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Fidelity Sector Funds

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Fidelity Sector Funds Board

♦  For those working only with mutual funds (401k'ers)
♦  A specific focus on sector funds as a way to develop a mutual fund strategy beyond guess, buy and hold
♦  Fidelity Sector Funds provide a concise and manageable segmentation of the market with reasonably cost efficient products

Purpose ⇒ Strategy

♦  See the sectors and keep eye on sector rotation and sector leaders and laggards
♦  Focus on sector leaders and look at price action, trends and charts
♦  Develop over time a sector fund strategy that builds a portfolio of funds that stays with the leaders
♦  Be mindful of the limitations of "trading" mutual funds including excessive trading fees and short term/roundtrip hazards


The Funds

♦  The funds list that are shown here are compiled from Morningstar's listing of Fidelity Select funds

♦  The tables shown below are tracked in Excel spreadsheets using a third party add-in, AnalyzerXL which makes it very convenient to bulk download data and tabulate net changes over different time periods

♦ The spreadsheets:  The net changes shown are constructed using RELATIVE times periods but specific end dates.  There are two different spreadsheets: 1) LAST FULL WEEK using the last trading day of last week as the end date. 2) LAST FULL MONTH using the last trading day of the last month as the end date.  From those end dates the time periods tracked are:

One Day          = net change over last 2 prices
One Week       = net change over last 5 prices
One Month      = net change over last 21 prices
Three Months = net change over last 63 prices
One Year         = net change over last 252 prices

The spreadsheets themselves will show as sorted from highest to lowest change based on One Week or last full One Month. 


Last Full Week - Ending 11/18/16


Last Full Month - Oct 2016



Relative Rotation Graph S&P SPDR's 11/18/16


The 52-Week High, Momentum, and Predicting Mutual Fund Returns


Bull or Bear Market? - Bulkowski's 12-Month Moving Average

BEAR MARKET? - SPX Dropped below the 12-Month Moving Average in July and Aug but fought it's way back above in Sept.  Watch the CCI's to see if the get to the mid Bollinger band and cross it or hit resistance.

CAUTION - Topping, Tipping, or Temporary Pause?  Keep an eye on the monthly WM %R and crosses of the -50 line


 --  GOLD ALERT  --

Using FSAGX as a proxy for gold, a long term trend following system should work very well.
The following results were obtained using a WR% crossover system on a monthly chart
CCI has shown similar results

#202   FSPHX has been a rocket ship this week. No-Quarter 11/10/16 04:09:36 PM
#201   I think you are right. No-Quarter 11/07/16 03:56:52 PM
#200   I think FSPHX is way oversold and very stiv 11/06/16 11:46:20 AM
#199   In FSPHX @ 199.86, and FSPTX @ 129.53. No-Quarter 09/13/16 06:18:42 PM
#198   The market came back to me today. No-Quarter 09/13/16 03:10:51 PM
#197   So updated. I've been on the road stiv 09/12/16 06:07:50 PM
#196   Nope, not today. No-Quarter 09/12/16 03:13:29 PM
#195   An entry point may be presenting itself today. No-Quarter 09/12/16 12:55:41 PM
#194   Same here waiting on similar FBIOX, which has stiv 08/27/16 09:57:15 AM
#193   ...and I'm still watching/waiting for a buying opportunity/dip. No-Quarter 08/24/16 03:44:04 PM
#192   Sold FSPHX EOD Friday for $194.19. No-Quarter 06/13/16 03:44:58 PM
#191   I was thinking about selling FSPHX yesterday, but No-Quarter 06/10/16 10:34:56 AM
#190   I like it. FBIOX for me. stiv 06/02/16 08:29:55 PM
#189   FSPHX on the rise. No-Quarter 06/02/16 02:21:09 PM
#188   US Sector Rotation on the move stiv 05/15/16 11:27:08 AM
#187   I am with you now on the bios. stiv 05/15/16 11:04:38 AM
#186   The currencies are trying to tell us something stiv 05/15/16 10:57:33 AM
#185   I have set up a board for Inverse stiv 05/09/16 08:49:04 AM
#184   I have been sitting in cash since January No-Quarter 04/21/16 10:18:29 AM
#183   Took a walk on the wild side yesterday stiv 04/09/16 12:06:49 PM
#182   I found this interesting today - No-Quarter 02/23/16 10:55:36 AM
#181   I'm still sitting out. Watching and waiting. No-Quarter 02/18/16 02:56:48 PM
#180   I believe I have mentioned this before. No-Quarter 01/13/16 04:23:34 PM
#179   I screwed up. I got piggy. No-Quarter 01/08/16 06:02:53 PM
#178   Well played NQ. Going long on the stiv 12/01/15 05:24:28 AM
#177   Cleared the Fidelity 30 day hold period now. No-Quarter 11/30/15 01:50:11 PM
#176   Actually, I don't like the set up on stiv 11/23/15 10:45:55 AM
#175   Starting a position in FSUTX Utilities this week. stiv 11/22/15 10:29:32 AM
#174   Hummm... of course as soon as I jump No-Quarter 10/27/15 06:16:23 PM
#173   EOD price for FSPHX today is 209.54. No-Quarter 10/27/15 06:12:26 PM
#172   This article here really caught my eye. stiv 10/27/15 05:58:34 PM
#171   The DD I have done in the past No-Quarter 10/27/15 04:38:04 PM
#170   The market continues to trend up with all No-Quarter 10/26/15 04:54:25 PM
#169   It'll fall back down into the Golden Cross. verycareful 10/15/15 04:07:08 PM
#168   Definitely a great looking chart! stiv 10/15/15 04:03:22 PM
#167   Moving with Golden Cross tomorrow! verycareful 10/14/15 06:45:25 PM
#166   In the past, October has been a turbulent No-Quarter 10/14/15 11:06:31 AM
#165   On the monthly S&P, a trip back to stiv 10/11/15 02:15:59 PM
#164   Study over the weekend, stiv. verycareful 10/09/15 10:47:23 PM
#163   AHHHHHH!!! Nice, stiv! Nikkei down 250 pre-market now. verycareful 09/28/15 09:12:28 PM
#162   Short or Bear Funds PT III - UHPIX, stiv 09/28/15 09:08:59 PM
#161   Short or Bear Funds PT II - RYAPX, stiv 09/28/15 08:58:45 PM
#160   Every fund you posted has formed a Bullish verycareful 09/28/15 08:57:15 PM
#159   Add UKPIX!!! Nikkei down 400+ today and verycareful 09/28/15 08:53:44 PM
#158   Short or Bear Funds PT I - BEARX, stiv 09/28/15 08:45:54 PM
#157   UKPIX very bullish!!! verycareful 09/28/15 06:45:21 PM
#156   5.4% drop today (not my estimated 3.5% using No-Quarter 09/28/15 06:01:50 PM
#155   My ukpix will be up nicely tonight. VC verycareful 09/28/15 04:31:19 PM
#154   I feel like I dodged a bullet. No-Quarter 09/28/15 03:45:18 PM
#153   Good out NQ. Sept is not going stiv 09/28/15 10:31:38 AM