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PHOT posts $7,374,000 loss. billytbone 04/02/20 1:08 PM
Pathetic volume on a daily basis it's time billytbone 01/24/23 10:34 AM
Sure bud ;) $PHOT
Elcappy1 12/05/22 12:34 AM
Big boards have zero to do with pinky billytbone 12/03/22 12:44 AM
The big boards are starting to move. Loading
Elcappy1 12/03/22 12:39 AM
Was .07 2 days ago when you posted billytbone 11/30/22 11:43 AM
Breakout being up 1.78%? LOL nope. billytbone 11/28/22 12:05 PM
$PHOT and $HEMP breakouts today BottomBounce 11/28/22 12:02 PM
Yes. a long time ago. billytbone 11/25/22 4:10 PM
Did Marco leave? STROKER 11/25/22 4:09 PM
Marco left a long time ago. billytbone 11/16/22 1:41 PM
What is going on with Phot? STROKER 11/16/22 1:39 PM
More cheapies please ;) $PHOT Elcappy1 11/04/22 1:08 AM
Right to prison withMarco et al all the billytbone 10/31/22 2:24 PM
We'll fly soon enough... Elcappy1 10/31/22 2:16 PM
You're welcome. billytbone 10/20/22 9:57 AM
Thank you - appreciate it. splintered sunlight 10/20/22 9:55 AM
I've been watching it for years, through multiple billytbone 10/20/22 9:52 AM
Apparently - I've been watching it for about splintered sunlight 10/20/22 9:51 AM
It's still a clear AVOID. billytbone 10/20/22 9:49 AM
PHOTD getting hit.... splintered sunlight 10/20/22 9:47 AM
$289k Market cap... OTCQB... Yes, please! PHOT Elcappy1 10/14/22 3:05 AM
Like I said do yourself a favor and WallStreetMyWay 10/13/22 2:31 PM
This has been a total scam for a billytbone 10/13/22 12:39 PM
Yeah right have you seen the new updated WallStreetMyWay 10/13/22 12:36 PM
Pink sheet they are not required to give billytbone 10/13/22 10:55 AM
POS? love no warming? WallStreetMyWay 10/13/22 10:44 AM
Oh, goodie, I've got three shares now !!!! CuriousGeorge 10/12/22 4:39 PM
Oh that's because the new shares haven't been billytbone 10/11/22 1:19 PM
Daily activity -shares traded ,bid /ask, hokus pokus 10/11/22 1:17 PM
That plan crashed and burned lol. billytbone 10/11/22 12:51 PM
Really? How can you be sure (:.) ? STROKER 10/11/22 12:49 PM
What exactly is it you're looking for, the billytbone 10/11/22 12:21 PM
Still no reporting today 10/11/22 hokus pokus 10/11/22 11:23 AM
They're probably not working today for the holiday, billytbone 10/10/22 3:48 PM
Why is the daily report activity stuck at hokus pokus 10/10/22 3:46 PM
Not the first time this has R/S either. billytbone 10/07/22 1:38 PM
Damn! I almost brought this yesterday. I'm glad Law of Averages 10/07/22 1:37 PM
Interesting that the new CEO 's property listing hokus pokus 10/07/22 10:55 AM
This will crash while people wait a week billytbone 10/07/22 9:21 AM
Another REVERSE SPLIT?!? Didn't they pull one Midwestrader 10/07/22 8:15 AM
We'll be at .09 and fairly thin... PHOT Elcappy1 10/07/22 2:11 AM
Agree, the market cap is shit @.0006... The Elcappy1 10/07/22 2:08 AM
Happens too often on the OTC. Nasty for sure. Renee 10/06/22 6:32 PM
Thanks Renee, I already knew it was coming. billytbone 10/06/22 6:30 PM
PHOT: one for 150 reverse split: Renee 10/06/22 6:27 PM
Well most penny stocks are hovering near 52 Backstabbed 10/06/22 4:42 PM
1 year ago tomorrow this was at .046, billytbone 10/06/22 1:35 PM
I didn't do much DD. I just saw Backstabbed 10/06/22 1:27 PM
I have posted about the R/S many times. billytbone 10/06/22 1:23 PM
yeah F*** these scammy CEOs.. I didn't know Backstabbed 10/06/22 1:21 PM
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GrowLife Inc. (PHOT)

