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Pasha Trader   
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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
JRJR  CVSL Inc.0.169-0.0045-2.59%   11/21/2017
TXTM  ProText Mobility, Inc.0.00060.00.00%   11/14/2017
JNSH  JNS Holding Corp0.01580.00.00%   11/12/2017
JGWE  J.G. Wentworth Company0.0147-0.0018-10.91%   11/10/2017
ONCI  On4 Communications, Inc.0.01050.00077.14%   11/09/2017
My ONCI Pitch: "I see too much expectations here on CC.
But what if the CC is not what investors wanted to hear. How low can $ONCI be down Monday?

Don't forget that CC is just like an update with the voice of the CEO, what we already knew via PRs.
RAD  Rite Aid1.640.085.13%   11/09/2017
PED  Pedevco Corp.0.29-0.0132-4.35%   11/09/2017
ICIZF  Innovative Composites International, Inc.0.00050.00.00%   11/05/2017
IFXY  Infrax Systems Inc.0.00080.000233.33%   11/04/2017
MJLB  Ultrack Systems, Inc.0.0025-0.0003-10.71%   11/01/2017
JBZY  JB&ZJMY Holding Company0.0494-0.00363-6.85%   10/25/2017
PTOTF  Patriot One Technologies0.911-0.082147-8.27%   10/21/2017
ABVG  Affinity Beverage Group Inc.0.00020.0001100.00%   10/21/2017
SNMN  SNM Global Holdings0.0010.00.00%   10/05/2017
TGGI  Trans Global Group Inc0.00030.00.00%   09/28/2017
HMLA  Homeland Resources, Ltd.0.00490.00.00%   09/25/2017
DMPI  DelMar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.0.960.110813.05%   09/21/2017
JFIL  Jubilant Flame International Ltd. JFIL0.00930.00.00%   09/18/2017
TTTM  T3 MOTION INC0.0050.00125.00%   09/18/2017
NECA  New America Energy Corp.0.00030.00.00%   09/16/2017
MMEG  Momentous Entertainment Group0.00010.00.00%   09/14/2017
SOUPQ  Soupman Inc.0.00560.000612.00%   09/13/2017
AZFL  Amazonas Florestal Ltd.0.00070.000116.67%   09/11/2017
OWCP  OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp.0.395-0.0075-1.86%   09/09/2017
TCNT  Toucan Interactive Corp.1.0-0.2-16.67%   09/01/2017
GLNNF  GLANCE Technology1.60.2215.94%   08/31/2017
SSOF  Sixty Six Oilfield Services Inc.0.00120.00.00%   08/29/2017
APRI  Apricus Biosciences, Inc.1.59-0.03-1.85%   08/22/2017
FL  Foot Locker40.690.00.00%   08/20/2017
PHOT  GrowLife, Inc.0.00850.00.00%   08/18/2017
FWDG  FutureWorld Corp.0.00010.00.00%   08/18/2017
CYCC  Cyclacel Pharmaceutical, Inc.1.870.148.09%   08/17/2017
DGLT  Digi Link Technology0.220.00.00%   08/17/2017
SLDC  Solid Controls, Inc.0.009380.00089.32%   08/10/2017
SRNE  Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc.2.35-0.05-2.08%   08/05/2017
NPHC  Nutra Pharma Corp.0.00070.00.00%   08/03/2017
IMUC  ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd.0.340.00010.03%   07/19/2017
KGKG  Kona Gold Solutions Inc.0.0060.00023.45%   07/17/2017
VPOR  Vapor Group Inc.0.00120.00.00%   07/02/2017
BICX  BioCorRx0.090.00111.24%   06/29/2017
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