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HDOGTX  Discovering Breaking Material Events

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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
BCII  BCII Enterprises Inc.0.310.013.33%   02/11/2015
My BCII Pitch: "Robert Stevens of DGLV and SEWC is seeking control here. He is battling Ketcher Industries who also reinstated a few in the fall for control of the shell. See NV case history below:

CCTL  Coin Citadel0.0025-0.0008-24.24%   01/09/2015
My CCTL Pitch: "Coin Citadel Announces Official Launch With Installation of Its First Bitcoin ATM GlobeNewswire   "Press Releases"
LOS ANGELES , Jan. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cryptocurrency services startup, Coin Citadel (OTC:CCTL) today announced the installation of its first Bitcoin ATM at the Woodland H"
HIHI  Holiday Island Holdings Inc.0.080.0114.29%   12/17/2014
My HIHI Pitch: "HIHI Hires IR firm to enhance shareholder value"
JGHG  Jinzisheng Holding Group0.00190.00.00%   12/17/2014
My JGHG Pitch: "Latest trends in the payment processing industry are getting away from credit cards, checks and cash. Next wave are mobile text payments, NFC (Near Field Communication, ie ApplePay) and traditional electronic methods(bill pay or direct draft). I wonder if they landed a large contract?? $PGSY"
YUKA  Yuka Group Inc.1.39550.00.00%   12/12/2014
My YUKA Pitch: "GRCV Game changer news for OTC Markets"
ARTM  American Nortel Communications, Inc.0.04537-0.01113-19.70%   12/10/2014
My ARTM Pitch: "Check this out, total freshie.... ARTM 1st News Ever


SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- (Marketwired) -- 12/10/14 -- American Nortel Communications , Inc.(OTC PINK: ARTM) today announces that Newborhood.com, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Nortel Communications,"
SKTO  SK3 Group Inc.0.00020.00.00%   04/16/2013
  Luxeyard, Inc. (fka LUXR)  04/16/2013
PLYZ  Plyzer Technologies Inc.0.0008-0.00005-5.88%   05/03/2012
FUIG  Fusion Interactive Corp.0.510.00.00%   04/30/2012
  Energy Edge Technologies Corp. (fka EEDG)  04/30/2012
PBOF  Pure Biofuels  04/30/2012
RFNS  Reliant Financial Service Corp.0.00010.00.00%   04/12/2012
CBDL  CBD Life Sciences Inc.0.00040.0000514.29%   03/26/2012
  Aisystems, Inc. (fka ASYI)  03/22/2012
IXOG  Index Oil & Gas Inc0.00560.00.00%   02/28/2012
  AGR Tools, Inc. (fka AGRT)  02/02/2012
PMAH  PlasmaTech, Inc.0.00050.00.00%   12/30/2011
SUBB  Suburban Minerals Corp.0.0000010.00.00%   12/20/2011
  Longhai Steel, Inc. (fka LGHS)  11/07/2011
BCCI  Baristas Coffee Company, Inc.0.022050.000050.23%   06/07/2011
  Detto Technologies, Inc. (fka DTTO)  06/07/2011
NOUV  Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals,Inc.0.00130.000218.18%   06/07/2011
  Act Teleconferencing Inc (fka ACTT)  02/01/2011
FJHL  Fovea Jewelry Holdings Ltd.1.0-0.02-1.96%   02/01/2011
PSPW  3Power Energy Group Inc.0.075-0.02-21.05%   01/26/2011
ADVT  Advantis Corp.0.00030.00.00%   01/18/2011
RRRI  Rock Ridge Resources, Inc.0.00160.00.00%   01/18/2011
REFG  Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions0.009975-0.000625-5.90%   01/18/2011
SFLM  SFLMaven Corp.0.00450.00.00%   01/04/2011
  Salamon Group, Inc. (fka SLMU)  01/04/2011
  CoreStream Energy, Inc. (fka ZLUS)  01/04/2011
GSFI  Green Stream Holdings Inc.0.039-0.01-20.41%   01/04/2011
  Locan, Inc. (fka LOCN)  11/03/2010
  QSGI, Inc.(fka QSGI)  07/22/2010
My Pitch: "CEO Rebranding QSGI into Krusecom, 8-K just released cleary states some Asstes & Commons shares to remain intact."
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