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5400 Carillon Point
Kirkland, Washington 98033

Phone: 866-781-5559              
Fax No: 206-826-9181

GrowLife, Inc. - Corporate Internet Homepage:
GrowLife President Marco Hegyi's GrowLife - A New Day Page:
GrowLife President Marco Hegyi's Twitter Page:
GrowLife, Inc. Facebook Page:


***July 27, 2017 NEWS OUT: GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT) Going International and taking Canada by Storm***

***GrowLife Establishes Presence in Canada***

New GrowLife Calgary Office to Serve Canada
July 26, 2017
09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

KIRKLAND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GrowLife, Inc. (OTCBB: PHOT), one of the nation’s most recognized indoor cultivation service providers, announced the formation of its Canadian office in Calgary, Alberta to provide its products and services across the entire country.

“We have been closely monitoring the progressive government policies in Canada that are championed by its executive administration and aligned with the Canadian market's need. As a result, GrowLife has decided to invest in its expansion across Canada.”

"At the Lift Cannabis Expo 2017 in Toronto, Ontario GrowLife announced the registration of GrowLife Hydroponics in Canada, whereby PHOT’s distribution subsidiary, GrowLife will provide dedicated resources to serve the growing Canadian market," announced Marco Hegyi, chairman and CEO of GrowLife, Inc. "We have been closely monitoring the progressive government policies in Canada that are championed by its executive administration and aligned with the Canadian market's need. As a result, GrowLife has decided to invest in its expansion across Canada."

Leading the team in Canada is David Auger, who will serve as senior officer of GrowLife Hydroponics in Canada and report to Joseph Barnes, Senior Vice-President of Business Development of GrowLife, Inc.

“I met with several Canadian parties from the indoor cultivation industry last week and was impressed by how they are aligned with the Canadian national and municipal laws and policies. The demand and need for a reliable supply chain partner for both business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) over the next few years provides great opportunity for GrowLife,” stated Mr. Marco Hegyi, CEO and Chairman of GrowLife, Inc.

More information and commentary on the Company is also provided on Mr. Hegyi’s blog and Twitter @marcohegyi. Specific financials and corporate actions on GrowLife (OTCBB: PHOT), can be found in the filings at the SEC website.

About GrowLife, Inc.

GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT) ( aims to become the nation’s largest cultivation service provider for cultivating organics, herbs and greens and plant-based medicines. Our mission is to best serve more cultivators in the design, build-out and expansion of their facilities with products of high quality, exceptional value and competitive price. Through a nationwide network of local representative, regional centers and e-Commerce, GrowLife provides essential goods and services including media (farming soil), industry-leading hydroponics equipment, plant nutrients, and thousands more products to specialty grow operations. GrowLife is headquartered in Kirkland, WA and was founded in 2012.

Marco Hegyi 6/12/17 on

Game Changing Growth

GrowLife is growing again but, as always, we want it faster. We must continuously remind ourselves that we are building an industry and not just a company. I have been waiting to complete our first half of the year to blog as a follow up on the Feb 24th blog posting of 2017 GrowLife Roadmap. However, I cannot continue to watch the market, and especially our sector, decline without speaking up. The bottom line is that our industry is being reshaped by a political tug of war between the Federal Administration and 30 States that have legalized Cannabis. These are growing pains.

In this posting I will address some key questions that have been floating around several bulletin boards about the Company: 

Where is GrowLife headed? 

- What is the Company’s vision? Why? 

- Why did GrowLife form an advisory board?

When will we have a shareholder meeting? 

