data from all users, from all systems, from all applications. Regardless of source, our Deep Sensors seamlessly connect with ease, including: Windows, UWP, .NET, WPF, Java, Web, Mainframe, Text, Citrix and VMWare. The Cicero Aggregation Engine completes and contextualizes our Deep Sensors by quickly and efficiently consuming data from any number of external sources and types; log files, direct database access, spreadsheets and web services.


Better Data = Better Decisions


Get a Complete View

The combination of Deep Sensors and data collection via more traditional means (logs, APIs, web services, etc.) results in a complete view into process otherwise unavailable. Through a full spectrum of data, you have complete clarity as you analyze, dissect and optimize your workflows and processes. Whether you employ your existing systems or use the Cicero Suite, your team can make the right decisions to transform efficiency, quality and compliance.


We integrate on the platform level, API connectors, Web Services and Log Files all within a single solution.

The result is the ability to support a diverse range of use cases across the enterprise and the capacity to drive greater ROI.



[ at the platform level ]

→      Adobe

→      ADP

→      Amazon S3

→      Atlassian

→      Avaya

→      Cisco

→      Citrix

→      Con?uence

→      Docusign

→      Enterprise Wikis 

→     Genesys

→     Google G-Suite

→     Google Search

→     Microsoft Dynamics

→     Microsoft Of?ce

→     Netsuite CRM

→     Office 365

→     Oracle

→     Paychex

→     Salesforce

→    Sage

→    Seranova

→    ServiceNow

→    Sharepoint

→    Sugar CRM

→    Talkdesk

→    Thinapp

→    Workday

→    Zendesk

   and, many,

   many more!


Open Data Interfaces

Your data to be used and consumed as you see fit.

All data may be used with the Cicero Suite or leveraged by other tools at any point. Data belongs to you and is available for consumption by other tools with no retstrictions. Some customers use our suite for business users and existing analytical tools for power users.



Robotic Automation


Through Cicero Robotic Automation, we leverage the information and learnings from Activity Intelligence and Process Intelligence to optimize and automate workflows. Our intuitive, visual process UI tool is simple, powerful and puts the power of productivity in your hands.


Use Cases

Multi-Application Orchestration

Context driven guidance allows data from one application launching many applications. Pre-populate screens from systems that are otherwise disconnected and require manual input to be accessed.


Eliminate Downstream Replication Activities

Re-purpose interaction activity data across all downstream applications. Examples include after call work, provisioning, dispatching, billing and support. Data points from multiple applications converging into one application. Ensure single version of the truth with Cicero Robotic Automation.


The Simplicity of a User Focused User Interface (UI)

Simple to use work?ow tool UI is analyst driven and requires no programming skills. Purposefully simple to create and maintain automated processes. Customers train in a day.



Extend the Life of Legacy Systems

Rules-Based Verification

Pre-Fill Fields & Forms Reduce Compliance Effort



Activity Intelligence


With Cicero Activity Intelligence, we tap into your existing applications and systems to access your foundational and activity data, and then analyze that data. The result is robust insight into what your people are doing, how they are doing it, what resources they are using, and how long those activities take.


Use Cases

Measure Extent of Business vs Personal Use Here

Uncover where the time goes — Clearly see employee activity.


Assess Application Adoption & Usage

Which applications are really in use? Cicero Activity Intelligence reveals the URL in use, not just the browser. Are you investing in the right tools?


Quantify Usage Frequency & Time By Application

Investigate employee effort and behavior.



Highlight Workload Patterns by Time of Day

Identify Periods of Increased Activity or Excess Capacity

Compare Behavior Across & Between Teams, Regions and/or Lines of Business



Process Intelligence


Through Cicero Process Intelligence, we understand the workflow people utilize and discover what is good and bad about those sequences, gaining true process intelligence. To do so, we leverage the robust data set that has been acquired and analyzed by Cicero Activity Intelligence.


Use Cases

Study Cause & Effect

AHT reduction did not result in cost saving. Applying context with outcome data reveals cause and effect and path to real cost savings.


Identify Work?ow Bottlenecks

Interaction context provides outliers. Inbound sales form completed and company did not reply within SLAs. Where was this getting stuck? Cicero Process Intelligence is able to review all and determine the sticking point.


Attribute Cost to Effort

Connect a work item to a cost. Attributing employee(s) effort to a customer.



Measure Adherence to Process

Compare Process Execution Sequence

See Into Complex & Long-Running Processes


8000 Regency Parkway

Suite 542

Cary, NC 27518 


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