- How can shareholders stay best informed?

January 15, 2017 - GrowLife Expands Sales and Board of Directors

"GrowLife, Inc. (OTCBB: PHOT), one of the nation’s most recognized indoor cultivation service providers, announced today the expansion of its Board of Directors and management team.

As GrowLife seeks to capitalize on the increasing demand for indoor cultivation by commercial growers as well as consumers, along with the recent announcement of GrowLife’s Retail License Program, it has added two experienced executives to its board of directors: Ms. Katherine McLain, corporate counsel for Stripe and the return to the Board of Mr. Mark Scott, GrowLife CFO.

“Our new board members strengthen the GrowLife bench and deepen the resources across finance, legal and operations,” stated Mr. Marco Hegyi, GrowLife Chairman and CEO. “Katherine brings Silicon Valley legal knowledge and banking expertise from Stripe and Silicon Valley Bank, and Mark rejoins the board and adds a second executive board member perspective.” Their brief biographies are listed below.

In addition, Mr. Darren Erasmus, a well-respected cultivation industry leader from House & Garden Nutrients, has joined the Company as its National Sales Manager.

“Darren’s wealth of experience and unparalleled network is a powerful and critical addition to GrowLife,” continued Mr. Hegyi. “He will help Joe Barnes, Senior Vice-president of Business Development, build our Sales team, GrowLife’s focus on nationwide revenue expansion, and recruit stores into the GrowLife Retail License Program.”

The GrowLife Retail License Program was announced last month. Its first licensee is Fairmount Hardware, an Ace Hardware franchise, located at 2011 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA. The store is completing its training, inventory stocking and customer engagement steps to go live next month. More details on obtaining a GrowLife licenses in locations in selected markets across the country can be found at

Ms. Katherine McLain, GrowLife Board Member

Katherine McLain, Esq. currently serves as corporate counsel for Stripe, Inc. and has previously held legal and compliance roles ranging in both public and private companies. She has over 30 years of experience as a revenue focused attorney and regulatory professional helping grow new business lines as well as ground up start up ventures. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and the Santa Clara University School of Law and lives with her family and dog Jax in Castro Valley, CA.

Mr. Mark Scott, GrowLife Board Member

Mr. Scott has returned to the Board of Directors and Secretary of GrowLife, Inc.. On July 31, 2014, Mr. Scott joined GrowLife as Consulting Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Scott has significant financial, capital market and relations experience in public micro-cap companies.

Mr. Darren Erasmus, GrowLife National Sales Manager

Mr. Darren Erasmus joined GrowLife in January 2017 to operate the Company’s retail and direct account sales programs as National Sales Manager. He brings more than 10 years of working with retail stores, wholesale distributors and large-scale commercial growers. Most recently, he worked with Humboldt Wholesale and House & Garden Nutrients for five years. In his new role, he is responsible for expanding nationwide revenue and recruiting a proven team of account and store managers. Mr. Erasmus graduated from the University of Alabama and resides in Denver, Colorado with wife and three children.

More information and commentary on the Company is also provided on Mr. Hegyi’s blog. Specific financials and corporate actions on GrowLife (OTCBB: PHOT), can be found in the filings at the SEC website."

At GrowLife, The Most Important Thing We Cultivate is Success
Our knowledgeable sales representatives, retail stores, and e-commerce unit has already serviced more than a million square feet of crops including the operations of several award-winning cultivators.
With GrowLife, responsible cultivators have the right tools and services to maximize the yield of high-quality crops for medicinal use, and further, minimize the environmental impact of their operations.

GrowLife’s strategy is clear: Leverage solid business fundamentals, smart investments and strategic use of technology to help businesses grow and the industry flourish.

XBRL Files

XBRL PHOT June 30, 2015          XBRL PHOT March 31, 2015          XBRL PHOT December 31, 2014          XBRL PHOT September 30, 2014          XBRL PHOT June 30, 2014

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